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Monster Hunter 3 May Be Feeless

Posted by James Newton

Capcom interview hints at free online play for all!

Capcom's unstoppable sales juggernaut that is Monster Hunter is scheduled to hit our consoles early next year, but one major concern surrounds its online mode, which in Japan requires a monthly subscription charge from anyone wanting to party with friends.

With the Western release looming the subject has come up again, and at Tokyo Games Show Capcom USA's Senior Director of Communications and Community Chris Kramer spoke about the possibility of Monster Hunter finding its freedom from fees:

It's something that we're looking into at the moment and there are a few factors to consider. Firstly, Monster Hunter isn't as popular in the West, so it might put people off. Secondly, Japan doesn't have Friend Codes, so Capcom run all the servers and the monthly fee is essentially to pay for those costs.

Although it's clear that Capcom have by no means slaughtered and carved up the terrible beast of recurring monthly payments, it does seem as though they are at least studying its weaknesses and how best to approach it. Whether or not they go with full, reduced or no subscription costs we will find out in the fullness of time, but it's nice to know that our needs are being so carefully considered.


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Vendetta said:

This game's prospects for joining my collection just skyrocketed. And they were already up there.



SgtSawkz said:

If the online is a large part of the game and there is a payment, This may have just been crossed off my list of most wanted ;(



Hardy83 said:

What!? Japan doesn't have friend codes!? WTF! I'll pay for companies to run servers if that means I don't have to deal with that pile of $%^& called Friend Codes!



taffy said:

I'm with Hardy83 on this one. Besides people pay for gold membership on xbox live, why shouldn't we pay a minimal monthly fee and benefit from a better online experience in the process. For a console designed for everyone, the Wii's online design isn't.



astarisborn94 said:

I'm going to be honest here. I will not pay for online. I cannot afford to do so, plus I'm only 15, so I'll be out of luck since I don't have a job.

I hope the online is free.



Knux said:

I hope the online is free, but I'll buy Monster Hunter 3 either way.



Sean_Aaron said:

Japanese Wiis do have friend codes, it's just that Monster Hunter 3 in Japan does not and uses a separate server system, you know the way that you can upload and download content in EA's Boom Blox Bash Party without use of friend codes? The game is big enough in Japan that people are used to paying for the online connectivity.

I expect that if they do it for free in the West they'll use Nintendo's servers which will likely mean friends codes.



Twilight_Crow said:

I'm not getting that game if its online has a monthly fee, to be honest online has never been that important for me, but it seems this game it's all about online, and I can't afford an extra monthly payment .



stretfihter2010 said:

i am deff going to buy this anyway. but i'm a huge monster hunter fan and i cant support capcom stateside by myself. so i think it's a good i dea that they look into this.



JayArr said:

Is there a NA release date yet? I'm anxious to get my hands on this one.



Machu said:

I'm more interested in the local co-op, but if the online is free I wouldn't complain one bit.



Popyman said:

@Machu: I was too, dude, but there is no local least, not in the real levels. There's only an arena thing...Now, it might be cool and have some good items for both players to get, but it's a major let down for me..



Objection said:

I'll likely get this no matter what (offline will still be fun,) but I absolutely won't pay a subscription.



Atlantis1982 said:

I honest would rather pay for an online experience if it doesn't cost too much (7.50-10.00 per month) than having Nintendo handling the servers.



KDR_11k said:

All previous console versions of MH cost money in the east and were free in the west.



Sean_Aaron said:

@Popyman: You're kidding, of all games you'd think this would have local co-op as a given. I'm not fussed myself, but that seems more lame than leaving it out of an FPS.



Machu said:

@Popyman: Eek really? Ah boo, my bro' and I had a whole co-op completion plan in mind, gutted. The online best be free now!



motang said:

Capcom interview hints at free online play for all!

That would just freaking awesome!

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