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Nintendo Download: 13-14 October 2009 (Japan)

Posted by Sean Aaron

WiiWare keeps on resting with VC and DSiWare action for Japanese downloaders next week.

Incredibly it appears we're having a second consecutive week with no WiiWare releases in Japan, but with three more VC titles (including a much-loved Kirby release) and five DSiWare releases, it's hard to complain.

Virtual Console
Kirby Super Deluxe (800pts Super Famicom - Nintendo) -- Known in North America as Kirby Super Star and Europe as Kirby's Fun Pak, this is a Kirby game collection enjoyed by many that has recently seen a re-release on the DS.

Baraduke (800pts Arcade - Namco) -- Kissy is the original Japanese space heroine pre-dating Metroid by a year. She's also the mother of Susmo Hori (a.k.a. Mr. Driller) and ex-wife of Taizoo Hori the original Dig Dug (what a family)! Baraduke (a.k.a. Alien Sector) is a side/vertical scrolling shooter in which the player walks and flies Kissy through an alien base blasting baddies on the way. The scrolling isn't forced, but players aren't able to go back once they've passed into a new area. Rescuing little rabbit-eared blobby cyclopses will give you a chance at extra hit points. It's not a brilliant game, but there's something oddly compelling about it. The little aliens saying "I'm your friend!" when you save them is much appreciated, as is their willingness to sacrifice themselves by suiciding against the boss monster at the end of every level.

Bakutotsu Kijuutei (800pts Arcade - Namco) -- Subtitled Baraduke II, this is the sequel to Baraduke. It lacks some of the charm of the original, but does feature better graphics and sound and has similar gameplay. This time you control Takky (the second player in the first game), though you're still blasting the Octi Family aliens and saving the little Paccet aliens.

Amakuchi! Dairoo Castle (200pts - Kawamoto Industrial) -- A seemingly simple "tower defense"-style game.

Calculation 100 Renutsu (200pts - IE Institute) -- Yet another brain-training-type game from the IE Institute, this one is focused on doing maths and such.

G.G. Series: Shinobi Karakuri-Den (200pts - Genterprise) -- Another little arcade-style game from Genterprise. This looks like a puzzle/platforming game with a little ninja trying to clear blocks or enemies or something -- as ninjas are wont to do.

G.G. Series: Super Hero Ooga (200pts - Genterprise) -- Genterprise keeps the simple arcade action coming! This one looks like a side-scrolling beat-em-up with a guy in colourful tights.

Detective Saburoo Jinguuji: Ka Dan noo Te & Nazo no Jiken Bo (500pts - Arc System Works) -- Yet another Detective Saburoo visual novel. Enjoy!

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cheetahman91 said:

I want Kirby Super Star because it's cheaper than Ultra. I wish I lived in Japan so bad because NA probably won't get this for a long time. Namco also REALLY needs to start supporting the VCA in NA.



StarBoy91 said:

This is good news indeed. I have Ultra, but I'll still dish out $8 for the original Kirby Super Star when it comes out here. Sweet!



SmaMan said:

I thought Ultra was exactly how remakes should be. It takes all that the original game had, puts it in seamlessly, and adds in even more content!

...But I still might get this one, as I am a huge fan of Kirby's golden age, and there's nothing like playing it on a TV!



Don said:

Wow, Japanese VC is owning the US and EU VC right now.



Ratengo said:

I can not believe that nothing has been mentioned in the article about the Japanese VC passing the 500th mark next week, although Nintendo doesn’t celebrate such milestones by some special title like the company does in North America. A short look at these update marks:

#99-101 (April 3, 2007):

Elevator Action, Famicom
Punch-Out!!, Famicom
Final Soldier, PC Engine

#200-201 (September 28 [an extra Friday update], 2007):

Magican Lord, Neo Geo
World Heroes, Neo Geo

#299-302 (April 22, 2008):

Hercules no Eikou IV, Super Famicom
Phelios, Mega Drive
Akumajou Dracula X: Chi no Rondo, PC Engine
Metal Slug, Neo Geo

#400-402 (January 6, 2009):

Tantei Jinguuji Saburou: Kiken na Futari, Famicom
Wonder Boy III: Monster Lair, Mega Drive
Rastan Saga 2, PC Engine

and so #500-502 (October 13, 2009)…!

Time is running pretty fast and with the releases still ongoing healthy - will we see the 600th title any time in Summer 2010 or later? LONG LIVE JAPAN’S VIRTUAL CONSOLE SERVICE!! * cheers *



Grumble said:

FIVE Dsiware titles this week in Japan, and SIX last week?! That's more than we have for 3 months!!! sad I wish they treated us with the same respect and furvor as they do the Japanese DSI owners ;-/



Metang said:

I already have Ultra, I'll stick with that. But I'm very happy for those who are excited about this.

Aside from that, I would so move to Japan if I was older... their DSiWare and VC services rock. They'll most likely be the only ones to get EarthBound. * sigh *



Sean_Aaron said:

@Ratengo: Well, I don't keep track of the number of titles, sorry. But in this case I think Baraduke is certainly worthy of being regarded number 500.



Ratengo said:

@Sean: The HO letter comes before the BA letter in the kana writing systems (ha...ho is followed by and pa...po). Thus, Hoshi no Kirby Super Deluxe may be considered the 500th game. Otherwise, it's Bakutotsu Kijuutei if we keep on the Latin alphabet instead. Ahem!

What do you think about 'tracking' titles by number - for example [#148] Amakuchi! Dairoo Castle, [#149] Calculation 100 Renutsu, [#150] G.G. Series: Shino Karakuri-den and so on - or would it cause too much work for you in every upcoming article?



Sean_Aaron said:

I don't care what the order is in Japanese, Baraduke is far superior to any Kirby game in my mind and therefore more deserving of the title 500th game!

If you like noting the numbers more power to you, but there's no precedence on the site for doing that and I'm not about to start, thanks.



" -- as ninjas are wont to do." Sean not to be a pain in the you know; but this sounds like a typo, is it?



The_Ink_Pit_Ox said:

Nintendo of America's IOU List:

Earthworm Jim 2
Super Mario Kart
Super Smash Bros.
Kirby Super Star

I guess there isn't a big enough market for VC games here.



Nintendo64Dude said:




Ricardo91 said:

Baraduke is a pretty fun game, but it's a little overpriced at 800 points here. But with that said, I'm a little more interested in seeing that come up on VC than KSS, since people can easily play the superior KSSU. Why must Namco continue to leave us in the dust?

Oh, and that ninja game on the DSi sounds pretty cool.



Stuffgamer1 said:

@Ezekiel: No, that isn't a typo. It's just an old word almost nobody uses nowadays (and one I personally like and appreicate seeing here). Just check here for the definition.



Sean_Aaron said:

I'm relieved someone still knows the old English words I like to throw out from time to time. Look out for American slang from the 30s as well!



marktheshark said:

Wait a minute.

I found a KSS cartridge at a used games store a while ago. I'm hoping it's still there!



TKOWL said:

and while there "thinking" about giving us super star, give us smash bros too



Stuffgamer1 said:

@Sean Aaron: Glad to be of service! I don't merely KNOW the word, either...I actually use it! And often have to explain its meaning.



Stuffgamer1 said:

@StarFox: Complaints like yours annoy me. He's entitled to his opinion, y'know...and frankly, I agree with him. I just restrain myself from caps-yelling about it all the time.

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