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Capcom Reaffirms Wii Commitment

Posted by James Newton

Press release puts worrywarts at ease

We reported a few days ago that Capcom isn't too pleased with the performance of their hardcore titles on Wii, and may be focusing more on the HD consoles in the coming year. Naturally we Wii owners became a little anxious, but it appears we needn't have worried, as the company has issued a press release to assure us everything's okay.

Further to comments made in a recent article on French website Gamekult, Capcom would like to confirm its commitment as a multi-platform developer and publisher of interactive software.

Whilst it doesn't shed any light on what caused Mr Seux to make such a statement in the first place, it's still good to have clarity from Capcom that, in fact, they ain't goin' nowhere. And relax.

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y2josh said:

OMG, that's gotta be the best picture you've ever used for a news article. HAHAHA.

Edit: Sorry, stuffy. Capcom is still supporting the Wii? Cool.



Stuffgamer1 said:

I think I'll...I dunno...comment about the news article.

Good news, provided they don't waste their time on games ill fitting the Wii audience. More Zack & Wiki-type stuff, please!



Sean_Aaron said:

Now are we going to get over 100 posts in this news comments thread? I didn't think so...



brandonbwii said:

After that MT Framework business reported on this very site I'm not surprised. If anything Wii support will increase since they found a way to port HD titles without much cost.

Now all that's needed is a reassurance from Sega for their support. Please!



brandonbwii said:

I'm with stuff gamer. What's with all the traditional stuff on the Wii from Capcom lately. They used to make games that were a perfect fit for the platform like Okami, Z&W, and RE4. Granted two of those were ports but they still took advantage of Wii's unique control scheme. Now you get a sub-par brawler (Spyborgs) a been-there-done-that fighting game (Tasunoku) and a traditional action RPG (Monster Hunter). Not that I'm knocking the latter two since I plan on buying them, but where's the Wii inspired innovation?



Slapshot said:

Capcom..... this is what you SHOULD have done (as a major Capcom fan myself)!
Bionic Commando Rearmed.....Released on a Disk for Wii
Street Fighter 2 HD Remix...... WiiWare even if its not a true HD
Street Fighter 4..... On the Wii, even if it doesnt have online
Street Fighter DS...... Its got all the buttons needed and can run it.
Megaman 9...... DSi
Megaman 10..... DSi
New Megaman Legends...... any system we just want it.
MORE Zak and Wiki...... PLEASE!
Onimusha + Motion Plus...... has POTENTIAL
Where is Vewitiful Joes on Wii?
Where is a new Vewitiful Joe on DS?
Where is your Power Stone series at now?
...... I can keep going, but this would have really sold to your hardcore instead of Rail Shooters!

(Oh, thanx for bringing Dark Void to DSiWare though Capcom, cant wait)



MasterGraveheart said:

Multiplatform doesn't mean Wii is included in it's plans. It only needs more than one platform to be "multiplatform." I'll believe it when I see it and, frankly, Capcom has done very little to earn praise from me this generation. No RE5, no Bionic Commando, no SF4, no Marvel vs. Capcom 2, no exclusive Mega Man (as it was announced the first couple days), and a gimped Dead Rising... it's rediculous. Clean up your act, Capcom, and bring Strider to the Wii as an exclusive!



Objection said:

Yeah, as much as its nice to take that statement and "relax", it's specifically vague enough that it doesn't really say anything new. Multiplatform could be every platform but Wii, for example, and I think that more 360/PS3 games from CAPCOM are what they're really talking about while trying to get out of this bad press from the guy's likely premature statement. I want CAPCOM to spell out that they're going to continue their work on Wii (after TvC and MH3.)



MiiMiiMii said:

A clarrification even if it doesn't nail down 'we will wii' is still heartening. I never intended to become a Nintendo fanboy, but my lovely Wii (and Gameboys!) really have got me back into gaming in a way no other console could have.



Ian_Daemon said:

"...confirm its commitment as a multi-platform developer and publisher..."

What part of this says Wii or Nintendo?



vherub said:

capcom said zack and wiki sold 126k (don't know if that is worldwide or what)

the site also revealed "The well-reviewed Little King's Story for Wii sold 26,000 units in Japan, 37,000 units in North America, and 67,000 in Europe -- the latter figure being more than the previous two territories combined. Muramasa: The Demon Blade, on the other hand, saw better Japanese reception with 47,000 units sold."

