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Ninjas Spring Into Red Steel 2

Posted by James Newton

Trains explode too, all in new gameplay video

No Wild West meets feudal Japan first-person shooting game would be complete without some deadly ninjas appearing, would it? That's obviously the thinking of those clever guys at Ubisoft, who recently revealed some brand new screenshots of their upcoming MotionPlus-demanding title Red Steel 2 showing off the devious little chaps in action.

The screenshots also show off a new shotgun weapon and a huge steam train exploding, as well as areas that have never been seen before. Quite what the hero is doing lying down on a truck in one screenshot is quite beyond us, but damn if he doesn't look even cooler than a Wild West ninja swordfight.

There's also a brand new gameplay video with a walkthrough from one of our favourite eccentric industry figures, Jason VandenBerghe. You can check that out underneath, and you'll find the new screenshots in the gallery right now, hiding away like ninjas should.

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James said:

Hey, if anyone from Ubi's reading this, please correct the screen that says "writ strap" (about 20 seconds into this video) - it's been bugging me for ages!

Other than that, this looks ace... can't wait to play it!



Objection said:

This video has inceased my interest. It's too bad it won't be out for the holidays but I respect them for giving the title the time it needs.



pixelman said:

"please correct the screen that says "writ strap""

Reminds me of the part in True Grit when the Duke says, "Mister Rat, I have here a writ that says you're to stop eating Chun Lee's cornmeal forthwith. Now this is a rat writ writ for a rat, and this is lawful service of same. See? He don't listen to me. (Gunshot)"



zane said:

If this game is half as good as it looks... Wii have a classic!



James said:

Not sure about sounding like Jeff Goldblum but he certainly does have a silky smooth voice, like a glass of warm milk.

The game's looking better and better all the time too, although I worry I'm not ninja enough for it - it looks pretty difficult!



Ren said:

looks pretty cool. Isn't this a Mo+ thing, though? seems like the point is having lots of sword control and having to swing certain ways to get different kills. Everything seems like it's the same swipe one way or another, then sometimes with an added button press for something special. I thought Mo+ meant the sword would float around and mirror your own, uh, motion; i.e. reward you for more precise hits in different areas/ body parts. This looks like the control we had in "No More Heroes" (which is cool but certainly not reflecting any particular motions).



James said:

@Ren - your're right, it is MotionPlus only. M+ registers the direction and power of your swipes, but obviously there's no way it could accurately recreate a 360 spin! Aiming the shockwave move is something you couldn't do without M+, and it is entirely possible to target an enemy's head, arms or torso with the sword. You just have to be facing someone who stands still a lot more than these tricksy ninjas



Machu said:

This game is dripping with awesome, can't wait to get my hands on it. M+ swordplay with acrobatics and guns chucked in. All in an uber cool western setting. dribbles



JimLad said:

Looks awesome as usual. It's just such a shame they're not putting in a 4 player. This is the kind of game friends look at and want to play,
...but then you would need 4x WM+'s :/



grenworthshero said:

I was never too excited about this, but after seeing this video I really want this game. CURSE YOOOOUUUUU! That's another game to add to the ever-growing list.

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