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Nintendo Patents Touch Screen Rumble Feature

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No news of a new Star Fox to go with it

Nintendo have recently filed a patent for touch screen rumble feedback. The patent reveals a tactile feature, wherein rumble feedback is applied through the touch screen consequent to the user’s interaction.

The patent confirms that the hardware to which the technology relates to consists of two screens, with one being a display screen and one a touch screen, although with no name mentioned, it’s impossible to tell if the feature would be for the DS2 or yet another iteration of the original DS.

Still, a patent application does not necessarily mean that the technology will come to see the light of day, although this one certainly seems more realistic than some of the other crazy ideas we've seen floating around.


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Percentful said:

First the Stylus and now this? WHAT IS THIS WORLD COMING TO?
EDIT: I just noticed the "first", and that wasn't meant to be correlating to a "first" comment.



jangonov said:

the stylus rumble makes no sense. even if it could, it would have to communicate with the ds. either wired (making is very uncomfortable) or wireless (meaning your battery would die in your stylus) I just think that this is a better idea. Rumble the screen, and you will feel it in your stylus, rumble the stylus and you will lose gameplay



MethodOne said:

My HTC Hero phone's touchscreen vibrates when using the on-screen keyboard. This is not new to me.



Stuffgamer1 said:

This sounds like it would really screw up your control while playing, not to mention the possibility of damaging the screen with random errant movements. But that's just an initial impression. If anybody could make it work, it'd be Nintendo.



Donatello said:

Of course it's for the DS2....Nintendo will not release another version of the DS, since that would be ridiculous as there are already 4 types of DS's on the market...DS, DS Lite, DSi and DSi XL.

Anyways, I would of never thaught of this idea, but it's a great and unique idea. Only the brains at Nintendo could of came up with this. Shall be interesting! Also Nintendo will most likely include the Option to turn it off for those who don't like it.

So overall, here are tidbits we've got so far for the DS2

~High Resolution Graphics
~Motion Sensor Controls
~Touch Screen Rumble

I'm guessing they'll also go with 2 'WideScreens' this time around, along with Gamecube-like graphics and hopefully a Handheld Virtual Console ect.



pixelman said:

Woah, this sounds cool. Touch the wrong thing and your stylus gets a shake. Brilliant!



Vendetta said:

Haptic feedback's been around for some time. I wonder how far the application will get in the USPTO.



V8_Ninja said:

I highly doubt that this idea will come to realization. Other than "giving players a more realistic experience" and screwing up gameplay, there's no point in adding it to a system.



motang said:

Looks like the pieces are falling into their places for our next Nintendo portable system!



Smileoscar said:

I guess they'll announce a new system any day now...
And I really don't feel like buying a new system/handheld atm



AVahne said:

this one is actually pretty interesting, unlike the football peripheral or the horse humping-i mean riding one



JakobG said:

Wait, who says the rumble pack is in the stylus?
If Nintendo doesn't put them into the screen, they'd be plain dumb.



irken004 said:

I'd rather just have a rumbling DS! The stylus rumble would be useless in Mario Kart DS and Kingdom Hearts 358/2 Days, among others.



M00se said:

awesome idea i just had but sucks too! the stylus has the battery life of your DS see and when your ds dies it dies, so to recharge it, you put it in its slot and both the ds and stylus charges! so therefore, when your ds runs out of battery, your stylus does too!



bbb7002004 said:

I like the idea. I imagine it would be similar to the light rumbles felt with the wiimote when you "mouse" over objects and such. I really doubt it would be strong enough to distract you from play unless you have the grip of an amoeba.



Capt_N said:

@Shiryu: Nice one..., & I too, see what you did there.

2cdly Anyway, If this ever will see the light of day, it will more than likely be for the next DS, &/or other N handheld(s). Personally, I don't think this (particular patent) will see the light of day. Although it may... I think it all depends on how they(N) intend to use such a feature. I'm w/ KrazyKain, I think this could more easily scratch the (touch)screen.



DarkEdi said:

A first game i can Imagine is a new version of Operando (the board game where you get out pieces of a body in a hospital and if you touch out the line it rumbles and you loose).



SamsN_ite said:

Don't get me wrong, a new Star Fox game would be awesome for a handheld but after Assault and Command, I don't even won't Nintendo to risk it, unless of course they do it right. But then we can almost be guaranteed a remake of Star Fox 64 would be awesome.



TLink9 said:

You guys act like it is going to be an earthquake in the stylus it will just be a weak vibration.

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