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Monster Hunter 3 Made Just For You

Posted by James Newton

Game built from the ground up for Western users

Capcom's latest behemoth-slaying epic still doesn't have a confirmed Western release date according to the latest Nintendo release schedule, giving us plenty of time to get excited about getting our hands on the series' first appearance on a Nintendo console.

Notoriously popular in Japan, the game's producer Ryozo Tsujimoto reveals in a recent Gamasutra interview that the Wii version was specifically designed with Western gamers in mind.

RT:When we sat down to develop Monster Hunter Tri, we did actually consider some of the Western needs and wants for the game. Among those new ideas, we took into consideration, for example, play controls. A lot of Western players mention the camera controls, for example. On portable Monster Hunter games, it was always tied to the directional pad, so it was very hard to control. We've now made that the right stick on the Classic Controller. That should make it easier for people to get into it even controller-wise.

And we've paid attention to a lot of the little details because we realized that Western gamers are very sophisticated, in the sense that they want every little detail to be satisfying and intuitive to their style of playing.

It's official: if you're reading this, you're almost certainly very sophisticated. The rest of the interview makes fascinating reading and certainly got our Monster Hunter instincts up again, which makes the wait even more unbearable. There is a glimmer of hope, however - we've heard unconfirmed reports that the title's online play will be absolutely free in the Western hemisphere, something that would certainly sweeten the deal for Monster Hunter fans.

We'll keep you updated with Monster Hunter 3 (Tri~) news as its 2010 release slowly lumbers into view like a battered Aptonoth.


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Tails said:

Okay i know now for sure what i will be preordering after i get NFS Nitro for sure now




This game is getting an increasing amount of hype. Looks spectacular and is on my radar but I need a review.

Many of the major mags and websites are reporting the on-line play outside Japan IS free. Wow!



Knux said:

As long as the online play is free, I am SO buying this awesome game.



bro2dragons said:

this will be the first game i've preordered since Brawl. Brawl was the first game i preordered since Twilight Princess. i don't do this often, but i'm dying for this game.



nintendogamerftw said:

Apparently, I'm a sophisticated person .
Can't wait for this game. Graphics and gameplay look like they're shaping up to be some of the best on the Wii.



pixelman said:

Looks awesome. I'll definitely buy it if online's free - that's one of those little sophisticated details that I need to fully enjoy the game.



James said:

Looks like this game will be getting a lot of sales from you sophisticated folk!

I've recently dug out MHFU again and must admit I'm worse at it than before, which is irritating considering I spent over 30 hours on it so far. I'll have to give it another crack!



geek-master said:

im a runescape fan and i think this will keep me bizzy longer than runescape. But i have one there a offline single player story mode? it would be nice just to adventure around places like i do in twillight princess.



astarisborn94 said:

I had no ideal dat Wii cud mak good graphiz

Just kidding. It's really suprising to hear that this game was specificlly made for the Western gamers and it's nice to see that. And an unconfirmed report that the online is free means that I will buy the game, regardless of reviews, ESRB rating, or other games that comes out before my birthday.



TKOWL said:

Comment 5- I'm completely opposite of you, i've preordered 2 games this year alone!



Rerun said:

I hope they come up with Special Edition releases similar to the one in JPN.

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