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  • US 15th Jun 2009, 1,000 points
  • EU 19th Jun 2009, 1,000 points
  • JP 16th Dec 2008
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  • Review Let's Catch (WiiWare)

    Let's not...

    When Prope revealed Let's Tap to the world everyone though it would be yet another gimmicky Wii motion-based mini-game collection -- which it was, although a pretty good one. After that turned out surprisingly well, expectations of Let's Catch were a bit mixed: playing catch on your Wii sounds a bit goofy, but could it be a hidden gem...

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Let's Catch News

  • Nintendo Download Icarian, Let's Catch and Brain Training (EU)

    One anticipated title is accompanied by two... not so anticipated ones.

    This week finally sees the release of much-hyped title Icarian: Kindred Spirits. It's accompanied by a not-so-great second WiiWare game, and a solitary DSiWare release. That's right - Virtual Console misses out again! Icarian: Kindred Spirits has been hotly anticipated for quite...

  • Nintendo Download Toasters, Rainbows, Catching, Calculators, Clocks and Harriers (US)

    A whopping six games this week.

    WiiWare seems to be the main focus this week, with a whole three new games for it. DSiWare gets two more non-games, while VC has to do with just one game. On WiiWare, you can get Eduardo the Samurai Toaster, from Semnat Studios. This promising game was first announced at the start of the year and looks to be quite...

  • News Sega's Let's Catch Gets OFLC Rated

    Australia's OFLC ratings board has just recently given Sega's Let's Catch WiiWare title a "G" rating, which would lead us to believe that the game could be coming out there very soon and most likely worldwide shortly thereafter.

    Let's Catch is basically a Wii Remote-infused game of catch that features both single-player and multiplayer...

  • News New WiiWare Game: Let's Catch

    Sega has now gone live with the official site for their upcoming WiiWare title Let's Catch. The game will simulate a real life game of catch in which the player uses the Wii Remote to simulate both the throwing and catching of the ball. The game will also feature several challenges that up to 4 players can take part in that range from trying to throw the ball with the highest velocity to target challenges. There's even a game of Hot Potato where the potato is actually a time bomb. You don't want to be the one to catch the bomb when the timer reaches "0" obviously. According to the official site, the game will feature full Mii support and will retail for 1000 Wii Points.


About The Game

Play catch with friends in multiplayer party games and compete for high scores using your Mii character and others.

Choose from six different single and multiplayer modes such as Speed Catch, which tests your ability to catch a fastball, and Bomb Catch, an elimination party game for up to four players. Select from a variety of characters or use your Mii character to play other favorite catch games. Unlock special features when you own both Let’s TAP and Let’s CATCH.