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More Than One Metroid In The Pipeline?

Posted by Damien McFerran

Metroid series director confirms existence of another Samus-based adventure

Rumours regarding an all-new side-scrolling Metroid adventure have been doing the rounds pretty much since Metroid Prime 3: Corruption hit store shelves.

Entitled Metroid Dread, this near-mythical game seemed to come into focus after Nintendo revealed Metroid: Other M at this year's E3.

Other M - which has been in development since 2006, so we're told - seems to be a 2.5 action title and is being made with the assistance of Team Ninja, the studio behind the boob-tastic Dead or Alive fighting game series.

However, in a recent interview, Metroid director Yoshio Sakamoto confirmed that Metroid Dread is an entirely different project to Metroid: Other M, and that it might see the light of day eventually.


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Adam said:

This seems a bit misleading. The trailer seems to make it clear that it's a full 3D adventure, no matter how much I'd love for it to be "2.5D." Maybe there'll be 2.5D segments, but that's definitely not the whole game unless the trailer is a lie.

Also, the fact that Metroid Dread is a different project should be clear. It was under works a long time ago, pre-Wii. It's supposed to be a 2D game, from what I heard. I hope it does see the light of day eventually, though.



Philip_J_Reed said:

Pretty sure "Metroid Dread" is the code-name for the DSi clock/calculator bundle we're getting next month.



Noire said:

I hope Metroid Dread is being worked on. The last 2D Metorid was Fusion, and that was a while ago. With new 2.5D offerings of Mario and Zelda, Nintendo could complete that Triforce with a true 2.5D Metroid. Come on, Nintendo!



Objection said:

As of now, Dread is vaporware. It's not confirmed to be released. In fact, around MP3 times, it was confirmed to NOT be released, despite a misleading file you could scan in said game.



astarisborn94 said:

Reply to Objection Blaster post #11: Ooooooh. A 2D Metriod would be awesome. Too bad you've had to flush many fans dream. Oh well, at least we have Metroid: Other M to look forward to. And it's been in development since 2006? By the time it's release, it would have match Final Fantasty XII development record, delay it until 2011 and we have a new record for the longest time a game was in development. Either way, it'll be an amazing Metriod game that surpass Metriod Prime 3: Corupption in every way. I am so buying that!



AVahne said:

so it really is being worked on...if its for DS then we get a game for Wii and a game for DS



Gavin_Rozee said:

If I were a DS, I'd be feeling unloved by Samus. If Metroid Dread came to me (if I were a DS, remember), I'd feel happy. Simples.



Razoredge17 said:

Ah, my favorite word in the english language, boob-tastic.

I just have high hopes for Other M, Dread would be icing on a tasty cake.



maka said:

I'm really looking forward to Metroid Projetc M, and I agree, it seems more like a full 3D game... has there been any confirmation about it being 2.5??

BTW, I'm sure many games have been in development for more than 4 years... Frontier: Elite II which took more than 5 years until it was released in 1993, comes to mind...



Gavin_Rozee said:

It's called Metroid Other M. I think Project M is what Team Ninja and Nintendo's collaboration is being dubbed as.

I'm pretty certain there's some 2.5D sidescrolling in the trailer.



bengyenah said:

Could it possibly be a 2.5 scroller that has some 3d stages? That's my vote. Seems to be in the spirit of 2.5, playing with perception, yes?



Slapshot said:

Maybe it will be a 2.5D side scroller for DS that would be awesome. 2D will be just fine too. Metroid Fusion in my opinion is the best game in the series. I want another and this is hope.



Stuffgamer1 said:

@PhoenixSage: Actually, Zero Mission was the last 2D Metroid game. Not all THAT much more recent than Fusion, but it does still exist, y'know.

Anyway, another 2D Metroid would be so SWEET! Also, is anybody else amazed that Other M has been in development since 2006 and we never heard a PEEP until now? Nintendo sure knows how to keep secrets!



Noire said:

@Stuffgamer1: Oh yeah, forgot about Zero Mission. I was probably thinking about brand new Metroid games, and since Zero Mission was a remake, I forgot about it. Also, my Zero Mission is screwy and I can't really play it, so that probably helped.



Stuffgamer1 said:

I wouldn't really call Zero Mission a "remake." It's more of a "reimagination," I think. Barely similar to the original Metroid, really. Covers the story more than anything else, and it adds to that!
Even so, I more or less understand your point. People seem to forget about Zero Mission a lot, which seems odd to me since "Zero Suit Samus" is named such because she debuted in Zero Mission!



Noire said:

@StuffGamer: Right again. I should think about what I type before I type it. Zero Mission was very different from the original.
Yeah, you would think more people would remember Zero Suit Samus. That had to be my favorite part of Zero Mission. The tension of that sequence was awesome.

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