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Mon 11th Jan 2010

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TKO727 commented on Top Smash Bros. Players Accused of Fixing MLG ...:

Article needs fixing. The who "splitting" event happend at MLG DC and they are banned from Further MLG event meaning banned from dallas because that is the last event of this season. although that blog part is correct...wyatt (adhd) did post that on AIB...and I don't believe this match was "Fixed" (I was there and I know both of them pretty personally)

but I mean I could be wrong..I do know jason hates playing diddys and ADHD is the best diddy in the US so I could see why he wouldn't want to



TKO727 commented on Black and White are the Next Gen of Pokemon Games:

all I want from this new 3-D games are REAL BATTLE SCENES!

like when I use tackle, I want to see my pokemon actually hit the other one. the show makes battling look so legit but all the games are like "we dont promote ACTUAL violence"

Oh, and "dodge it" needs to be an attack everyone can learn because ash totally spams that



TKO727 commented on Capcom Reaffirms Wii Commitment:

Oh Man, that picture is pure

anyway, all I've ever wanted capcom to do was come out with another power stone....I would forever love them if they would make power stone 3