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Club Nintendo Australia Left Behind

Posted by Brad Long

No new rewards in the foreseeable future

A few of our Australian readers have noticed a lack of updates in regards to the Australian Club Nintendo reward scheme, despite the new offers that the European and North American loyalists are now getting.

In response we did our usual probing, firing some questions at the nice people from Nintendo Australia. The news isn't all that fantastic though.

For starters, Club Nintendo isn't officially run by Nintendo of Australia, so it's not up to them when they get new rewards: big decisions like that are apparently handled overseas, though they were vague on those specifics. To follow it up, they revealed to us that since it's not up to them, they apparently don't get told when new rewards will be coming in the future either, meaning they're left just as in the dark about the situation as the rest of us are.

Sad news indeed - Nintendo really need to let Australia stand on its own two feet, or they'll find themselves losing support fast.

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AUnkownFuture said:

America have got their rewards.Europe is waiting still and Australia get nothing.Dont you think that would be lousy?



Objection said:

Speaking of that Zelda poster, its my CN goal...NSMBW got me closer but I'm still 110 coins away. Oh well, I have plenty of time. (And then something better will come out right afterward to make me regret it.)



KonsumKasse said:

Scandinavians is always left behind, we aren't even allowed to be members in the Club Nintendo Europe. It's false marketing to do so in my opinion. Only the big countries counts in Club Nintendo Europe.




RowdyRodimus said:

objection, do you have Wario Land shake it registered on CN? If not, loet me know and I'll send you a code (mine came with 2 for some reason)



Cipher said:

Nintendo of Australia is poorly-run and has made some very shambolic decisions in the past. Control of the Nintendo subsidiary for Australasia needs to be taken over either by Nintendo of Europe (to keep it a PAL region) or Nintendo Company Ltd. (for convenience, since Japan is closeby).



Machu said:

They'll all be waking up soon them Aussies. Boy is it gonna hit the fan when they read this. D:



Stevie said:

Strewth, Nintendo can be such nongs sometimes, on one hand they are a great company who have given me countless hours of pleasure in my lifetime, on the other they are stubborn fools who couldn't run a p-up in a brewery.



James said:

I don't even know what a nong is but it may creep into my articles from now on. Thanks for that, Stevie.



Cheezy said:

I'm hoping they cater to us next, I'm a little miffed with our service...



Aviator said:

Nintendo of Australia, while probably the worst in the world, has been improving their game. There getting alot better with information (new wiiware, vc and dsiware web pages) and have recently, held quite bad events, but its better than nothing. But frankly, I dont care if Cub Nintendo doesnt get fixed, its useless.



Chunky_Droid said:

Thanks Machu . Why is it always me delivering the bad news to my fellow brethren? lol.

@Cipher: I agree on the shambolic decisions, as far as our Virtual Console goes, we get exactly what Europe gets (most of the time), though it's lost on me why we aren't getting any ReBirth titles for WiiWare.

Did anyone here know that Nintendo of Australia almost turned down Pokemon Red/Blue? Apparently releasing those games in our market was a "risky decision". Ugh.

EDIT: @Aviator: The Pokemon tournaments they hold are generally pretty good. Though the last one they held was a shambles, they had my DS game up on the big screen so my opponent could tell what Pokemon I picked and what moves I had, stupid....

And for you James!



Kawaiipikachu said:

I'm supprised that it's not run by Nintendo Australia thru I did noticed that I was loving into the European site probably because of the club Nintendo & shop channel link up.



Chunky_Droid said:

Another thing I don't get, Club Nintendo in North America gives points for VC and WiiWare downloads (last time I checked anyway), this isn't supported here either



Aviator said:

@Chunky Yes, the pokemon and connection tours have been great. I was more referring to the recent abomination of Myer's The Nintendo Connection and their find Gold Coins in the CBD. As it was brought up in the news here, they had a competition where if you found one of 20 coins you would get either NSMBW or $50. They later changed it to the first 20 people to find one coin, would go into a raffle. Stupid.



Bankai said:

That last paragraph is terrible. Unless Brad has some kind of evidence, claiming Nintendo will somehow loose support over this is embarrasingly weak editorialising. News posts shouldn`t read like forum posts.

I know the folks at Nintendo Australia, and they are operating on a very small team. I agree they have more important things to do than to worry about a minor rewards program that a small percentage of hardcore fans make use of.

