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Nintendo Confirms Japanese Christmas Eve DSiWare Line-Up

Posted by Damien McFerran

While the Western world waits anxiously for the launch of the shiny new DSi, the Japanese launch has been and gone – and it went quite well, thanks very much. Now Nintendo is focusing its attention on rolling out the much-hyped ‘DSiWare’ online service.

Essentially a portable version of the WiiWare portal, it will allow DSi owners to download various games for their machine. The service launches on the 24th December, and here’s the full list of titles that our Japanese friends will be enjoying come Christmas Eve:

  • A Little Brain Age: Logic Version (800 DSi Points)
  • A Little Brain Age: Word Version (800 DSi Points)
  • A Little Magic Tournament (200 DSi Points)
  • Art Style Aquario (500 DSi Points)
  • Art Style Decode (500 DSi Points)
  • Bird and Beans (200 DSi Points)
  • Dr. Mario (500 DSi Points)
  • Moving Memo Book (Free)
  • Paper Airplane (200 DSi Points)
  • Simple Trumps (500 DSi Points)
  • Utsusu Made in Wario (500 DSi Points)

You can see the Japanese DSiWare site for more information. It seems Japanese gamers will be getting 1000 DSi points for free by connecting to the DSi shop on or after December 24th. Merry Christmas indeed!

Check out the Japanese launch trailer for even more info:

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Thanks to WiiWare World reader RGVEDA for giving us the heads-up on this news!

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mojo25 said:

This is pretty cool even though I'm not planning to get a DSi anytime soon.



Dazza said:

The games seem quite cheap and cheerful. Who can argue with Dr Mario at 500 DSi points? It's just a shame that there is no way to share the Nintendo points you buy with a Wii and a DSi.

I wonder what 'Bird and Beans' will turn out to be! lol



WeeGee said:

Thanks for the news RGVEDA. This looks like a nice lineup. My little Brain Age seems pretty awesome. Eventually they should being together all of them and bring them to the states in one package.



Starwolf_UK said:

I wonder if the 15 DSi owners outside of Japan will give us impressions. As for Dr.Mario it better support wireless multiplayer The NES Classics copy did thoughg that was with the GBa Wireless adpator...



PALgamer said:

Bought already a DSlite for Xmas, they lost a DSi sale for not having it out earlier.
But Dr. Mario does sound tempting



Bass_X0 said:

A good Dr. Mario clone called "Dr. Wario" was available with the original WarioWare game on GBA. I'll stick with that. And WarioWare itself is fun too.



Supermarioman said:

yeah, I'll pass, but Dr. Mario is so tempting, but no, I'll stick with my DS Lite for a while, besides I'm more of a Home Console Man, due to just how much is in a Home Console and how they don't ruin your eyes that bad, but my point is wait for the DSi to price drop, how about working on other game collections. This is just rediculous I don't want to pay $200 for the same game system with cell-phone characteristics added to it. I just think the DSi is the big scam of 09 for Nintendo , so i'll just stick with what I have thank you. and DSi Ware barely attracts me at all or the Camera for that matter. Sorry I tend to talk to much.



Stuffgamer1 said:

@mojo25: Good thing, since Nintendo isn't interested in selling you a DSi anytime soon... I, on the other hand, would gladly buy one if they'd just release the darned thing!



ness said:

"I wonder if the 15 DSi owners outside of Japan will give us impressions."

Is it generally possible to download japanese DSi games with an importet DSi?

@ News: Great to see new 'Art Style' titles, they will be the first games for me to download when the DSi will be released here in Europe in the first half of the year =).

Here is a trailer from the line-up:



Golgo said:

Paper Airplane?

So now Nintendo are selling individual fragments from mini-game collections? Can we look forward to all 200+ made in wario games to be put on sale in this way?



PiratePete said:

@ Ness: Judging by the video in your link, is Bird and Beans like a kind of pyoro mini-game from WarioWare? It certainly looks like it to me.

I got a DS Lite for my birthday in July so I won't be getting a DSi soon. But some of those games do look fun to play. I hope there won't be much shovelware on DSi Ware, but inevitably there will be some .



Nobarai said:

Utsusu Made in Wario? Oh you silly Japanese people XD

BTW, nice avatar Ness



Wiiloveit said:

How come they get the games on a Wednesday of all days?
@Ness: As long as you use Japanese credit cards / points cards, it should work.

