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Nintendo Download: 06-07 October 2009 (Japan)

Posted by Sean Aaron

Another WiiWare holiday, three VC Releases and six DSiWare titles for next week!

Apparently there's been so much WiiWare released in Japan recently that they had to take a break next week, but there's three Virtual Console releases to make up for it and the DSi gets the lion's share of downloads again with six titles across all price points.

Virtual Console

Fighting Street (800pts PC Engine - Hudson) -- Port of the original Street Fighter arcade game from Capcom. A game that was so well-received when it first came out nobody remembers it!

Bravoman (800pts Arcade - Namco) -- We didn't think too much of the PC Engine port so it's hard to see how the arcade version could be more worthwhile.

New Rally-X (800pts Arcade - Namco) -- One of the best early top-down racers (okay, you just run around and grab flags and avoid other cars). This one is regarded as superior to the original Rally-X because of its more gradual difficulty curve. A true classic!


at Shogi Challenge Spirits (200pts - Tasuke) -- A cheap and cheerful shogi game -- you really cannot have too many, can you?

Ichimoo Dajin! King Cat (200pts - Tom Create) -- A cat, some mice, drawing -- get it?

Sleep Record Mezamashi Dokei (200pts - Nintendo) -- NIntendo has supplied the ultimate application: a datebook for recording when you sleep!

Itsudemo Bomberman (500pts - Hudson) -- 1-4 player Wi-Fi Bomberman on your DSi!

6-in-1 Dictionary with Camera (500pts - Nintendo) -- As reviewed here recently this application lets you use the DSi camera to take a picture of a word in a newspaper or book (alternatively input via virtual keyboard or handwriting) and then translate it between six different language including Japanese, English, German, Italian, French and Spanish. The intent appears to be to get the meaning of the odd word here and there rather than act as a fully-fledged multi-language dictionary, though the question is how much you require this! No doubt appearing soon in North America.

Mario vs. Donkey Kong (800pts - Nintendo) -- Lemmings with itty bitty wind-up Marios! Another catch-up title for Japan, we've already had this in the Western world for a while now. As it includes an editor for creating your own levels, it should be interesting to see what those Japanese games come up with!

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Malouff said:

Wow, Bomberman for DSiWare is only 500 points.
I hope the USA gets this one Monday and hopefully at the same point value.



warioswoods said:

Yay, now that Japan is getting MvsDK, there's sure to be a huge leap in the quality of its user-created levels (not that they were bad to begin with, but you know those Japanese gamers).



Ratengo said:

It's worthy of note that the download services will consist of 499 Vitual Console titles, 146 WiiWare titles and 147 DSiWare titles (applications included) in total after Wednesday. Does anyone think Nintendo will release at least one VC title, four WW titles and three DSi titles on the 13th and 14th of October to reach/surpass the 500th and 150th x 2 milestones at the same time?



Earendel68 said:

Wish I could be in Japan. Am I the only one who wants more VC than WiiWare games?



firecookie29 said:

u guys messed up on the Bomberman game, or Nintendo did. it's actually BOMBERMAN BLITZ! OMG!!!!!!!



Objection said:

If the 6in1 dictionary works decently (acceptably, I know its not going to be comprehensive) then that might be the highlight of the week. Otherwise, fairly unexciting stuff here, though a fair amount of it.



WolfLink22 said:

Japan always gets better stuff most of the time.Also i thought that they were only getting 4 VC Games this month?



Grumble said:

SIX DsiWare titles??? Why???? I'm pissed... Why can't we have a six title day in America for DsiWare? Not fair... sad face



Ratengo said:

@WolfLink22: You really thought that Japan was getting only FOUR VC games...? MUHAHAHA!! No, Japan is actually getting between 8 and 12 VC games per month.



Viral said:

I'm not even interested in the DSiWare that comes out anymore. I don't have a DSi since I got a DS Lite and there's NO reason to buy an upgraded version and lose the GBA slot.



StarBoy91 said:

True is, Kobayashi. I just realized I haven't played it in awhile. I should pull up Namco Museum Vol. 1 or Namco Museum 50th Anniversary Collection sometime to revisit good times.



Arthur said:

Hey guys I know this is a little off topic but on Monday US dsi shop gets thorium wars, the only bad thing is it is 1000 Nintendo points!!!!!



Ratengo said:

@WolfLink22: Namco VCA titles will come two by two during the second wave and these are only announced on each Friday prior to release, so I expect at least 10 games per month until December. You will see...



Sean_Aaron said:

@WolfLink22: Ratengo is absolutely correct. The Namco VCA content doesn't seem to get announced until the week before release, though they have released a full list of the 2nd wave of arcade titles they're planning to release before the end of the year. When I have Bosconian, Baraduke and Galaga on my Japanese Wii I will be ecstatic!



Ratengo said:

@Sean: Seeing that Gaplus was released on the 26th of March, Galaga '88 on the 23rd of June and Galaxian on the 29th of September, I think Galaga should be released just before Christmas if the quarterly schedule is being maintained (this year's last update is on December 22).



MindFever said:

an app record-book-that-does-something when you sleep? ... are they totaly insane?? what the hell is that?!



MindFever said:

@Arthur : WTF?! 1000pts ??? i cant belive they are doing this...oh man,after Art Academy 2nd Semester,i had extreme difficulties of figuring how much low can Nintendo`s DSiWare get... 1000pts!?!? no man,u MUST be wrong...for goodness sake!



Sean_Aaron said:

It doesn't do something when you sleep, you use it to record your sleep periods. It seems to be a lifestyle thing for helping you track how long you're sleeping, probably with the idea being to make you aware of it and emphasising how important it is to get a good night's rest.



Nintendude92 said:

Itsudemo Bomberman (500pts - Hudson) -- 1-4 player Wi-Fi Bomberman on your DSi!

I really, really, envy the japanese Dsiware service now..

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