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La-Mulana Test Play 4 Video

Posted by Corbie Dillard

More of the game in action!

Our good friend Tyrone Rodriguez of Nicalis has just sent over the newest test play video for their upcoming WiiWare action/platformer La-Mulana.

You can see just how far along the game is in development in the many levels and boss fights that are shown throughout the trailer. You'll also get a look at the selection menu that shows the various items and weapons you can outfit your character with.

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We'll keep you posted on any new developments with La-Mulana as they become available, as well as a full review of the game when it hits the WiiWare service this summer.


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Scottie said:

Please bring this to Europe, any idea of a release date. Rather than just Summer 2010 (we all know how long Cave Story took to get here and that is US only at the moment!). This game is an instant download for me.



WolfRamHeart said:

Holy crap, look at all those items in the inventory! This game must be huge! It looks simply amazing and the music rocks too. This is definitely my most wanted game on WiiWare right now. I just can't wait to play it!



Yasume said:

Wow, this looks even better than Cave Story. I'm really impressed.



odd69 said:

I haven't played the freeware because i want it to be a surprise, so unlike Cave Story I'm going to just wait till it comes to the Wii. But im so excited for this, i am buying day one.



Scottie said:

This game does look great, is it safe to dowload as i have Windows 8 on Windows Vista. When you try to download do you then run or save? I am new at all this lol!



accc said:

I'll regrettably have to pass on this one unless Nicalis lets you shrink the size of the screen to avoid the nasty overscan issues that are plaguing the Cave Story port. When you can't even see the ground your character is walking on, that's a problem.



Mr_Saturn said:

I'm not sure I saw the same thing as everybody else! It looked like Indiana Jones meets buying things from the original Zelda. This doesn't really pop out at me like Cave Story did.



Linkuini said:

Whoa, did you hear that? That's the kind of musical update that should have been in Cave Story.



JayArr said:

I'm with WolfRam, my eyes almost fell out my head when I saw that huge inventory screen. The game looks great so far.

The boss battles were the highlight to me. So beastly, just wow.



bro2dragons said:

wow. that's a ton of items... way more than i was expecting... i'm actually more excited about this than i am about Cave Story.

oh, and i LOVE the way he's so 8-bit... but everything else is about 32... makes a very cool contrast.



Scottie said:

I can't wait for this either it is my number one wiiware title of 2010 to download.



Vinsanity said:

Nicalis is definitely Wiiware's top supporter. I hope they keep going after amazing, one-man games like Cave Story and La Mulana. Who knows? Maybe they'll get Battle Kid on Wiiware eventually, or the EXCELLENT Noitu Love 2: Devolution.

Google them if you've never heard of them. Better yet, go download NL2. It's only 10 bucks on Direct2Drive.



MakeMyBiscuit said:

I'll have to see the review on this one. Was this also available on PC?

I'm not too excited about the main character design. The end bosses look cool then you have this stubby Indiana Jones with a whip jumping around. With Cave Story the design of the main character worked with the style of the rest of the game.

In this game, the main character looks cool in the menu screens but that's it. I mean even in the first 8 bit Metroid game Samus looked cool. I hope they change the look of the main character or at least give you an option between super deformed Indy and cool Indy or in the very least make the change the design so the super deformed character looks cool.

Who knows, it might grow on me.



SwerdMurd said:

Man that is an insane graphical improvement. Hopefully we'll get an inflated pricetag justified by pallette swaps, re-organization of pre-existing content (read:, and botched screen presentation to go with it. I'd pay infinitely more than the original release price for that.

EDIT - the original takes a good 15-20 hours even with somewhat of an idea where you're going....arguably the longest platformer I've played, freeware notwithstanding.



California_Jake said:

It seems the best/most anticipated wiiware games this year are updated freeware games. Not that that's a bad thing.



fixjuxa said:

I"m a sucker for anything 2D so the initial preview of this piqued my curiousity some...but I wasn't sure it was something I would be downloading. I'm completely sold now. This looks really good. And pretty unique at that. Definitely buying it. The original is 15-20 hours long?!? Nice.

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