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SteamWorld Tower Defense is an action-packed strategy game for Nintendo DSiWare™. Set in a wondrous world of steam engines, brass and polished wood, you take the role as Sheriff of the Cowbots, the robotic master race of SteamWorld.

All is not right in the great Western reaches – the humans are invading your lands! They have a mad
lust for gold, incomprehensible to even the greatest of Thinkbots. As they draw closer to your capital city, you must stop them before they reach your gold mines! Use the special skills of your robots to your advantage in this original Tower Defense variation, where strategy and execution are equally important.

You take an active part in the defense by directing your Sharpshooters at extra dangerous targets. Taking out explosive enemies in the midst of their own ranks has never been as satisfying!

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Posted by Andrew Wight

Your head will be steaming

There’s no doubt that you'll know if SteamWorld: Tower Defense is for you upon asking yourself one simple question – do you like tower defence games? Not only is SteamWorld the essence of this sub-genre, it doesn’t try to pull anything crazy,...

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mnoah said:

This game is
but every game has its weak spots
sadly steam world i'sent to long though
with the perfect chosen font,awsome detail,
and a more than suitable price such as 500 points
it i'sent the perfect game but i do strongly recommend it
8 1/2 out of ten

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