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Nintendo Download: 20th & 21st April (Japan)

Posted by Sean Aaron

Ivy the Kiwi makes a multi-platform assault, a new free app for DSi and more all-new games next week in Japan

After last week's slim pickings this week actually provides some choice on both Wii and DSi on the download front, including the first free app from Nintendo on the DSi since the Wii no Ma media viewer was released last May. Better still all of these are brand-new releases, without a catch-up title in sight.


Ivy the Kiwi? mini (1000pts - Bandai-Namco) – Developed by Prope (of Let's Tap and Let's Catch fame), Ivy the Kiwi is a platform game that is possibly a first for a Nintendo 3rd party, seeing release not only as a retail game on Wii and DS, but also appearing on both WiiWare and DSiWare download services in the same month.

Players draw vines to guide a constantly running bird to feathers and then the level exit, whilst avoiding spikes and sheer drops. The main draw (pun intended) outside of simple gameplay is the visual aesthetic: muted colours and sepia-toned backgrounds intended to resemble a an old parchment storybook. The downloadable versions of the game lack the multiplayer aspect of the retail releases and possibly other play modes, offering 50 stages of platforming with a twist - or rather, a vine.

Sekai no Omoshiro Party Game (500pts - Sims) – World Fun Party Game seems a pretty good translation for this mini-game collection. There's five games for 1-4 players set in different countries with cow-roping in Texas, diving for treasure in Hawaii, snake charming in India, samurai shooting in Japan and monster slaying in Ireland.

Virtual Console

Fatal Fury 3: Road to the Final Victory (900pts Neo Geo - D4 Enterprise) – Technically the fourth game in the series (counting Fatal Fury Special), this is one of many fighting games on the Neo Geo which was part of a franchise spawned by the creators of the original Street Fighter and Art of Fighting games.


Hobo Nichi no Kenkō Techō (Free - Nintendo) – A new lifestyle application from Nintendo, intended to record medical data for sharing with health professionals. There are diary pages for keeping records of height, weight and vaccination status as well as data cards for people with chronic medical conditions and drug prescriptions. There's even a special section devoted to various types of hepatitis and HIV. In an Iwata Asks interview with the developers at Hobo Nikkan Itoi Shinbun it's implied the goal was to reduce the massive binders of medical data that parents and people who have chronic health conditions can accumulate and instead provide a way of recording information that could readily be shared by patients with their doctors, who could then add updates during appointments. It's not clear if this is an application destined for release outside of Japan, however it seems to be a bold way for Nintendo to transform the perception of the DSi from merely a fun toy to an essential part of the owner's daily life.

at Enter! Taisen Igo (200pts - Tasuke) – Another entry in Tasuke's new at Enter! series of Japanese board games (they all appear to be part of a cart release called Table Game Spirits: Victory), this is surprisingly one of only a couple of go games available on DSiWare. You can play through a series of 18 different opponents (represented with some of the same character models appearing in the other games) on boards in three different sizes and, as with other games in the series, you can play against a DSi-owning friend courtesy of the Download Play option.

at Enter! Block Kuzushi (200pts - Tasuke) – Apparently running out of board games, Tasuke have decided their next entry in the at Enter! series should be a Breakout/Arkanoid clone. As with other games in the series there's a Challenge mode featuring different objectives to meet in order to clear a "mission" such as beating it within a 15min. time limit. Naturally there's also a selection of characters to represent yourself with, though sadly no multiplayer on offer. We're always up for a bit of brick-breaking so we'll happily check this out and let you know if it's worthy of download (or jealousy for the non-import DSi owners among you) or not.

Ike! Ike!! Hamster (200pts - Tom Create) – Roll a hamster in a ball to collect sunflower seeds and battle bosses in this side-scrolling super-kawaii action game for kids.

Fall in the Dark (500pts - Silver Star Japan) – From the title screen you'd think this was some kind of graphic story game, but actually it's more like Manic Miner with graphics that remind us of 8-bit classic Montezuma's Revenge. We're up for a bit of spelunking now and then, so we'll certainly look to preview this for you as well.

