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Mr. T and Will Wright Vs. The Nazis?

Posted by Sean Aaron

Okay, we didn't see this one coming...

ZootFly, developers of action games for the PC and Xbox have turned their attention to licensed properties and after completing a game based upon hit TV show Prison Break are going to tackle the Mr. T graphic novel license. Not only are they planning on doing a Mr. T game, but apparently a series of Mr. T games according to the press release on their website:

ZootFly will develop a series of games packed with the trademark over-the-top adrenaline-pumping action of Mr. T.

The games will feature knuckle-whitening action-adventure, furious brawler combat, gravity-defying platforming, and environmental puzzles.

The first game will see Mr. T take on Nazis and their gigantic machines in the varied universe of South American rain forests, lost ancient cities, industrial complexes and contemporary military installations.

Along with Mr. T and other characters from the graphic novel, the game will feature non [sic] other than Will Wright. In this universe, Will Wright is not a top-notch game designer but a top-notch American geneticist who was kidnapped and coerced to work on a diabolic plan. Mr. T and Will Wright will join forces to annihilate the Nazis and their hardware.

I had no idea Mr. T had a series of graphic novels, but the concept behind the game sounds bizarre enough that if done well, could definitely be a cult hit.

The game is planned for Wii, PC, PS3 and Xbox 360.


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Sean_Aaron said:

It could be complete arse, but even if the gameplay is only "okay" getting the dialogue and OTT aspects right would make it a "must have" title.

I wouldn't expect to see this until 2010, so who knows what could happen before then.



SmaMan said:

I pity da foo who says "Heil!"

Hmm I wonder if his Night Elf Mohawk will be making an appearance.



VenomTheEvil said:

Weather its Good or bad.

It wont matter.

This will be the most AWESOME thing ever made to grace human eyeballs.



Terra said:

Words cannot express what i'm thinking right now. Honestly, I'm getting very mixed signals



Wiiloveit said:

And I thought that Eduardo the Samurai Toaster sounded cool...

Oh, and I don't care if Nintendo unveil Super Mario Galaxy 2 for Christmas. I don't care if Nintendo unveil a brand new Zelda epic this Christmas. I don't even care if they unveil a brand new online FPS where your objective is to shoot Slippy the toad in the face... NO MATTER WHAT, THIS IS MY NEW MOST ANTICIPATED GAME. EVER



Stevie said:

"The first game will see Mr. T take on Nazis and their gigantic machines in the varied universe of South American rain forests, lost ancient cities, industrial complexes and contemporary military installations."

MR.T fighting Nazi's in the South Amemican rain forest... I'll have some of whatever these guys are taking.




Kidpit said:

Best. Game. Idea. EVER! I pity the reviewer who gives this a low score.



greyelephant said:

@ Junkface

It's totally impossible for them to make a game that would contain all the awesomness of Chuck Norris. It would be impossible for them to create an enviroment where Chuck could ever have the potential of losing.

"I pity the fool who doesn't eat my cereal" - Pee Wee Herman



Stuffgamer1 said:

@greyelephant: If they think they can do it to Superman over and over, I'm sure they could pretend Chuck Norris is beatable, too.

Anyway, this game sounds pretty amazing, at least in the comedy department. Not since I saw Mr. T on an infomercial for the Flavorwave oven have I seen something related to him so hilarious.



odd69 said:

@ Cryo : LOL yea man agreed. nazi zombies anyone?

i have a feeling that this game is going to be awesome, even though i haven't played any games from ZootFly.



Objection said:

Maybe this will be good for the cheese factor alone? But I doubt the gameplay will stand out.



timp29 said:

Unless the boss is Chuck Norris this game will never reach its potential.

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