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Get Ready To Go To Battle In Swords & Soldiers!

Posted by Marcel van Duyn

Exciting times today, as Dutch developer Ronimo Games has announced their plans to bring their new game, Swords & Soldiers, to WiiWare. They are a new studio which includes people who created the original version of de Blob, a game which is being remade for the Wii.

Seemingly taking inspiration from Castle Crashers' visual style, which will be launching soon on Xbox Live Arcade, the game will be WiiWare's first real time strategy (RTS) title. Playing as one of three factions (Two of which are vikings and incans), the objective is to simply wipe your opponent of the face of the planet. Not much information has been given in the press release, but judging by the screens (Which you can view below), you will be able to purchase more units (From lowly grunts, to magicians, to war golems), which are of course different for each faction.

Aside from a multiplayer split-screen mode, there is also a single player mode with a variety of missions to win. There will also be other modes, but Ronimo Games has not revealed what any of these are.

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Bensei said:

I hope it doesn't follow other big-sized games into the size-limitations well like Penny Arcade



worrybomb said:

It looks very promising. One of the best news I heard not only from WiiWare but Nintendo in general this week.

It'll probably be big but can you imagine if there was a storage solution announced in the future and the WiiWare size limite increased a bit? We could end up getting great games like this. =)



andy836 said:

it looks really cool sort of reminds me of age of war i think thats what its called ill be sure to check this game out seeing as how i'm addicted to RTS games.



David77 said:

I always say negative things about Wiiware, but this time, I can say there a game i looking forward.



Bahamut_ZERO said:

This has to have online multiplayer. They're a key part of RTS now.

And we know it's possible thanks Dr. Mario



tantrumario said:

i was hoping castle crashers would come to the wii. I guess this is the closest to that happening. Cant wait for this game.



fco said:

Looks nice.
I wonder what the third faction is. By looking at the logo I'd say they might be... NINJAS??



Olimar_91 said:

I love the graphics style. And the idea of an RTS on Wiiware is definetly appealing. Can't wait to see more on this.



Drizzt said:

Epic! This game looks good. I'll definitely be watching for this one.



konkerdoodle said:

@ Hyper Metal Sonic--I love your avatar. Sweeney Todd owns!
The graphics are really neat looking. Not a big RTS guy myself, though.



Stratos said:

@Bahamut ZERO
My only fear is that size restrictions would bar the essential online component. Dr. MArio was a puzzler with a relatively static screen. This is a bit larger in scope than the online WW puzzler.
I still hope Nintendo offers a good storage solution and follows Microsoft in raising the size restriction on download games. Live Arcade games used to have really small restrictions but now they can go as high as 350MB. Microsoft raises the cap every time they release a new SKU w/ a larger HDD.
Honestly I wouldn't be surprised if the file size restriction has kept several promising games from having more online capabilities.



Naturestee said:

WANT! Split screen multiplayer rules. This is something my husband and I could really get into. I love the art style too. It does remind me of Castle Crashers, which is fine because I don't have an Xbox360 to buy it with.

The Wii needs more RTS games, both WiiWare and retail.



Peznaze said:

Wow, someone really liked Grimgrimoire!

Looking great! Highly doubt there'll be online play, you don't do mulitplayer split-screen if you're going to do online play. So it'll be short, but oh so sweet.



Terra said:

Oh yes! Great News, seeing as that means we won't be waiting long



CanisWolfred said:

Yes! I usually suck at RTS's but I will admit that they are very fun, and this could be perfect for me! I love the visuals, and I love that they're keeping things nice and simple( I might actually do good in this one).

Wait 3 factions? Purchasing more units?? This is going to be better than I thought!


What's Grim Grimoire?



Virus said:

It does look like something that might've come from Newgrounds (in the good way). It's from the same creators of de Blob, so that's a plus. One more to keep an eye now I think I have around nine eyes...



Stratos said:

@Bahamut ZERO
Dude, I read your comment 26 and got that 'I'm-a-jerk-for-ruining-your-hopes-and-dreams' feeling. Maybe you weren't serious, but I apologize for being such a cynic.
To counter what I originally said, this is part of the team that is bringing us deBlob and that is a unique, quality Wii title that does have multiplayer so the team does have some talent and multiplayer development skill so they could possibly have online multiplayer in the works.



Viper1 said:

From IGN: "The developers of the original version of 'de Blob' announce their new game studio Ronimo Games and their first title: Swords & Soldiers.

Ronimo Games is founded by seven developers in Utrecht, the Netherlands. As students the team was responsible for the original pc game 'de Blob.' Being an innovative and fun game, 'de Blob' became popular on the internet and was eventually picked up by THQ. The publisher bought the IP and will soon release the new version of 'de Blob' for Nintendo Wii."

The game has nothing to do with the makers of the upcoming Wii game.



AlexSays said:

Holy potatoes, I can't wait.
I really hope this game comes out soon.
This is one of the few upcoming titles to spark my interest, in what seems to be a bleak future for WiiWare.



Stratos said:

@Bahamut Zero
I figured you were, but I had an initial thought of "What did I do!? before I thought it through and so I missed the joke the first pass.
TWEWY is probably my favorite DS game ever. I hunt for TWEWY Facebook Flair (if you don't know facebook flair is different custom digital pins you can collect, send and post on your Facebook page. TWEWY is a perfect theme for it I think)

Thanks for pointing that out. I think most users so far have made the assumption it is the Wii de Blob team making this. It explains all the 'part of the team' comments because I thought this was either a break-away group from the Wii team (which seemed odd for an as yet unreleased game to have) or it was a pet side project team for said team.



Bahamut_ZERO said:

It's fine, I probably should have put a after my comment.
TWEWY is defidently one of my favorite DS games.
But back on topic, we better get a storage solution before this comes out. I can image needing to delete half my games for this. I had to delete 3 for Toki Tori.



Big_Sexy said:

This game looks cool. The fact that people are comparing it to Grim Grimoire reminds me of the fact that I still haven't played that or Odin Sphere yet. For shame.



CanisWolfred said:

Well, I just learned about Grim Grimoire and Odin Sphere from Penny Arcade( they sounded like stuff Tycho would know), and now I've got more things to add to my [/]List of Reasons Why I Should Beat More Games So I Can Turn Them In And Actually Afford To Get All Those Games I Plan To Get When I Go To Gamestop[/] ( the name alone takes up half the list).
Edit: I just watched the Odin Sphere trailer and it looks awesome! I'll be checking the Grim Grimoire trailer next. And that was also awesome. And Castle Crashers looks awesome too, even though it's not an RTS like I thought it was.

Now back to Swords & Soldiers, here are my thoughts unedited:

Boy, I thought it was a Dungeons & Dragons type thing at first, then I figured it was a Golden Axe rip-off from the screen shot, but in the end it turned out to be an RTS, which is by no means a bad thing.

I've never played an RTS in 2D before I wonder how it will be. It seems to have everything in your usual RTS, but I wonder if it will really be that different of an experience. If it is, will I be able to adjust? Now that I think about it, Patapon was an RTS, albeit with some music and RPG elements mixed in, and that was a pretty enjoyable experience, so maybe I'll like this too. I was never very good at RTS's, so difficulty isn't exactly an issue, and if anything it'll be easier without the hassles of the third dimension. I guess I'm going to have to wait for more information before I make any sort of...(it's a word, I know it)...assumption? Anyway, lets just say I'm causiosly optimistic for now.

Until then, I just got Battalion Wars 2, so that'll keep me occupied as far as RTS's are concerned.



Ricardo91 said:

I'm getting an Alien Hominid/ Castle Crashers vibe from this one. I'm looking forward to it!

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