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Thu 26th Mar 2009

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NeoNight commented on Hackers Expand Wii Storage, Door Now Open To F...:

"It things like this that keep games like Klonoa and MadWorld from selling well. >: ("

lol, I'm sure its not the games not being as good as people think they are that's causing the poor sells. I'm sure everyone in the world knows exactly how to pirate games, don't think its too difficult to bother, and are all very tech savvy.



NeoNight commented on First Red Steel 2 In-Game Footage:

They say that the trailer most likely wasn't recorded with ingame footage, but I think it may have been, and that ubi soft is/was using the same new engine their using for the new rabbids adventure game.



NeoNight commented on The Conduit: More Multiplayer Details Revealed:

Lets just wait and see how it works out. It wouldn't make sense for you to only be able to add people who are already on your friends list. I'am sure you could add random people from online play to you friends list, just like in castleviana judgment with the rival system.



NeoNight commented on Talking Point: Could The Conduit Be in for a R...:

They never mentioned anything about the controls! The only reason to get a shooter on the wii is for the controls! Then again if you have a good-great pc you can get good controls for a shooter on it too. In any case I don't expect The Conduit to sell very well either, since I don't think five year old, their grand parents or parents would like a shooting game. There isn't that many "hardcore" players on the wii that would pick up the game, so because of that there isn't going to be alot of sells. :/