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Podcast: Episode 6 - WayForward Interview!

Posted by James Newton

A Boy and His Blob creators speak exclusively to us! Plus - reader's voices!

Yes, it's already been four weeks since our last podcast, so that must mean it's time for the next Nintendo Life podcast! It's a longer beast than ever before, with over 25 minutes of top-quality Nintendo news and reviews, and a world-exclusive interview with WayForward about Shantae, A Boy and His Blob and their game development careers in general. There's also lots of reader's voices in our Nintendo Life Wants to Know... feature, including some confused French boys who miss the point of Nintendo Life entirely.


Don't forget, you can subscribe to our Podcast (using itunes) or download it using this direct link here.

Thanks for your patience whilst we resolved these technical issues! If you want to get involved in the next podcast, the voicemail line is always open - 0112081448216 from a regular phone or Skype us at NintendoLife. And the question is...

What's been your biggest gaming achievement of the year so far?

It doesn't have to be "completed MegaMan 9 with my eyes closed!", but something you've accomplished on any Nintendo console this year that you're proud of. Maybe you tracked down a rare game, beat a tough boss or simply discovered a forgotten gem. Whatever your biggest gaming achievement of 2009 is, let us know by calling us on 0112081448216 or Skype us at NintendoLife.

Come back on August 31st for the 7th episode of the Nintendo Life podcast!

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User Comments (42)



Pastry said:

Second & awesome

Anyways, I can't download the podcast because my internet's so slow, but I will listen to it eventually.



Terra said:

I really should have said that was me speaking between 15:10-16:28. I didn't say it was me because I wasn't sure if James would introduce us himself before the clips. Oh well, maybe next time

I really hated using that Text to speech program. E.G. I had to write down Wee Ware instead of WiiWare to make it sound right.



SonicMaster said:

Awesome podcast (I knew it was you, terranigma) Did anybody catch my muppets reference?



Corbs said:

It's great hearing you guys on the podcast. I hope everyone keeps calling in. This is getting better and better.



Terra said:

Yep, it was me. I had a chest infection at the time, so my throat was really sore, which explains why I used the robot voice.



Machu said:

That was cool thanks. He's very listenable that James fella don't ya think. Hope you bag more interviews, I enjoyed that.



Knux said:

Hey Corbie, you didn't tell me that I could join in this podcast or not. I wish I knew if I could record my voice or not in this podcast ahead of time. Maybe next time...



Odnetnin said:

As I can't listen to it right now and am very impatient: Were any new WayForward games announced?



WolfRamHeart said:

Wow, very cool podcast! I was able to download it to my PS3 and listen to it. I really enjoyed the interview with WayForward and I am very excited about A Boy and His Blob coming in October! It was also cool to finally hear Corbie's voice and I'm looking forward to hearing that Corbie Special in the next podcast! Great work everyone!



Metang said:

Why was my post removed? This is what I posted:

"What can I say... awesome.


Why was it removed?



Corbs said:

Just right click and save the file as an MP3 for the time being.

And your post was removed, they reposted the article and the other posts were removed I'd imagine.

I also must say that I'm super excited about A Boy and His Blob. That game just looks phenomenal. Thanks again to the guys at WayForward to taking time out to do this interview. It was a lot of fun.



SonicMaster said:

I know! Boy and his blob looks awesome! Hope it comes out before my birthday, because my birthday is the 18th of that month.



Metang said:

Oic, thanks Corbie.

Anyway, I noticed that the article looked different. The first time it was posted, I could have sworn there was a little bar in there.



Corbs said:

No, the Shantae DSiWare was just me trying to slip one in there.



WolfRamHeart said:

It was very cool of the guys at WayForward to do that interview! It sounds like they are actually interested in doing another Sigma Star Saga and that would be really awesome! The DS would be perfect platform for a sequel! I hope it happens someday!



Corbs said:

I agree. I'm also staying on Adam to make a Sigma Star Saga sequel. I'd love to see it! Great bunch of guys.



Knux said:

Awesome interview! The only thing missing from this podcast is me!
I think I will buy Shantae when I have the money.



WolfRamHeart said:

I noticed that there wasn't any mention of Little King's Story (which was just released in the US) in this podcast. I know that Wii Sports Resort and The Conduit are big games for the Wii but I was hoping that Prosody would remind everyone how great of a game Little King's Story is! Oh well, maybe next time!



James said:

It was I!

Sorry for all the technical problems but I'm glad they're all sorted now. Seems the podcast was just too big - I'll have to trim it below 25 minutes next time.



Kim_Jong-Il said:

Ah, thank you Prosody! The world needs more people like you!

Also, great Podcast. And I am still shocked that you managed to get Billy Ray Cyrus to agree to interview WayForward for you. Nice job!

And while I'm at it, CONGRATULATIONS!!!!! (say in MK64 voice for extra awesomeness)



Philip_J_Reed said:

SonicMaster made a reference to The Great Muppet Caper! That's my all time favorite film. EVER.



Sean_Aaron said:

Great show guys; I'll try to phone in next time, though I suppose my only achievement this year was playing through Karate Phants solo three times in 30 minutes!



Sean_Aaron said:

I did also achieve a 3-Star rating in Lord of the Dance on Wii Fit. If you don't recall that's the yoga event based upon Irish dancing and the only Wii Fit exercise where you're asked to jump up and down on the Balance Board!

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