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Nintendo Download: 2 June 2009 (Japan)

Posted by Sean Aaron

A 3+3 week for the Wii and another break for the DSiWare service.

The DSiWare service seems to be taking another holiday next week, but the Wii gets another six downloads with three new WiiWare titles and three new VC titles.

No real surprises here as these games have been forecast in the press previously (the VC ones only today!).

WiiWare titles for the 2nd of June:

Okiraku Daifugoo (500pts.) -- a collection of card games complete with online play for from Arc System Works

Bang Bang Kids (800pts.) -- the deathmatch game for everyone where you use water pistols rather than the lead-flinging variety -- courtesy of Hudson Soft.

Order (1000pts.) -- a retro-looking sim/quest/rpg game from Poi Soft where you control a king and send adventurers off on quests and try to expand your influence. Hopefully this one will be localised for other services as it looks pretty interesting!

Virtual Console Arcade releases for 2nd of June:

Altered Beast (800pts.) -- The 2nd Virtual Console Arcade title from Sega and much beloved by many Sega fans who will remember the port was the pack-in cart for the Megadrive/Genesis when it launched.

Hopping Mappy (800pts.) -- Little known arcade sequel to Mappy which has a completely different play mechanic.

Virtual Console Super Famicom release for 2nd of June:

Super Wagyan Land (800pts.) -- Another in a series of platform games from Namco.

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KDR_11k said:

Bang Bang Kids (800pts.) -- the deathmatch game for everyone where you use water pistols rather than the lead-flinging variety -- courtesy of Hudson Soft.

I hope that means Water Warfare (the western name for it) will come out soon then. NoE claimed it'd appear between April and June. Kinda strange that its first release is in Japan since the genre is not popular over there and AFAIK Onslaught got released everywhere else first.



Metroid133 said:

Water Warfare, Altered Beast, and Hopping Mappy! Another good week for them. Oh well I'm happy with the games I just downloaded.



Sean_Aaron said:

Honestly I'm afraid I won't be dipping my toe into Water Warfare, I'm just not that big an FPS fan and I've got the Conduit on pre-order so I'm saving myself for that .

I wouldn't be surprised to see that released in at least one other territory next week though!



naut said:

Water Warfare looks interesting to me. Shame they had to "water it down" with squirt guns, but hey. Online FPS is online FPS.



Starwolf_UK said:

I just noticed. The Arcade version of Altered Beast costs more than the Megadrive version (think before going "you're wrong"^1).

Guess that won't be the same in the rest of the world * shudders at thought of Altered Beast costing 1000 points *

^1- Megadrive titles are 600 points in Japan.



Starwolf_UK said:

Given Space Harrier (which shamefully I didn't notice was a VC Arcade game) was 800 points that does make the most sense.



blackknight77 said:

I remember Altered Beast being a really fun and popular game in the arcades. In fact when it was released it drew huge lines around it.



KnucklesSonic8 said:

SNAPS! You guys got Water Warfare! I hope this means we're getting it REALLY soon!!

@Sean Aaron: I don't play FPS games either but this game really appeals to me especially given the fact that there's a wealth of modes to participate in. Capture the Flag FTW.

And I'm getting Okiraku Cards when it comes here. And congrats on King's Orders too.



KDR_11k said:

Shame they had to "water it down" with squirt guns

They said in an interview that their company policy doesn't allow graphic violence between player avatars. Nintendo didn't interfere there.



astarisborn94 said:

Oh, I didn't know that they got late 1980's arcade games. Because I thought all Americans were getting were lame, dull, and uninspiring 1970's and early 80's games. Even Europe got an late 1980's title (Golden Axe). So why are we stuck with worthless piece of ****s (Except Mappy)? In fact, we won't be getting Golden Axe as our next VC Arcade game, it'll be a terribly aged late 1970's game called Space Invaders. I know how lazy NOA are with the Virtual Console, you should know too!



Ferret75 said:

Order looks pretty neat.

As for Hopping Mappy, never heard of it. What's it like?



KnucklesSonic8 said:

@Super Smash Bros. Fan: Well have you actually TRIED the other 3 games? If not, you're in no position to talk. Mappy is great, yes, but Tower of Druaga is good AFAIC. And will you calm down already. You sound like a whiny 8-year-old, seriously.

@Ferret: Here ya go. I may try it if it comes here but right now, I'm still itching for my other VCA titles.



Sean_Aaron said:

Bandai-Namco have their own YouTube channel and they put up footage of all VCA titles as they're released, so search for them and get the full monty!

According to their remaining lineup (I'm assuming through the rest of the year, though I hope it's only through the fall) we can look forward to Galaga '88, Assault, Rolling Thunder, Sky Kids and more. Awesome!

And yes, VCA titles appear to costs 800 points; I guess 500 was just a gift from Nintendo for USA/EU to promote the the new service -- even the original releases were 800 in Japan.



Adamant said:

"Even Europe got an late 1980's title (Golden Axe)."

Europe got Space Harrier this Friday. We don't have Golden Axe.



StarDust4Ever said:

Well, it looks like Europe finally got their beloved hannobi festival. That is good news for us in N.A. because it usually means that we have more imports heading our way. BTW, will Nintendo ever break down and give us Mario Picross? I am currently enjoying the latest 3D Picross curtesy of Nintendo Japan, but I still want to try the SNES Mario version. PAL territory have had this game now since Sept 14 2007...



Pj1 said:

So Super Mario Kart might go there in four, hopefully we're get soon afterwards. I didn't know there's two different versions of Altered Beast!! for the Mega drive, I wonder if there's an arcade version of Streets of Rage?
@ StarDust
I didn't know PAL territories had Mario Picross since September 2007 and it's not yet available in NTSC regions it's crazy!! I hope NoA don't get the PAL regions back over this....



Adamant said:

"I wonder if there's an arcade version of Streets of Rage?"

No, that's a Mega Drive-original game.



KDR_11k said:

The SNES Picross is an import title.

I think VCA games will be priced depending on their era, the first batch was pretty much NES era but Space Harrier is more comparable to MD games. Wouldn't make sense to charge 500 points for games that are equivalent to SNES titles (or 800 for 8 bit ones). I doubt the prices in Japan are indicative of anything.



Pj1 said:

Then again NTSC regions has Bomberman 94 and we're still waiting...



Ratengo said:

It will only be two new WiiWare games this week. Hudson has just decided at last minute to postpone the release of Bang Bang Kids (Water Warfare) in Japan.



KDR_11k said:

I wonder what the reason for that was... A last minute bug or some content improvements?



Sean_Aaron said:

Hmm, I thought something was missing when I checked the WiiWare listings the other day.

Well, maybe it's coming next week then!

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