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Sega Not Giving Up On Mature Wii Titles Just Yet

Posted by Damien McFerran

Recent retail disappointments haven't dented Sega's confidence

As much as we loved Madworld and House of the Dead: Overkill, neither title sold particularly well, which has led many 'industry experts' to suggest that mature, hardcore games just can't find an audience on Nintendo's console.

In the light of two high-profile commercial bombs you'd expect Sega to step back from mature gaming and announce another Dinosaur King game, but according to Sega Europe's Gary Dunn, that simply isn't the case:

House of the Dead: Overkill was a profitable title for us. Whilst it had a rather sharp tail at full price, they do bubble away at a lower price point for a long time. You get your money back and a bit on full price, but over the years, if we do the final product return on investment, profits come from the lower price point.

You have to push boundaries and explore. I think whilst MadWorld commercially didn't sell what we were expecting I wouldn't say it's game over for mature Wii titles from Sega. We're taking a look at the resources we have now. We've got money to invest in development, we're just considering where to invest it next.

So I guess that's a no for Dinosaur King, then?


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ToneDeath said:

I've got both, and am enjoying 'em very much. Cheers, SEGA. It's just a bit unfortunate that the best Wii games from SEGA tend to be merely published by the company and not developed in-house.

Anyway, how about getting Headstrong Games to give Virtua Cop the 'Grindhouse' treatment? They could maybe work in some Tron style elements to make the 'Virtua' part of the title make sense and keep it feeling retro. There should also be one or two car chase levels.



maka said:

The Wii has sold so well that hopefully we can see a situation like in the DS where even titles that don't appeal to the majority of the user base will still be profitable. That would encourage the same kind of experimentation from developers to release interesting games that appeal to a smaller part of the wii owners, while still making a profit...



Stijnco said:

I just bought Madworld, it's a really cool game. It's sad to hear that these games didn't sell well because they deserve it, they are really amazing titles.



flatspikes said:

Mad World competes well with 'hardcore' offerings I have on my PS3... I think the art style does a great deal to help the experience for me... HD visuals seem irrelevant on that game...



Machu said:

I bought them both and whilst I loved Overkill, Madworld didn't do it for me and became repetitive quick. Feel free to give us mature games SEGA but how about Space Channel 5, a new Crazy Taxi, a new Jet Set Radio, is a new Rez possible?
No more Sonic though, I think he's had enough attempts now.




i bought both games overkilll i still pop in every now and than i jus love shootin zombies but madworld does get very repetitive its good but i wish i jus would have rented it instead of buyin it



Clayfrd said:

That's good to hear. I got MadWorld, and I just might have to look into House of the Dead.



opeter said:

Thanks SEGA for not giving up! I love both games and cannot wait for games like Conduit, Grindhouse and Gladiator A.D.!



boomface123 said:

madworld one of wiis all time best i have halo3 fable 2 oblivion fallout 3 resdent evil 5 no game comes close and im gonna buy madworld soon i played at a friends house just sega i say make madworld 2 or house of dead the return



Knux said:

Since Varla is in House of the Dead:Overkill,I MUST buy that game.



HappyHappy said:

That's good to hear. Sega is one of my favorite third party publishers and I would like to see more game from them on the Wii.



motang said:

Good for you Sega, I have been enjoying your mature offering on the Wii, and I say keep them coming!



sirgrim said:

Thanks for Mad World and The Conduit, Sega. Too bad you declined to localize Shiren the Wanderer. Oh well. there's always Atlus. hugs atlus



Cthuloops said:

Madworld was awesome. That's all I have to say. I'm so glad that I bought it.
Thanks Sega!



Wiiloveit said:

Do a M rated Shadow the Hedghog game sega! (I'm requesting this out of morbid curiosity of course)
Get lost. Hows about a game where you stab Sonic the Hedgehog's voice box repeatedly? I'd buy that.



Kid_A said:

I don't think MadWorld would sell well on ANY console. Not because I think it's bad or anything, I just don't think it's that kind of game that sells a million copies. Also, I don't that "Mature games" should be synonomous with "bloody violence". HotD and MadWorld don't appeal to me because I don't care for blood and gore. And blood and gore doesn't sell on the Wii, save for some very rare examples.



Sneaker13 said:

I'm glad Sega doesn't give up on Mature games for the Wii. I bought, and loved, MadWorld and House of the Dead: Overkill from day 1. So I hope they continue to make these games.



angel_m_rivera_colla said:

I did not buy HOTDO thanks to PunchOut!...I am going to buy HOTDO NOW!....maybe after kiking Mr.Sandmans butt...trying,trying,etc....



HEMIII said:

Keep 'em comin' SEGA. I love 'em all. The bloodier the better maybe get some nude boobies in there this time round like God of War and I see huge profits in your future. Sex sells, duh.



Ricardo91 said:

"Do a M rated Shadow the Hedghog game sega! (I'm requesting this out of morbid curiosity of course)"

Two words: HELL NO!!

Great to hear that Sega hasn't succumbed to mundane Minigame collections just yet. And this thread reminds me that I still need to buy HotD and Madworld. I fell ashamed that I haven't played them yet.

@Wiiloveit. If it also lets you shove Shadow and Chip from Sonic Unleashed off a cliff, I'm sold! XD



CanisWolfred said:

That's good news for me...although I have yet to get any of their other Mature Wii games, yet.



Jockolantern said:

Hopefully The Conduit sells well enough to keep Sega's hopes high to continue putting out quality material on the Wii geared towards a more mature audience. Glad to hear they're not throwing in the towel just yet; MadWorld and The Conduit are both solid games and deserve gamer support.



Atlantis1982 said:

I am glad they are not giving up on M rated games, and with that I say they should publish the next two HVS games (Gladiator and the one I am looking forward is The Grinder).

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