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Photo Dojo brings a new twist to the side-scrolling beat ‘em up – literally putting you in the middle of the action!

Using your Nintendo DSi system's camera, take photos of yourself performing punches, kicks and special moves, as well as victory and defeat poses. Next, add sound effects by recording your voice, or whatever you choose, with the microphone. Finally, snap a photo for the backdrop; the setting is entirely up to you. In just a few minutes you’ll have created your own personalised fighting game!

Battle solo against hordes of enemies, or invite a friend to capture their own likeness and fight each other in a one-on-one grudge match. And, because both players share the same Nintendo DSi, you’ll be getting very up close and personal!

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Europe PAL Version

Posted by James Newton

Well developed

We first played Photo Dojo back at Nintendo’s Media Summit in February, and in the hustle and bustle of the event it was a huge amount of fun. Now it’s out of the O2 and into the hands of gamers everywhere, it’s still a great deal of fun but its...

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User Comments (24)



3230ru said:

this looks stupid but could be fun ) and this one is the first camera featured game I might try



thiob_ said:

It's extremely good and fun!

Two players are able to play this game with only one DSi. So, I played this game with my girlfriend and we had some real fun!



IanUniacke said:

this is hilarious, even if the gameplay is short lived it's so much fun it's worth the 500 points. (or is it 200 can't remember)



Terra said:

BTW guys, the game will be free for a month when it gets released in the US so there's no reason not to get the game



cheapogamer4life said:

Only a few more hours until this game makes it in to the NA DSiware shop becoming our first free game download :D.



piguy101 said:

I have no room in the system memory but I have an SD card. Is there a SD card menu like the Wii or is there another way I can access all of my games without first deleting it from the system memory and copying it and deleting it...Or will I have to ask Nintendo to make an update for a SD card menu? Please help me.



doy1001 said:

I love this game! It's so much fun! I played Vs mode with my friend and we had a blast! It' very original and it's only 200 points! 5 stars!



Slionr said:

I actually found out about this game after I was recommended this title on the E-shop. And boy, is it awsm!^^

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