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Street Fighter II Designer Bringing Earth Seekers to Wii

Posted by James Newton

Ex-Capcom talent unveils new game

Noritaka Funamizu was a key player at Capcom during his time there, working on almost all of the company's biggest games, from Super Street Fighter II to Resident Evil and beyond. Since he left the company he's only really hit our radar with arcade title Super Dragon Ball Z. Well, those days are over as his latest title, the Wii-bound Earth Seeker, sounds rather promising.

Battling giant monsters on an unknown world may sound like a recent title from Capcom, but the story behind Earth Seeker is quite different. After evacuating Earth using giant ships to transport buildings and animals, a combination of a crash landing and a malfunctioning computer results in new forms of life being created. And when we say, "new life forms," we mean "really odd monsters", including a power plug-tailed big cat and a transparent head. Keeping you company against old power-panther is the planet's indigenous Guardians, who are only too happy to help out as long as you keep bribing them with booze.

The end result could vary from the brilliant to the bizarre, and with a Japanese release scheduled for late 2010 there's plenty of time for Funamizu's Crafts & Meister studio to pull it all together. The petition for a Western localisation of this oddball adventure starts here.


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Shiryu said:

Saw this yesterday, both interesting and intriguiging. Colour me looking into it closely.



irken004 said:

Looks pretty nice from the concept art. The gameplay sounds good too. I'm interested



Klapaucius said:

That creature's head must have been inspired by that recently discovered videod fish with a transparent head.



James said:

I think that panther's eyes are actually light bulbs. Can't wait to see the other freaky monsters.



Amorous_Badger said:

I really hope the game's graphical style apes the concept art, couple that with some decent controls and inventive gameplay and this could be a winner.



Imerion said:

Sounds promising! Odd, bizarre and sci-fi/post-apocalyptic? I'll certainly keep my eyes on this.

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