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Enter the Steamy World of Tower Defence

Posted by James Newton

Buy, build, blast

We've already seen a number of tower defence games on the DSi, but there's always room for one more. A good job really, as next week sees the release of SteamWorld: Tower Defense from Swedish developers Image and Form.

Taking a steampunk-inspired approach to the genre, you're the role of Sheriff of the Cowbots, a robotic race that oversees the gold-rich SteamWorld. When humans begin to invade in search of lustrous ores, it's down to you and your defensive robots to keep the nuggets out of human hands.

With an intriguing graphical style and the promise of robots shooting humans, this could stand out in an increasingly crowded field on DSiWare. We'll bring you a full review shortly after the game's North American release next week, but fill your boots with this trailer in the meantime.

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thewiirocks said:

I haven't downloaded DSiWare in a while. So it should be saying something when I state: This game will be mine. Mwhahaha!



ErrorSupply said:

Looks great, and at a reasonable price too. I'll probably pick it up when it comes out.



GreenSpleen said:

I guess it will be this and Pearl Harbor for me on Monday. Jett Rocket was fun but too short and easy. Hopefully, PHT will control well and have a longer story.



Oregano said:

Wow, this looks pretty damn cool. I like the visual style, even if there isn't much variety by the looks of it.

Wonder why there's so many tower defense games but no traditional SRPGs on the download services(apart from DQ Wars which is a bit more like chess)



Birdman said:

TOO MANY GOOD GAMES IN TOO LITTLE TIME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Not like anyone's complaining, though.



cheapogamer4life said:

Still looking to DL my next tower defense game after the awesome Starship Defense. Maybe this wil be the next “big one” for the service.



Bassman_Q said:

Wow! Steampunk! Count me in!

So next week we get... Pearl Harbor Trilogy Part 1, that sheep game, AND SteamWorld Tower Defense!? Monday's gonna be AWESOME!



Artial said:

@Qwikman : "that sheep game" is QuickPick Farmer...sorry couldn't resist
that said, this one looks good, waiting for the review for my next TD after Vicking invasion and Starhip defense.



Peznaze said:

Ah, highly tempting to put points on my obsolete DSi for this one... Eagerly awaiting the review!



Ashflow said:

I'd get this, except I'm on strike for DSiWare 'til I know that DSiWare games can be transferred to the 3DS.



Slave said:

Got it! Pretty good Tower Defence... I hate the snipping tower tho... seems like they dont fire unless you control them... sucks 'cuz you cant control ALL your sniping towers AND build/manage your other towers AND collect the cash on the ground...

Gameplay: 8/10 pretty good, pretty hard, what I dont like is the units attacking your towers... but it's part of the gameplay, adds challenge
Graphics: 10/10
Controls: 7/10 (sometimes you want to scroll and instead you place a tower in the middle of nowhere... and sniping towers seems to do nothing unless you point them what to shoot each times)



Olle said:

Slave: Thanks for the mini-review! I'd like to point out that we've just added a Tips & Tricks-blog to our site, starting off with some hints for using the Sharpshooter. Hope you find it useful!



Slave said:

They are useful, thank!

I like them sharpshooter towers a bit more... they come in handy when sniping the dynamite hobos and bandits with guns... but I still think that when left alone, they should start shooting by themselves...

As mentioned above, it's hard to collect the cash at the same time to buy and place towers and also at the same time aim and shoot using the sharpshooters... too many stuff to do at the same time...

Still this is a great Tower Defence game... I'm a Tower Defence Maniac and this is a pretty awesome one... I've let down Puzzle Quest 2 to play this.

It's just enough difficult to be challenging but not frustrating... The graphics are great, and I love the redneck looking hobos that are way too close to zombies lol and the way they smile while riding the cows... funny... but damn I hate those cows... move too fast LOL

And I like that the designer and programmer of the game actually care enough for his game to post in a review site comments!

Kudos Olle for the great game!

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