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Mon 8th Dec 2008

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Wiiman94 commented on Review: Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney (WiiWare):

Got it, Love it, Played the DS, Love it more.

Sure the visulas are nothing compared to majority of wiiware games. But, it dosnet look terrible, sure its basically a GBA Emulater that only plays 1 game, but its still a great game, and is a possible nudge that Gameboy Advance games, can be ported to Wiiware very easily.

NOt the worst thing capcom has ever done, though a widescreen option would look terible it would be nice to have the option instead of a blue logo background. What are we VCA?



Wiiman94 commented on Art Style: D-Code:

For all those haters out there of maths, i join you.
For all those Art Style Lovers im with you.

For all those haters - Its an awsome game the main reason i got it is because there is 3 modes.

Puzzle - You Need to Eliminate a certain number of digits so they are all gone
Challenge - You Need to eliminate the digits and there are certain limits to reach
Endless - what you see in the video numbers keep commin down,

Get this! and PS in ur face America - Australia has been screwed around wayy to much and now we get it before you so ha



Wiiman94 commented on Review: Bang! (WiiWare):

i liked this game but with only 4o stages and 4 themes its kina short

oh well at least it wasnt 1000 points