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New Pop+ Solo Gameplay Trailer

Posted by Corbie Dillard

Check out a few new features of Pop+ Solo.

We just got in a brand new gameplay video of Pop+ Solo in action. The guys at Nnooo wanted to highlight the new Adventure Mode and show off a few of the unique features from their upcoming DSiWare release.

Below is a description of some of the features the developers wanted to highlight in the video, along with an explanation of some of the things you'll be seeing in the gameplay video.

This video is the first in a series highlighting the different (and new) modes available in Pop+ Solo. The first of which is Adventure. Here we are trying to show some of the main features which differentiate the Adventure mode as well as highlighting the basics of the gameplay (namely popping bubbles and chaining).

We have chosen to showcase:

  • Jets (the white lines things at the side) which push the bubbles about. These are undergoing final artwork as we speak
  • Mines which when touched count down towards zero and explode setting of a detonation of the colour the mine was when touched (they change colour until they are touched) They look like the spikey balls or sea mines
  • Gold Fish these swim fast across the screen and can be popped for lots of points without ruining your chain They look like gold fish

Our aim is to illustrate the main mechanics and gameplay to show that Pop+ Solo has more depth than is perhaps apparent in the screenshots.

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Not to be completely outdone by the video, the developers have also sent over a few new screenshots showing a few more new features of the upcoming DSiWare release. You can check these screens out below.


As usual, we'll have more information on Pop+ Solo as it becomes available, as well as a full review of the game when it hits the DSiWare service. This is one DSiWare title we can't wait to get our hands on.


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MDee14 said:

This game is going to be great. But, sadly they developer said that their wont be any online leaderboard. Which is sad, since dsiware can handle online addition.



Machu said:

I liked the WW one lots, although it nearly induced a flashback, woah!



Robster said:

Yeah, why no online leaderboards? Missing them for the ArtStyle games as well. They'd really add to the replayability of games. Especially these kind of high score hunters. Are they so hard to implement because I guess they would boost sales which would be a plus for the developers.



Grumble said:

This looks great! I loved BoxLife (still loving it) this one looks great, too. Is it coming to the U.S. or where?



Aucool said:

it will cost 500 or 800 points?
and is going to be published in europe or usa?



Nnooo said:

Hi guys

Thanks again to Nintendo Life for putting together a great piece!

We are still a couple of weeks away from seeing it in the store. Some final bugs to squash and then we need to submit it to Nintendo America and Europe.

We are hoping for a 500 point price point which is one of the main reasons we have no online leaderboards. We would love to include them however due to all the testing and additional complications they can add we decided to aim to get the game to you quicker and for a lower price point.

We are really glad you are excited by this, keep hanging in there as it won't be long now! Also look out for our new videos dropping each week here and on both and




Corbs said:

I say bring it on. This is numero uno on my DSiWare most-wanted list.



Pegasus said:

Am I the only one who thought the gameplay wasn't exactly smooth? It looked like the graphics chugged a bit at certain spots. At least it looks better than the relatively boring original. Still not all that interested.



Nnooo said:

Don't think there is any slowdown in the game. Could it be an issue with the streaming video? I'm pretty confident we are running at 60fps all the time.




JayArr said:

Wow, how often does a developer answer your concerns in a forum?
Very nice, Nnooo.

Game looks great! The new additions are all very good game play ideas to improve on the original. Also, I'm very glad to hear it's not too far off.

First day purchase for me. Very impressed.



Corbs said:

I didn't see any chugging in the video. Looked smooth enough to me.



Nnooo said:

Thanks guys. We are hoping to have new videos out each week for the next couple of weeks. Each showing off a new area of the game. Thes videos should also be arriving on the Nintendo Channel in weekly doses too (not sure on the dates however).

Glad to hear that you are all looking forward to it and we can't wait to not only hear your feedback on this but also see what you think of our next DSiWare project which we are looking to announce very, very soon.

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