You have to hand it to Majesco and its knack for coming up with le mot juste when it comes to naming games. A Boy and His Blob hit the squishy nail on the head, and now comes Swords, a brand-new swordfighting game for Wii.

With MotionPlus support included this is in admittedly well-worn territory, with Wii Sports Resort, GhostSlayer and, of course, Red Steel 2 already present at the MotionPlus swordfighting party. There's one thing none of those games have, though: time travel.

In Swords, players travel through time and space to challenge eight skilled adversaries -- including the flirtatious yet dangerous beauty Keiko Anamura, the vicious Viking chieftain Armin, the famed Sir Lancelot of the Round Table and many more.

With two-player split-screen confirmed it looks like this might be worth a punt when it arrives in September this year.