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High Voltage Working on Conduit Glitches

Posted by Sean Aaron

Those plagued with online problems take heart...

Staff at Nintendo Everything have contacted High Voltage Software to inquire about users reporting problems with the online play in the game and have been assured reported faults are being looked at in consultation with Nintendo:

“We have received a few emails from fans regarding multiplayer snags and I assure we’re working hard to fix those issues. It’s difficult to address “glitches” post-release, but we’re working closely with Nintendo to come up with potential solutions.”- Jaramiah Severns, Associate Producer

Nintendo Life readers have opened more than one thread discussing their issues in the forum, but it needs to be emphasised that connection problems experienced by users don't appear to be consistent. Hopefully the issues are server-related and can be rectified without having a firmware update from Nintendo.


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sirgrim said:

Minority? Most people I've talked to have experienced it. Glad to hear they're looking in to it though, but I don't expect much after release.



XCWarrior said:

Nintendo better allow High Voltage to fix the game. A great experience might be ruined otherwise.



Philip_J_Reed said:

I agree with post #1: "minority" isn't exactly the right word. However, like they say, it hasn't been a consistent problem, either. I've already spent a lot of time playing the game online, and it runs very well nearly every time.

Still, I think it's excellent that they're addressing the glitches; that makes me think a lot higher of them as a developer.



Watchful_Eye said:

Oh fine, I just canceled my preorder two days ago just not to pay for ANOTHER bugged game from Sega after Virtua Tennis 2009.

Would be fine if they'd do something, Ill buy it immediately when the glitches are fixed.



apocalypse217 said:

Funny thing from High Voltage you contact them through there support they will not reply even after 3 messages about this. You contact SEGA they tell you your Wii needs to be sent in for repair after explaining to them Call of Duty, Mario Kart Wii, Water Warfare, Onslaught all work fine without a problem but yet they denied the glitch and told me my Wii needed sent in for repair. Nintendo I contacted them also they were more friendly about it but I had explained it to them that I had contacted HIgh Voltage and SEGA both and Nintendo told me to contact SEGA. Duh I told you I did that already. Now I found out if you wait until the match is over you can probably get it to work but why should you have to wait up to 20 minutes for that ? The game was highly hyped and they shipped it with glitches. Though once I get online it is fun but why should I have wait for 20 minutes at times when I can just pop COD in and be on in less than a minute. Hopefully High Voltage learns from there mistake now get us an update or fix the thing via server High Voltage



Pablo17 said:

I really like this game but there are some online problems for sure. I have experieced the freeze glitch when joining a game several times. I also know several people who can't connect to a match (ever), even though they have no problems with their other online games. I actually have to use a lan adapter to get into an online match. Odd, since my wireless connection works with all of my other games. (multiple systems).



Sean_Aaron said:

Point taken on the "minority of users" statement; hopefully that will be amended soon.



SwerdMurd said:

I have had 0 issues, relatively lag free, and it's one of the best performing online games I've played for the Wii. Whatever glitches exist have not affected me in the slightest--log-in to game start never takes longer than a minute and a half.

I back the minority of users statement!



Pegasus said:

It's really all about fixing their craptacular server(s). As of right now they're not in great shape. I'm having more fun playing Water Warfare in multi.



Chatham said:

Now let's get Gaijin working on the Bit.Trip games.... BOTH of them have bugs in the US! (CORE freezes your Wii when using a bomb on the ending beats [rainbow] with a Mega multiplier in 'Discovery')

Me too...



astarisborn94 said:

Good thing I don't have the game yet, so I don't have to worry about the glitch yet. Maybe tomorrow when I get it.



MrPanic said:

The brown background plagued me two days ago, but yesterday everything worked fine for hours. I hope they'll get the glitches out permanently.

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