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Tue 2nd Sep 2008

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kelanflyter commented on Brain Challenge:

brain challange is a good game.
I've bought it on my xbox 360 and realy envoy it.
I think wiiware version of the game will be somehow different to use wii controllers.



kelanflyter commented on Cue Sports - Snooker Vs Billiards:

snooker is a variation of pool. It's much more technical. I don't know how exactly it works, but i think google is your friend if you want more informations.
Concerning the title maybe the billard"S" is regrouping differents sort of billards, and why not the "billard francais" ("french pool" i guess in english) ?



kelanflyter commented on Review: Plättchen: Twist 'n' Paint (WiiWare):

5/10 seems to be a better score.
3/10 lead the game to be considered as the same level of mediocrity of spogs racing or pong toss.

The gameplay mecanics sure needs to be optimized but at least graphics, animations and all technical aspects of the game are good.



kelanflyter commented on Gameloft's Brain Challenge Comes To WiiWare:

I have this game on my xbox360, and i really enjoyed it.
It's far better than cerebral academy on DS.
We could have here a great game if it's improved for Wii controlers.
(PS: sorry if my english is poor)