Ivy the Kiwi? mini (1000pts - Bandai-Namco) – Same as the WiiWare game, this is either a cut-down or alternate version of a full DS release and only the second premium price game at 1000 Points in Japan. Whilst the Wii uses the pointer for drawing vines, here you're obviously going to be using the stylus, which we reckon might make for better control in this game.

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Maxsh said:

Fall in the Dark looks like Spelunky, am I the only person who thinks that? 8D



FonistofCruxis said:

I think they should've tried to put all of Ivy the kiwi? as a downloadable game because I don't think it will do as well in retail.



Bass_X0 said:

this is one of many fighting games on the Neo Geo which was part of a franchise spawned by the creators of the original Street Fighter and Art of Fighting games.

You mean King of Fighters not Street Fighter, don't you?



Sean_Aaron said:

Nope, according to Wikipedia (which obviously could be totally wrong), two of the guys were involved in the original Street Fighter. If totally wrong I'm happy to be corrected and correct it because Wikipedia is crap and I'd deserve it for relying upon it as the sole source for that statement.



Ratengo said:

@Sean: The 'Ivy the Kiwi?' game looks interesting...! The retail releases will be priced at 3,990 yen each, including 100 levels and multiplayer (+ the DS version offers downloadable contents). I think that the Ware mini versions with 50 levels (half the game!) for 1,000 points are pretty much a bargain...! Will NintendoLife readers get any impressions of this game? Here is a trailer.

Besides... Have you unlocked the Warp and Master modes of all generations in 'Bit Man!!' yet? I was able to finish the Classic 64-bit mode and submit my points into the hi-score list once (don't really know why). Now, the same problem occurs in the Master 64-bit mode (I'm still getting the Game Over message instead, after the last stage being cleared).



Sean_Aaron said:

I think Ivy the Kiwi stands a good chance of showing up outside of Japan given all the menus seem to be in English and given that all Japanese content is paid for out of my own pocket, 1000 points for a game genre I'm not that keen on isn't likely to happen. Of course if someone from Prope or Bandai-Namco were to somehow read this and want to gift it to me...

I would hope that there would be some difference in the levels between mini and the full game, otherwise you'll end up with a download you never play (assuming it sells you on the retail release and there's no replay value)!

With regard to Bit Man!! I did unlock Master Mode, but only beat the 4-bit levels. I'll get back to it someday - maybe if I review it for my is unfortunate you're having these problems, but I'm glad you at least got to unlock Master Mode.



zemulii said:

Well if Ivy the Kiwi doesn't show up here in New Zealand then something's got to be wrong...



Adamant said:

Fal in the Dark looks more Lode Runner-ish than Manic Miner-ish from the screenshots.



Junkface said:

Wow that free app looks very interesting. This seems like a very useful tool if your on a prescription regiment. Does it have room to record blood sugar for diabetics? or timers that lets people know when its time to take meds. or when they last checked thier blood? My brother is diabetic and between checkin blood and takin a few different drugs it seems like alot to keep track of. This app. could help make things alot easier.



Token_Girl said:

I wonder if Nintendo is looking into expanding into the medical technology field. First the WiiFit board is comparable in accuracy to the $1000+ medical grade scales in hospitals, now a free (most likely very simplified) medical record storage system.

It would be wonderful if they did. Online/electronic medical records are a huge thing in the US now recommended to save costs and cut errors on meds and such based on unclear handwriting/missing something while checking through piles of papers to find drug interactions. Ninty could start singlehandedly lowering medical costs, and I'd be for it (as long as they don't abandon games).



Kyloctopus said:

YAY a new free ds game and this one could actually help you in life and looks fun not like the 2 other ones



Sean_Aaron said:

@Junkface: I'd be surprised if that wasn't the case. It does look like it could be pretty useful, so maybe a global release is in the cards. Will NHS GPs come to recommend a DS to track appointments? Time will tell...



AXEL314 said:

The free app isn't a game, so how could it be FUN??? Though I do think it's pretty neat being able to "file" your medical history.



Sean_Aaron said:

@Werble: Where, in the Japanese DSi Shop? DSiWare publishes on Wednesday in Japan so you should be able to find it today (assuming you have a Japanese DSi).

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