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Get Physical Next Friday with Toribash: Violence Perfected

Posted by James Newton

1,000 Points for stop-motion fighter

It's been a long old while since we've heard anything about Nabi Studios' fighter Toribash: Violence Perfected, but it's emerged from the silence cocoon with the news it will hit Europe next Friday, July 9th for 1,000 Points.

If you're unfamiliar with the admittedly odd concept, Toribash is a turns-based fighting game where extending and contracting muscles enables you to pull off spectacular moves, one step at a time. It's been available on PC for quite some time, with the WiiWare version promising intuitive controls, online play over WiFi Connection and the ability to share your best moves and replays with other Wii owners.

Check out some of the incredible attacks in this trailer and check out the game for yourself on WiiWare next Friday. There is currently no news on a North American release.

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JonWahlgren said:

I don't think I'll ever be as good as that video. Seems all I'm capable of in the PC version is slapping the other person's kneecap as I collapse uselessly to the ground.



V8_Ninja said:

Yeah, I never understood Toribash. Why would people waste so much time and effort into figuring out how to throw double punches and kicks when they could be making lots of progress in an ACTUAL game?



Nero said:

That's cool and all, but what we really need is Sumotori Dreams.



SilverBaretta said:

I've played this on PC, and it's very complicated. This is definitely a game for the patient ones.



bro2dragons said:

i can't wait for this game to hopefully and finally hit NA... i downloaded the PC version when i first heard about it on here ages back, and i love it.



moosa said:

So apparently it's a physics game? Looks very interesting... I'll keep my eye on it.



grenworthshero said:

Well, I can actually tell what's going on in this video, unlike with the last one posted on here for this game, a long time ago. It still doesn't look very interesting, though



Bobpie said:

Panda wrote:

I don't think I'll ever be as good as that video. Seems all I'm capable of in the PC version is slapping the other person's kneecap as I collapse uselessly to the ground.



iAmThetot said:

This game is really amazing. Honestly, I give the PC version a 10/10. It is free, in-depth, and has so many possibilities that the replayability is honestly near infinite. If you haven't played it yet, or have and were scared away by it's complexity, I seriously urge you to try it (or try it again). With patience and practice, it is not as difficult as you think and can really be one of the most fun games you've ever played. It's not just a fighting game on the PC, you can do so, so much. You have to remember that it is essentially just a giant physics emulator.

Now, having said all that... I still am skeptical about how this will turn out on the Wii. With the PC, you use your mouse to hover over joints and either click or use the keyboard (I use the keyboard) to tell your joints what to do, and I am afraid that the wiimote may lead to several misclicks. Secondly, I am afraid that multiplayer in the Wii version may be seriously numbed down from the PC version. Lastly, the PC version has a massive online community with thousands of mods for the game, and tens of thousands of replays for you to study, watch and chat about.

All-in-all, like I said, I am just not sure about the Wii version. If it comes to North America, I may still try it but... I really think I'm just going to stay with my PC version.

I just read that the US release date is set to be right after Europe's release, on the following Monday.



iAmThetot said:

@21 To be honest, a lot of silly nonsense. Those aren't really good examples of quality TB replays which is surprising because the person who recorded them, Hampa, is one of the developers and he's very good. The game can be quite silly at times, but when you're playing against someone of equal skill it can be pretty nail-bitingly intense.

Here is a pretty good video displaying the capabilities of the game (Granted, this video is taken from the PC version). The video is also quite a bit clearer and easier to tell that is going on.
It's worth mentioning for those of you who don't know it that (in the video) the blue and white ragdoll is named Uke, and he is completely lifeless unless you tell him what to move. Later in the video I posted, you'll see the player facing some people who are differently coloured. Those are real players in multiplayer.



Pegasus said:

@iAmThetot Great video link you posted there. Now that's some serious skill. I don't even want to know how much practice you need to have to become that good.

I've tried Toribash on my Mac a while back, but I just couldn't get into it. You certainly can't expect to get any great results right off the bat as it can be a bit complex, and it has a considerable learning curve through a lot of trial and error.



iAmThetot said:

@23 Agreed. I was pretty awful at the start too but I loved the idea so much that I refused to give up. It's pretty easy to learn if people are willing to use the tools available to them: The online community for TB is always willing to help people who are new get used to how the game operates and generally what are good ideas and what are bad ones. Once you start thinking of it like "Well, if I was doing this, what would I be bending or not bending?" then you kind of get comfortable with it.

I also tend to find that one of the biggest problems new players have is that they don't know when to use hold or relax, the latter of the two being one of the most important options in the game. Most new players just extend or contract and that's not always a good idea at all.



Sneaker13 said:

Yeah, not that interested in this game. Maybe a review could convince me, other wise a pass for me.



SilentJ said:

Wow, this is finally getting released? I had completely forgotten about it.



JimLad said:

1000 points is perhaps a little steep.
It may be what it's worth from a development cost standpoint, but I don't see many people looking at screens and videos and being swayed at that price.



MikeyMikeMike said:

Interesting game, relatively complex...Just downloaded it about 20 mins ago on PC for FREE though so I'm not sure why anyone would pay 10 bucks for this. Easy requirements from the computer too so I don't see a reason for a console version where people don't have to worry about their system being up to par. As the game is far from simple I can't even imagine a "Hey we'll pay for his ninty game so he doesn't have to touch my computer" rationale as little kids will doubtfully play this...

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