As a gamer, I am pissed that great games aren't being played, talent is not being rewarded and these games will likely go without a sequel. If I actually worked on them though, I would be incredibly sad. So many millions of people out there would enjoy these specific games, and yet chose garbage instead. I cannot fault Capcom's frustration.



AVahne said:

well they still have Monster Hunter 3, hopefully that game does successfully enough



brandonbwii said:

There isn't much to grab anyone's attention with the games mentioned. Heck, they even ignore motion control entirely. As for Z&W, the game wasn't advertised to it's strengths, hell it was barely advertised at all.

The Wii audience is fickle. Wii owners are often looking for the next big thing in techno novelty. That's why yearly sequels to best sellers don't do well while games like Guitar Hero sell best on Wii. That's why traditional contolling games don't sell. Why would I buy a more traditionlist game when Carnival Games is letting me know it has so much variety? When reading the box for minigame shovelware, the publishers do a lot more to make it sound fun by saying all it has to offer the player through motion controls.



dings said:

Capcom is my favorite game developer after Nintendo so i'm glad to hear!!



Slapshot said:

@brandonwii.... your exactly right man. A lot of Wii owners are not Core Gamers and buy based on the box descriptions. Most could care less about the developers or reviews, etc. So the shovelware sells, even though I did have a lot of fun with my rental of Carnival Games lol, it was short lived. Most of those gamers dont even know who Capcom is.

@vherub.... to be honest, for all the money and time it takes, the numbers for those games is drastically low. Especially when you look at the numbers of game sales of the full polished games to the casual games. Zak and Wiki is an absolute gem. It one of the greatest game (and most questionble title/box art) I played that year. Sadly, It sales did nothing to even scratch what the game is worth. It was barely advertised and even someone who keeps up with the industry constantly, it slipped under my radar until after it hit the bargain bin, when Im the gamer who makes sure I buy to support the companies.



Stuffgamer1 said:

@Atlantis1982: I said Zack & Wiki-TYPE stuff for a reason. The main point is really the Nintendo-esque feel of the game, and not the game itself. Though I think we can all agree that game wasn't advertised enough outside of Nintendo Power (which not enough people read) and GameStop TV (which most people try their best to ignore). I don't believe that advertising will cure ANY old game's woes, but Zack & Wiki seems so PERFECT for the Wii's userbase that I can't help but assume that the lack thereof had a significant role to play in the game's failure.

@Slappy: Before we even have a CHANCE at more Megaman Legends, the first two (or three if you count the excellent spin-off starring Tronne Bonne) need to be released on PS1 Classics. I read quite a while ago that the creator of the series would LIKE to make more, but can't get corporate permission due to relatively poor sales of the originals. Very much the same problem facing Beyond Good & Evil, actually.



brandonbwii said:

You're right about Zack and Wiki (and for god sakes everyone it's Zack not Zak, sorry it's just starting to get annoying). I actually feel proud of myself because I convinced two of my friends to by buy the game. They both had never heard of it until I told them and had them look up the Zack and Wiki campaign on IGN. After just a tiny bit of internet exposure they were sold. Leaves you to wonder how many more would buy it if it were actually advertised properly.



CanisWolfred said:

Meh, I was never a fan of Wack & Sticky. I like Adventure games, but I don't like ones that punish you for exploring, and I really don't like ones where you die.

Still, I'm glad they're still commited to the Wii to some degree, although I feel that their HD console line-up has been much stronger.

Anybody know if Spyborgs is any good?



Slapshot said:

@Stuff and Brandon..... Even with reading NP I still just seemed to overlook the game, but did pick it up eventually and enjoyed it immensely. Wii has and always has had massive potential for creative and great game, but sadly there are so few that make it past just average or gimmicky. Wii is really have to have a massive overhaul is Natal/PS3 Motion Whatever to end up having great First Party Support. With Wii loosing 3rd Party support, It makes me wonder if these companies are working on 360/PS3 Motion Control games.



ToastyYogurt said:

Actually, I think the best news pic would be the guy jumping up at the news of the WiiWare Demos.



astarisborn94 said:

Nice to see that Capcom is not abandoning Wii support. Capcom is an great company and they deserve to be watched at.



Crunc said:

@Destroyer360 - except that were are the demos now? We need universal WiiWare and DSiWare demos, not a few handpicked games. I'd be out of points now if we had that, and restocking. As it is I'm sitting on a bucket load of points and am afraid to spend them on games I'm not sure I'm going to like.



TKO727 said:

Oh Man, that picture is pure

anyway, all I've ever wanted capcom to do was come out with another power stone....I would forever love them if they would make power stone 3

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