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DSi Gets Motion Detection

Posted by James Newton

Console tilt-sensitive without attachments

Satoru Iwata may say the DS's successor will be motion sensitive, but the team at Engine Software has beaten him to the punch, creating full motion sensitivity with no attachments needed.

To demonstrate the technology in action, Engine Software has released a video of TILT, a prototype marble-rolling simulation. Check it out below.

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The developers are keen to stress that this is just a prototype to demonstrate the potential uses of the technology, and that tilt detection is just one of many possible implementations. It's apparently already being put to use in a DSiWare game, due for release this year, though sadly there's no other details forthcoming. However, it does prove the tilt sensitivity is completely software-driven, a frankly incredible achievement for any team.

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3230ru said:

Oh My God! does it mean we live in a.. MATRIX!?
the fourth wall is broken, everything is possible now...



Makrul said:

Doesn't Move Your Brain: Rollway Puzzle, which was released today, use exactly the same technology?



joshje said:

If this uses the camera to detect motion, I expect it will be very glitch, especially if you move at all after running the game. Like say someone asks you to move up on the couch or you are getting comfy, this is going to confuse the technology. Guess we will have to wait to see if it is any good. Certainly impressive that this can be achieved without dedicated hardware.



Chunky_Droid said:

Awesome picture, play your DSi, get so distracted you don't notice the intruder coming to attack from behind!



StarDust4Ever said:

Use of the camera would indeed be an extremely bad method. Maybe Nintendo embedded a motion sensor into the DSi and neglected to tell anyone about it or include it in the dev packs?

Then someone comes along and cracks it before Nintendo was ready to reveal "oh, and by the way, the DSi detects motion too!"



firecookie29 said:

I was going "wow!" while watching the video and thought near the end of it that it would probably use the camera, wich I thought would be cool. But yeah, it could be very glitchy if it uses the camera.



SherlockHolmes said:

That looks pretty awesome! I think the new dsiware release Move Your Brain: Rollway Puzzle uses the camera to tilt.



pixelman said:

What the fu...? How can they have tilt control purely in software? It boggles my mind. D: Something about that doesn't seem right. I'll remain skeptical, thankyouverymuch.



Funem said:

Has anyone tried Move Your Brain: Rollway Puzzle yet ? And it does indeed use the camera to detect movement... hope its better than WarioWare's use of the camera



KanrakusPizza said:

Maybe the next DS will have the feature to watch movies on it too, and maybe even have Miis. YESH!! YESHH!!!!



almostnacho said:

This sort of reminds me of one of those new MacBooks. Developers found out that it had a motion sensitive device embedded in its hardware, and then they took off from there.



TKOWL said:

This ruins the portability of the DS, especially if youre playing this on a schoolbus



postmanX3 said:

Wait, wait, wait. The motion sensitivity is software-driven?! How is that even possible?!

Wow. That DSiWare game will be a must buy for me, even if the gameplay portion is crap...!



Raptor78 said:

It may not ruin the DSi's portability because if it doesnt rely on focusing on the background and instead focuses on some facial feature instead providing you are actually looking face onto the screen as you are playing it should not matter what is going on around you as you play.



ToastyYogurt said:

I'm just confused on how this would work: tilt sensing on a DSi without ANY kind of attachment? The only way this could be possible would be to use the camera like everybody is saying. Or maybe....

Does anyone notice that protective case on the bottom of the DSi?



Bananahh said:

The title function is driven by pure awesomeness and the sensitivity will depend on your awesomeness. That, or nintendo has been holding out on us O.o



Vinsanity said:

I would've loved some kind of explanation. Anytime someone demos like that you can make an argument that someone is just moving the system while a video plays. Same thing with those supposed Natal demos showing people playing Half Life 2 or something - it can just be someone miming against a video.

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