A Little Brain Age (800 DSi Points) As if anyone who wants Brain Training doesn't already have it yet...
Art Style Aquario (500 DSi Points) Looks like puzzle league - I'm interested in this one.
Art Style Decode (500 DSi Points) This doesn't look half as fun as the others, though once I found out how it's played it could do well. I didn't see much "Art Style" in it, though.
Dr. Mario (500 DSi Points) If it has (improved) controls from Brain Training 2, this could be pretty good - especially if it's online, though at the price I can't see that happening. I'd only lose anyway.
Moving Memo Book (Free) It's free, and is a better Pictochat (sorta) - no complaints here.
Paper Airplane (200 DSi Points) It's fairly cheap and I'd definitely give it a go 'cos it looks pretty enjoyable too (like a simplified Evasive Space)
Simple Trumps (500 DSi Points) If this was the 42 All Time Classics (Clubhouse games) card game from the trailer, then it's a rip off. Still pretty good, though.
Utsusu Made in Wario (500 DSi Points) I want to know exactly how accurate the camera is for this, but at the moment it's not looking to bad. Is this also the one where you can create games, because if so: it is a definite must buy.

It's a shame that games will most likely get a price hike outside of Japan. Either way, I can't wait for some of these. I can haz DSi nows.



slambert215 said:

I really want a DSi now.

With this and Club Nintendo, this is a great time to be a nintendo fan.



ness said:

@ Nobarai: Thanks^^. Sadly not many members customize their avatars because of the Christmas time =(.

@ Wario game: It's great that it use the camera, so this would be my third 'must buy'^^.



Twilight_Crow said:

My DSlite is all need for now thank you, call me when the portable virtual console gets launched.



shadows262 said:

Not really interested in any of these besides Dr. Mario and the Art Styles.
a game they should make for DSiware is a side scrolling metroid!



Ferret75 said:

I really want the DSi now.

But it's nice to know they give you some free points.



PHANTOM93 said:

The DSi certainly is a nice little handheld, but I think i'll stick with my DS Phat (what someone still owns one ) for now.



Clayfrd said:

Like many others have said, I'm glad to see more Art Style games. I only have Orbient, but I really like that game. Cubello and Rotohex didn't really interest me that much, but Orbient shows some real potential for the series (so do the others, but they just didn't catch my eye). I still want a DSi. I won my DS Lite, so I don't feel ripped off, but Nintendo's revisions still bother me. In fact, the Wii is arguably just a GameCube-i.
Seriously, think about it for a second.
DSi = DS Lite + more aesthetic + DLC + camera
Wii = GameCube + more aesthetic + DLC + motion

I'm not saying I dislike the Wii... but I'm starting to see a pattern here. Nintendo seems to think that the DSi is a new system as opposed to a revision. That's disturbing.

@slambert215- The late 80s/early 90s were great times to be a Nintendo fan...



Clayfrd said:

@slambert215 - True... true. 2009 will be much better than 2008 for Nintendo. Then again (except for Brawl), 2008 was probably, I dare say, the worst year for Nintendo EVER. Hardly any games were terribly worthy of note. I'm not saying there weren't any, WoG, Brawl, and de Blob were all great, but they were so spaced out. 2008 was the hell that forced me into Microsoft territory. 2009 will really be good for me (maybe not my wallet )!



hal said:

wish they could consolidate DSiware and DSi with the standard DS+Lite. so many ppl are going to be put off of buying a DSi + they probably had to strategically postpone release.. [also, the future price gouging problem, boring 0.3mp digital lens, + no GBA is another reason] . other than that, Nintendo seems to get alittle more what SONY handheld is lacking. PSP doesn't seem as fun.. (maybe they should focus on PSP as the new PS2 lol)



Stuffgamer1 said:

Hey, MY DS Lite is over two years old! If I could get all those morons to stop buying them, I would. Hard to convince casual moms and gift-givers of that, though. Much easier to turn people off of PS3's due to lack of BC...

And yes, I know that was a joke. It's just a REAL sore point for me right now, because I want a DSi and am PISSED about the stupid-donkey reasons I can't have one yet.



mojo25 said:

@ Stuffgamer1 I just realized that it was only released in sorry for my ignorance XD

But I'm probably not going to get this even when it does comes out, I'll probably keep getting games for the Wii instead.



cheeseman said:

dsi shop-a?
i geen yo co co ca?
dsi ware eh?
I can't understand a word they're saying.



StarDust4Ever said:

Will the DSi be region-free like the old DS??? Also, I sincerely hope Wiiware-world/ VC-Reviews have already reserved a domain for the US/ Pal launch...

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