Please, in future, use proper journalistic processes (the sub-editor and editor should be shot for letting that last paragraph through), or the quality of this site, which is usually so high, will start to drop I only say this as a concerned fan of the site and fellow journalist.



Aviator said:

Agreed on the comment WaltzElf put up. Nintendo of Australia needs the support from Nintendo of Europe. Come on K. Rudd, back us up here.



Chunky_Droid said:

Apologies for the last paragraph WaltzElf, I understand that they are operating on a very small team, and as such the last paragraph is not putting any of the blame on Nintendo of Australia, instead it's asking for more support in a country that needs it.

I get e-mails and hear it in forums on a regular basis that people aren't happy with how Nintendo of Australia operates, Club Nintendo included.

However, not personally being a professional journalist I am still learning, and I do greatly appreciate your comments, anything critical of my work will only help me in the future!



Wiiman94 said:

this is a sad day for all of us.

nintendo keeps screwing us so bad it dosent hurt anymore, its a part of life.



skywake said:

I remember when we had A*mazing. I am sure Nintendo Australia was behind that considering it was one huge ad for Nintendo. Those were the good old days of Nintendo Australia.

What have they done for me lately but? I guess at least we have Club Nintendo now.... even if kinda lame. Waiting for enough points to get the only worthwhile thing: the Game and Watch game



timp29 said:

Australia is a tiny market that probably makes very little income in comparison to the european, american and japanese markets. Hence why the games are so overpriced here. Quite frankly I am surprised there is even an 'Nintendo of Australia' business.



AVahne said:

i finally have enough coins for the Zelda poster, but i wish they had added better prizes,instead of those folders and bookmarks



Big_A2 said:

@23.timp29: I read somewhere that Australia represents less than 1% of the gaming industry. It wouldn't be nearly as bad if everyone who pirated games paid for them. Then games would be cheaper too. A couple of people in my family even have R4s for their kid's DSs. Perhaps I could ask them where they got it and get them shut down...



RowdyRodimus said:

@Objection I left it in a comment on your new blog all you have to do is moderate it.

I ordered the posters about 3 am this morning. I'd been debating on them but I love the Twilight Princess artwork and the history of Link. The other one I could do without but my niece thinks it's pretty and wants it for her room so it all works out.



FuzzyYellowBalls said:

They never really have anything that I'm interested in. I guess my style is just not one of kiddy ninty stuff, but I keep registering games none-the-less.
Currently have 700 coins gathering virtual dust.
I do however like the new History Of Link poster, but it's something that I wouldn't hang on my wall.



Bankai said:

Chunky: no sweat, glad when I can help - I love this site.

I agree its dissapointing news, but I do think given the small market and limited resources, Nintendo Australia does a good job.



Fuzzy said:

@skywake - I used to love that show. I always wanted to go on it. With the SNES challenges and the Gameboy prizes that they advertised, it would be interesting to know how much money Nintendo put towards that game.

On topic, I've been wanting something new in the shop for my Wii for ages. But since I have recently bought a DS, I'm happy enough to get the Game & Watch Collection, even though I have an old Donkey Kong "console" lying around somewhere!



ToadFan said:

Shame . But i am kinda confused . So ........... Nintendo Austraila is NOT controled by Pal ?
And good luck to australla . Stand up to Nintendo . Hope for best .



Bananahh said:

Rant Im glad this was put up, so everyone could see what a joke club nintendo was in our country. We dont get stars/coins for dsiware, virtual console and wiiware. Nor is there any point in linking your wii or dsi to club nintendo, since all it does is show you what youve downloaded.
And even though we have recently got information on wiiware, dsiware and virtual console games on the site, everything else takes ages to update.
ANDD there are only 5 items in the club nintendo catalogue.
I would really prefer if Nintendo of Europe took over our club nintendo and such. Not only is it club nintendo, but our dsiware has been lacking too, probaly by around 10 -20 apps. (sorry for the long post, but i really had to get that out of my system



davinciee said:

I'm a chinese student who is studying in Australia. Awii game for me is 700 china yuan~~~When i get lots of coins and go tothe club nintendo au website, i find there are only so few rewards = =!Should i feel happy or sad? Cause i dodnt need to buy more games for the amaing rewards

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