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Swords Announced, Supports MotionPlus, Content Remains a Mystery

Posted by James Newton

Early rumours suggest swordfighting contained

You have to hand it to Majesco and its knack for coming up with le mot juste when it comes to naming games. A Boy and His Blob hit the squishy nail on the head, and now comes Swords, a brand-new swordfighting game for Wii.

With MotionPlus support included this is in admittedly well-worn territory, with Wii Sports Resort, GhostSlayer and, of course, Red Steel 2 already present at the MotionPlus swordfighting party. There's one thing none of those games have, though: time travel.

In Swords, players travel through time and space to challenge eight skilled adversaries -- including the flirtatious yet dangerous beauty Keiko Anamura, the vicious Viking chieftain Armin, the famed Sir Lancelot of the Round Table and many more.

With two-player split-screen confirmed it looks like this might be worth a punt when it arrives in September this year.


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Oregano said:

This looks like shovelware but I don't want to write it off unfairly, I'll see what reviewers and other folks say.



BulbasaurusRex said:

Can we please have true swordfighting this time instead of this sissy separation of attack and defense modes we've had so far?



KnucklesSonic8 said:

Since I heard about this announcement, I can't get over the name of the game... Seriously, they couldn't think of something better?



Odnetnin said:

I was totally like "meh" before I saw "flirtatious yet dangerous;" that really caught my eye. Since the graphics look so amazing (just look at those health bars!) I'm sure she'll be a real drooler.



brandonbwii said:

Based on the Punch-Out like transparency of the main character, I'm guessing this game is going more for that 1:1 feel than Red Steel 2.

I want this to be good but Majesco doesn't have the best track record. They don't seem to have the money or resources to hire talented teams very often.



WaveGhoul said:

Why hasn't Lucas Arts designed a Star Wars 'Motion Plus' Light Saber fighter yet? Do they realise the amazing potential and that it would sell like hotcakes?



mnementh said:

@WaveBoy... I guess SW Force Unleashed II will use WM+ although honestly the first one worked just as well without one.



Ian_Daemon said:

"...With two-player split-screen confirmed it looks like this might be worth a punt when it arrives in September this year...."

Did you mean "worth a pint"? I have no idea what "worth a punt" means. Is that British slang?



Boonehams said:

Okay, yes, the graphics are crap, but it's still a tad early to start passing judgment. As long as the animation is smooth and there's no chugging frame rate (which is important in a fighting game) I really don't care about the graphics.

Majesco's record is more misses than hits for making quality games, so I'm not putting a lot of stock in them pulling this off. Sure, my interest is semi-piqued, but I won't be surprised if the reviews come out saying it's not up to snuff.



rjejr said:

So this is Rage of the Gladiator w/ the Punch-Out gameplay mechanic removed?

Oh, and Swords sounds like just about every game for Move.

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