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Podcast: Episode 5 - June's Download Round-up!

Posted by James Newton

Round-up of June's downloads plus: YOUR voices!

This episode brings you more of a download-focused approach, rounding up some of the best titles you can download released in the last month. Plus you can hear the voices of some of your favourite Nintendo Life commenters!

If you want to get involved in the next episode or leave your feedback, you can call us on +44 (0)20 8144 8216, Skype us at NintendoLife or send your text comments in here, on Twitter or email us. Next month's episode is due on July 27th - follow Chicken Brutus's example and mark it on your calendar now!


Don't forget, you can subscribe to our Podcast (using itunes) or download it using this direct link here.

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User Comments (38)



Knux said:

Thanks for the USA phone number,I WILL join the next podcast.



Knux said:

I like Chicken Brutus' comments the best,way to go!!
Majora's Mask,FTW!



Chunky_Droid said:

Marked! Don't have Skype so you'll never likely hear from me unless I just e-mail a soundbyte lol.

Can't wait to hear from you SuperSonic1990, I dunno whether I just don't pay any attention but the only regular I recognised in this podcast was Wiiloveit.



Knux said:

I called the USA number and it says it is incorrect,what's going on?



Knux said:

Good grief,please mods I just want to call.
I even called the UK number and I got a busy signal. Please help!



Dazza said:

Nice work James, I loved the focus on download this week.

It was good to hear some reader's voices especially Chicken Brutus. I hope you will be a regular. Was WiiLoveIt putting on a bit of a performance though? I am not sure lol

The best part of the podcast for me had to be James doing an Australian accent. I do hope that Chris sees the funny side there!

Next time on the podcast we'll have to make sure that Corbie gets a slot!!



Knux said:

Ahem..Dazza I can't get reach any of Nintendo Life's numbers,help please?



Corbs said:

Next time on the podcast we'll have to make sure that Corbie gets a slot!!

Please don't do that to our readers.



Knux said:

Corbie there you are I tried to call the Nintendo Life USA number and I couldn't reach your number or the UK number. Help,please?



Dazza said:

@Corbie - Too late, I am already bouncing some ideas around with James for what your special section could be.

So far my best idea is "Corbie's classic shmups" which would be introduced with a special jingle with R-Type sound effects. Each month you would pick a classic shooter to talk about for 2 minutes or so in your fine Texan accent.

Does anyone have any better suggestions for Corbie's podcast slot?



Sean_Aaron said:

James, when's your show on Radio 2, exactly? Great announcer quality there mate!

Oh, and Altered Beast should NOT BE AVOIDED! My god man, after the slagging I took for playing that crap excuse for a 3D shooter, Space Harrier, I cannot understand why there's not video of your effigy being burned for the 3/10!



Kim_Jong-Il said:

Daddy Newts... LOL!
And I loved the voice you did for Drake's review.
Oh, and I would just like to clear up that I do not think this is a bad podcast, and you have a great radio voice. But I LOL'd when I heard those^^ bits.



pixelman said:

Nice podcast. Great to hear Chicken Brutus. Corbie needs to talk about the number 7. Or 7 games. Or 7 somethings.



Objection said:

Por Supersonic etting ignored above...I plan to Skype and get a lil of me in episode 6.



y2josh said:

My nickname has been turtle since i was 13, glad to hear you love my kind wiiloveit.



James said:

SuperSonic1990 - Skype isn't the only way to do it. Just ring 442081448216 and you should be able to get through. I haven't tried it from the US but that number should work fine.

By the way, what about the voice I did for Drake's review? That was my voice! Sorry about my accent for Chris's comments though - it sounded a lot better in my head, whereas on-air it sounds like a strangled Murray from Flight of the Conchords...

I'd welcome Corbie's input into the next episode - a classic shmups section would be good, possibly even a "live report" as he plays a super-difficult shooter LIVE on-air!

Keep those Skype calls and voicemails coming in - if I get enough I'll try to do a special community podcast before the 27th of July!



Corbs said:

Anyone that can work in the word "Usurped" gets my vote.
Another brilliant job on the podcast James.



Corbs said:

I don't think you could pretend that didn't happen if your life depended on it.



James said:

@Wiiloveit - I'll erase your contribution if everyone agrees to forget my "Australian" accent!

TOIGER WOODS! So ashamed...



calculon said:

How's about doing a regular feature for Corbie: Seven of the Best

Each week Corbie goes through seven games from one of the major platforms (DS, WiiWare, etc) and can fine-grain further (shmups, platformers). Maybe even do a Seven of the Best to Come or 'Seven of the Rest: The Best Games That Won't Arrive on VC'

Maybe even 'Seven of the Worst Comments' at least then I'll get a mention - five times



Chunky_Droid said:

I'll give you guys a real Aussie accent!

I really need to change this flag, lol.

Corbie's feature needs to be "Corb's Room: It's Better Than Yours and Here's Why"



Knux said:

Thanks for the number,I will call that number soon...
If you guys want a Texas accent,I have the best one!

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