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Nintendo Life Podcast: Time Extension!

Posted by James Newton

Next episode due on Friday

Tomorrow was the scheduled release of the ninth episode of our podcast, but due to time constraints it simply isn't going to be ready, but don't fret! It'll be only be delayed by a few days until this coming Friday, November the 6th.

This gives you plenty of time to let us know what you think about Nintendo's latest announcement: the DSi XL, due to hit Western shores next year. Is this a DS revision too far? Would you buy it? Who do you think it's aimed? Skype us at the username NintendoLife, call 020 8144 8216 from the UK or 011442081448216 from the States, or simply use your PC to record a clip and email it to the podcast team.

Don't forget to check out previous editions of the podcast and come back on Friday for what promises to be a spectacular and very unique episode!

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Objection said:

I think we'll make it through the week. Too bad I dont have a microphone here at college because I have quite an opinion about the DSi LL



Pastry said:

November 6th is my birthday!! I wish I had Skype, I have a pretty strange opinion on the DSi LL.



AVahne said:

i actually like the DSi XL, my vision is bad and i want a bigger screen so my lil bro won't get his eyes damaged from playing on a smaller system.



AVahne said:

besides,it'll cost the same so why not?sure its bigger but its not that big. though i'm kinda wondering why Nintendo didn't just wait to incorporate a new chip from that NVidia deal before making a bigger system



Bassman_Q said:

Hm well I thought the DSi itself was a bit on the large side (comparing it to my GBA SP and iPod Nano), so why would they make it bigger!? I smell another big fail for Nintendo on this. Why not just make a whole new system instead of making little enhancements every single year?



Bassman_Q said:

Another thing: If its BIGGER, why won't they put a GBA slot on? That'll at least give it a chance of surviving.



timp29 said:

I think we need to either see a medical certificate, or a note from your collective mothers, before the extension is granted.



Corbs said:

I didn't even know we had an "Oh Snap" tag. Shows you how much "Oh Snap" news I've done.



Tails said:

i sent my voice to the Podcast but i might sound a little sick i kinda got a sore throat.



Ren said:

awesome! funny stuff. I'm with the people in the hallway, since I don't buy every iteration and I want the big screens.



invmat said:

@Prochnow: Yeah, I saw that movie. It's fun
About the podcast: I guess we won't be getting one at the end of November / begin December ???

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