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Rumour: Curious DS Motherboard May Reveal 3DS Widescreen

Posted by James Newton

Hold those horses, however

Vague registrations for patents, trademarks and age ratings power the Internet Rumour Mill, particularly when there's a big announcement around the corner, and a recent filing over at the Federal Communications Commission may have the first photograph of a 3DS test kit.

Why jump to the 3DS conclusion when the image title refers to the plain old "DS"? Well, for one, the kit's top screen has a wider aspect ratio than any DS already available, and with the 3DS cat already out of the Internet bag it's unlikely Nintendo would dabble with another iteration of its standard DS line.

The image also seems to show different finishes on the two screens, hinting that perhaps only the top screen may be 3D, or that the touch screen is from a standard DS for testing purposes. There also appears to be a small white addition that resembles the PSP's analogue nub, though it's difficult to say with certainty from the image given.

Until the big reveal at E3 this is purely speculation of course, and full analogue control and 3D graphics on a Nintendo handheld does seem almost too good to be true. Sit tight until June 15th for the full lowdown from Nintendo, straight from its E3 press conference right here at Nintendo Life.


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BobberyFan98 said:

Intresting, but I probably won't get the 3DS for awhile and it's going to just be the DSi XL for me




Radbot42 said:

yep i shall do what i did with the ds, wait untill there is a reason to get it. for me it was golden sun.



zionich said:

Im excited for the 3DS, and there is nothing but rumors.... im such a fanboy : (



OldBoy said:

Hmm.Intresting. I hope the 3DS is widescreen and we do have analogue control. This thing is gonna rock regardless though.Can't wait for E3!!



Crunc said:

Please, Nintendo, create some way for us to transfer our DSiWare to this thing.



LittleIrves said:

Widescreen and analog control seem almost like obvious and expected additions at this point.... I'm still waiting to see if there's some other "secret" function that's yet to be unveiled. E3 can't come soon enough.



Despair1087 said:

@9 me too lol

wide screen would be pretty sweet, but i hope, both screens are the same size... i dont really care if it has analog control, i actually prefer control pads.



Kimiko said:

It has to be widescreen to accomodate the halving of horizontal resolution when the 3D mode is turned on.
It would be cool if the system comes with two outward cameras so we can take stereoptic photos as well



Caliko said:

I just thunk something up.

If Nintendo provides widescreen, with the 3D movie craze taking over it would be a smart maketing move for Nintendo to have a download service for movies. Including them Pixars etc. in 3D.

This would make it a definite sale for loads of kids and even adults and it would be the first mobile 3D movie viewer!



EdEN said:

Well, I've owned a Gameboy, a Gameboy Color, a Gameboy Advance, a Gameboy Advance SP, a Gameboy Micro, a DS, a DS Lite and a DSi. Always found something extra that merited the change. Still own my Color, Micro and SP and currently own a DSi since launch which has given me a lot of fun thanks to the DSiware releases and is worth it to get one. Go for an XL at the moment and wait for the 3DS to have a big enough library by April-May 2011.



Chunky_Droid said:

I absolutely hated the analog nub on the PSP, and I use it only when it's absolutely required. That being said, I hope Ninty improves drastically on it if it is indeed an analog nub for the 3DS



zionich said:

Im starting to think the reason I have been visiting Nintendolife more is that there is little to no trolling and people bashing Nintendo. Great site.

Looks like the top wide screen and bottom regular will work out great. Time machine anyone, ill bring extras back??



GammaGames said:

i want it, but i have no reason to get it. mabey theyl remake gamecube games for it? like wind-waker hopefully?



selfreflection said:

Dsi Ware really reallyreally should be portable... it would be such a dissapointment if nintendo wont come up with this!



SugarPlum23 said:

The 3d looks pretty cool but i think im going to keep my dsi xl for now... Besides the 3d screen looks like a ds lite screen...???



Gamer44 said:

I probably won't get the 3DS untill the Next wave of Pokemon Games come.Unless Black and White are are on it.



Capt_N said:

I'm wanting to see the entire scope of details N is gonna roll out for @ E3. Particularly, DSiware transferability. Then I'll wait, & see if it hurts the eyes, &/or causes any other health issues, once it hits shelves. I'm not gonna trust wiki, until what they say, is beyond a shadow of a doubt, in tune, w/ what N themselves say. & that there is reputable proof N said it. I'm stoked for E3!

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