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Posted by Anthony Dickens

If you didn't know we've been running some great competitions over the past week or so, time is almost up to get your entries in though.

Because we're so nice we've extended two of the competitions, you'll now have another day to enter the following:

Also don't forget that you have until Thursday to enter the following:

Head on over to the competition pages and get your entry in, the winners for all four of these competitions will be announced on Friday in another special news story, good luck!

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x10power said:

I love how Nintendo Life is running competitions for both North America and Europe



King_Elemento said:

If I win it, I'd be willing to sell the copy of Winter Olympic Games to someone who really wants it. ;D



invmat said:

This reduces my chances to win, either way good luck to everyone.
@ King Elemento: I thought you could only win goodies and not the game...

BTW: Because we're so nice we've extended two of the competitions , it should be three. EDIT: was not true, see post 10



King_Elemento said:

@7. invmat:
I never noticed that... Ah well, I'll sell my goody pack then. ;D

Edit: On second thoughts, I may as well keep it. I might like the T-shirt. =P



sirgrim said:

Awesome deal I wanted to get in on the spore one. Hoping I win the nostalgia too. Thanks for offering these awesome competitions!



antdickens said:

@invmat, not true.. the Legendo one was always meant to finish tomorrow so we didn't need to extend it Nice try though, no prizes for you



Sneaker13 said:

I love the competitions. I really hope that I will win The Three Musketeers: One for All!



Raylax said:

[i]Because we're so nice we've extended two of the competitions, you'll now have another day to enter the following:
The Three Musketeers: One for All! Halloween Giveaway (available to all PAL & NTSC/US)
Spore Hero Wii Giveaway (available to North America)
Mario & Sonic at the Winter Olympic Games Giveaway (available to UK, Europe & Australia)[/i]

That's three of the competitions



Viral said:

I won so anything is possible fellas. I'm still waiting on the Nintendo Wii and Metroid Prime Trilogy. Hopefully I'll get it before I have to move house!



odd69 said:

Hmm i didn't even notice NL was giving away Spore hero. Nice deal.



Grumble said:

Thanks for the heads up!!! entered both NA competitions!! Great job guys!



Feld0 said:

I've entered all four of them. Hoping to at least land the Nostalgia competition. That game looks ridiculously awesome!



Digiki said:

I'm unappreciative of it being incorrectly the Spore Hero game being a US copy, tis not only incorrect, but also casts doubt on whether the contest is only for Americans.

Although I'm sure this'll be ignored as it always seems to be...



astarisborn94 said:

This competiton should be exciting. I entered the Spore Heroes Giveaway and a DSi and Nostaliga giveaway. Who will win?



Monkeh said:

I'd give away those fabulous games as well.

LOL @ the edit. xD Only Nostalgia is pretty cool, but also not as good as expected.

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