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Free Photo Dojo is Nintendo's Way of Saying It Loves You

Posted by James Newton

Free title a reward for you, DSiWare lovers

If you haven't grabbed the rather excellent Photo Dojo for your US DSi yet, you may be inadvertently spurning Nintendo's affections. Bill Trinen, a long-time translator who's worked on some of the company's biggest titles, says the game's free first month is a way to give back to supporters of the download format.

You want to reward your biggest fans, the ones who go to the DSi Shop regularly or check out what's coming out regularly. They're rewarded with free products like this. Obviously we want a lot of people to play the game and show it to their friends and spread word of mouth.

With the game's free period ending in just a few days there's still time left to grab this addictive little fighter whilst it's completely gratis, though even at 200 Points it's a worthy purchase. Check out our review if you're unsure whether you want to accept Nintendo's heartfelt gift or not.


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piguy101 said:

Was I the only one that thought this game was bad? I'll keep it on my Dsi though because its not going to be free anymore.



Olorin said:

It's hilarious when played with the right people, but I suppose it would be rather boring if you don't have anyone who wants to act foolish with you.
I'm glad I got it, even though it's not free here in Europe.



Dodger said:

Got it on the first day and have been telling all my friends. I wouldn't like it much if I payed for it, I think just because the single player isn't that fun but it is fun to play with my dad and little sister and I want to get some of my friends to make one.



Terra said:

I got this awhile ago after converting some star points. For DSiWare, it's pretty good stuff.



Rally said:

I don't think it's worthy enough to spend 200 points. But free? Take it while you can!




Junkface said:

Yeah this game played with the right people is ecstatic. The first time i fought my borther I was laughin so hard I cried. My buddy was on the floor when I shot a picture of our 1st grade teacher at him he said he hadnt laughed that hard in years. I know its not for everyone but I couldn't recomend this game enough. Bravo Nintendo! Kudos for the freebee too !



ToastyYogurt said:

Who wouldn't get this game for free. One of the many mottoes I live buy is "The best things in life are free." So take it while you can, fellow Americans!



fishman100 said:

hahahah, i'm making my mom go to Gamestop on JUNE 9 (a day before the dwnld ends) if she can't find my DSi XL before then!!!!!



SilverBaretta said:

If you take into account it's free, it's a great game. If you pay 200 points for it, it's STILL a great game, you just pay for it. While the gameplay is limited, it accomplishes it's goal in a fantastic fashion: to put YOU in a game. Who doesn't want that?



ReZon said:

Pass. A free game isn't going to make DSiWare as a whole any better.



EdEN said:

For a free game it's great. Even at 200 points one could argue in favor of the purchase. Anything higher would have been a no.



EdEN said:

@ReZon: DSiware IS great. Go and download Chronos Twins, Robo Rescue, X-Scape, Mighty Flip Champs, Mario vs Donkey Kong, Viking Invasion, Fieldrunners, the Arty Style games, Dragon Quest Wars, DoDoGo!, Alphabounce, Lookley's Line Up and Link N' Launch. More games (Shantae for instance) are set for release in the near future.

If you can't find anything on DSiware for you then you're just being waay too picky...



Token_Girl said:

Now let us transfer all the DSiWare we love over to the 3DS! That'll keep us loyal. Promise.



Stuffgamer1 said:

I'd feel more loved if they gave me a GOOD game free.

Really, I found the low quality of this title embarassing. They should've let you take pictures and CROP them to make the characters. This "get them kinda sorta in the frame-ish" thing is crap.



DarkEdi said:

@Token girl: and wii downloads to the next generation using the wiicode or usb cable or whatever but i don´t want to lose my virtual games or have it in 2 systems (double buyed of course).



Bloodysaber said:

Played this with my younger brothers in the airport and holy crap was this amusing. This is definitely a group activity.



Caliko said:

I played this game for the first time yesterday and I LOVED IT!!

You can get really creative if you're an artist or wannabe video game designer. I drew a fictional character onto a piece of paper and added some crazy audio.

It was so fluid and amazing to see my character in action. As for working with people its a lot trickier. I wish there was a cropper tool for that.




The game was awesome and a clear 9/10. Depends if you have a decent of video game playing friends and family



theblackdragon said:

not anymore, kotomi. it was free for the first month while it was in the DSi Shop, but now it's 200 points. :3

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