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Gameloft's Brain Challenge Comes To WiiWare

Posted by Marcel van Duyn

A while ago we noticed that the OFLC and the USK rated Gameloft's Brain Challenge for the Wii. Unsure if it was a WiiWare game or not, we decided to hold off on adding it to the site.

The PEGI has now rated the game as well, however, and they've revealed that it is actually for WiiWare. Brain Challenge is similar to games like Dr. Kawashima's Brain Training for the DS - Basically, you take a few tests and see how smart you are. There is a whole plethora of ripoffs around, but reviews for Brain Challenge (Which has already been released on the DS and Xbox Live Arcade) have actually been surprisingly positive.

We're not sure when it'll hit WiiWare, but it's probably soon. Keep an eye out!

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danik said:

hmmm these always seem to do well, may get this as my girlfriend loves them.



Raptor78 said:

Big Brain academy works so well on he wii that I am sure this will sell very well.
I cant imagine it actually being better than BBA but providing the price point is good, and to be honest I have found Gameloft game to be decent value, the will be a good buy.



Twilight_Crow said:

I don't own any game of this kind, and I need one , I really hope this is nearly as good as Big Brain Academy, if so it's a sure buy.



Dazza said:

There's some very mixed reviews about this on Metacritic so it will be interesting to see how the WiiWare version turns out. I would imagine it to be pretty much the same deal.

Gameloft have a good track record on WiiWare so I would not imagine this to disappoint too much.



Ben__Harlan said:

Oh my god. I think that Gameloft is going to bring every mobile phone game to WiIWare, and i wouldn't like to see a lot of mobile games on WiiWare.



calculon said:

Looks bad. Big Brain Academy was bad (DS brain training and academy games are much better imo) People will buy though. I think Gameloft may slip up on this release which is a shame considering their last games were solid if thoroughly uninspiring.



kelanflyter said:

I have this game on my xbox360, and i really enjoyed it.
It's far better than cerebral academy on DS.
We could have here a great game if it's improved for Wii controlers.
(PS: sorry if my english is poor)



xSJx said:

You made me laugh pretty hard .
I was going to buy BBA because I've heard the multiplayer is great, but if this is 4 player maybe I'll save my money.

Edit: I should probably read the game information before I post, it quite clearly states that it's 4 player hehehe.



Virus said:

Can't say I'm looking forward to seeing this kind of Gameloft game on the Wii...

C'mon Gameloft! What the heck are you doing with all this money from WiiWare? I swear, you can't be wasting it all on these ports! Gah, it is just my opinion, but if a company makes a certain amount of profit, I think they should set their minds to creating something truly amazing. Gameloft has made pretty good games; I'd just like to see this regular go from pretty good to really good.



i_am_error said:

While the general quality of their games is good, I'm growing tired of Gameloft offerings - I mean, I hope to see something more original and less obvious.



CanisWolfred said:

I'm sorry, my doctor has excused me from any and all thought, so I'm afraid I won't be able to play this game.



Objection said:

Hey that's funny; my doctor told me the same thing! So unforcunately I will have to pass on this latest Gameloft "game."



WeeGee said:

What, a BRAIN game. How many of these do we have to have. Not gonna buy it, nope never ever ever ever ever ever ever ever ever ever.



WarioFan63 said:

I actually do hope its a sign that theyll bring their mobile ports to Wii!

Although its mostly because they have a Chuck Norris game Id love to play but isnt compatible on my phone.



kelanflyter said:

gameloft's mobile phone games are globaly good.
Diamond twister, or might and magic 2 for exemple are great ones.



Bensei said:

GameLoft made many good Wiiware games, I guess if they don't mess up here it will be a good cheap alternative to Kawashima & Co.

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