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Put button-bashing opponents to the sword in a new WiiWare fighting game that lets you get creative as you battle to victory!

Toribash is an online fighting game where you’re free to make your own moves! Use precision motion control to create any move you want – the only limit is your imagination! Manipulate your fighter’s joints for maximum impact and take out your opponents with precise hits. Boost your joints for that added speed and strength to hit harder then grab your opponents and slam them to the ground.

Want to make your own fight movies? Just jump into the replay editor. You can enter replays at any point in time and review your fight to catch that mind-blowing move you missed. And when you are done, share it with your buddies through WiiConnect24!

  • Fight online and challenge players around the world over Nintendo Wi-Fi Connection
  • Relive your finest moments from whatever angle you like using the replay editor
  • Pull off all kinds of acrobatic moves using Wii Remote motion controls

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Europe PAL Version

Posted by James Newton

Worth a bash

Already freely available for PC, Toribash has landed on WiiWare with a 1,000 point price tag and a lot to live up to.A turn-based fighting game, this title is seemingly impenetrable at first despite a series of tutorials that teach you your first basic...

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User Comments (21)



themortalangel said:

WOW rather Intriguing. Never heard of it before, but if this supports online play, this could be an instant hit worlwide.



Killraven said:

even though it's on pc for free with online? and yey you hadn't heard of it?
not saying it's not good. jsut i doubt it would be an instant hit. it's quite hard to play.



Wiiloveit said:

If the controls are improved for the Wii, it could be pretty awesome, but as it stands, the PC version left me underwhelmed.



kyleglor said:

this seems like a game that would have 2 much blood to be on the wii oh well i guess i shouldnt complain it looks awsome!

Whats up with the site? it wont load or at least on mine

Also what if they added a character download part of the game and i dont meen like the characters you create even tho that would be cool to but im talking about is high res charcters not blocks and spheers ( i suck at spelling ) if this was put mabey eventually they could get third party in there games such as Ryu. or at least thats what i think would be awsome.

EDIT: oops forgot something lol. is that the only stage or does it have others to choose from?



chiefeagle02 said:

@Wiiloveit: If brochures are to be believed, controls are always improved for the Wii. Whether or not that's true is up to God and Darwin. Anyway, this game reminds me of Hybrid Theory for the N64 in some ways. Be interesting to see how this one plays out.



mojo25 said:

Man, I've just downloaded this yesterday....and...
It's awesome. Man, I just love it. I'm actually pretty good. I did this one move, where I grab the opponent, then keep kicking his...um, private area, yea...and it looks really funnnny. I also did this move where I tear of my arm, throw it at the enemy's head and grab him, then i keep flailing around and keep gaining points...its pretty sweet.



LGamer said:

O YEAH! I'm not the type of kicking heads of, of kicking people in the nuts or pull the head of my opponent... but this game looks awesome! You can create your own moves! This is a good game if you're angry!



Namo said:

Toribash is an acquired taste. It's very hard to learn, very difficult to master, but once you get the basic jist of it, you can't put it down.

Nintendo, NOW would be a good time to bring back demos so people can try games like these before they buy them.



gaminguy said:

FOr the disc thing, I thnik it's they made a prototype that ran on the disc channel.

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