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Earthworm Jim Creator Says "Hey Wait, That's Not What I Said"

Posted by James Newton

Earthworm Jim 4 not coming to Wii. Or is it?

Colour us confused. Earlier today, it seemed that Earthworm Jim 4 was coming to Wii judging by a reported conversation between creator Doug TenNapel and website 34th Dimension. Now, Mr TenNapel has gone on-record to say that's not what he said. Here's what he had to say:

In our early discussions about the game, we had tentatively brainstormed ideas for the Wii, but that is NOT a confirmation like the guy posted. We haven't presented the idea to Nintendo and all of what the guy posted in the article could actually jeopardize a real EWJ game coming out on the Wii.

Just goes to show that you can't always trust what a guy says he heard from another guy. Here's hoping this story didn't do too much damage to the chances of everyone's favourite power suit-wearing earthworm appearing on Wii in the near future.


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kevohki said:

A new Earthworm Jim is never happening. It's time to let the hope die and just enjoy the many shoddy ports of the first two games we'll be subjected to for the next decade just like we did for the past decade.



Popyman said:

I wish they would make a game of some of his comics. Gear would be AWESOME.



LztheQuack said:

He hasn't confirmed it as of now, but that doesn't necessarily mean that it isn't coming ever



x10power said:

Color me confused with the way Color and Armor is spell in our native land.

Also I think a EWJ 4 would be sweet if it remakes the cow level within the game



KrazyKain said:

to be completely honest, I'm not all that bothered about a new Earthworm Jim game... dont get me wrong, I'd pre-order it the day they open, but my point is... I would go crazy over new Earthworm Jim Cartoons...

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