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A Look Inside The Mega Man Boutique

Posted by Damien McFerran

You'll have to forgive us for going a bit Mega Man crazy here at WiiWare World, but this game has got us seriously excited!

We were having a quick snoop around the Japanese site for the upcoming WiiWare title Mega Man 9 (known as Rockman in Japan) and we happened upon this rather interesting image, which should have fans of the series weeping tears of utter joy:


Yes indeedy – it’s the store from within the game!

Here’s the stuff that you’ll be able to buy:

  • 1-Up : 20
  • E-Tank: 30
  • M-Tank: 50
  • Eddie: 50
  • Beat: 50
  • Energy Balancer: 100
  • Half-damage:100
  • Spike shoes: 50
  • Roll Costume: 200
  • No helmet: 20

Also, the more dedicated Mega Man fans out there will instantly spot Auto (from Mega Man 7) stood behind Roll!

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CanisWolfred said:

Just like Mega Man 8, as well as M&B! Nice to see that something from the later iterations made it to this one.



Bensei said:

I knew Roll was a slut...
Oh, just realized it's a costume...
I guess you'll have to unlock some of these, spike shoes are way to cheap imho

Gald to see that they threw the Bolt system from MM8 where it belongs to



Jeph said:

I'm more excited for this game than anything ever on Wii. Now if only Konami would follow suit...



Jeph said:

It would be hard for that to happen, at least with people my age (30), because we all know what to expect, and making an 8-bit mega man game isn't as difficult as making newer games. It would be hard to screw this up.



calculon said:

Uh-huh, that's what people thought about SSBB but look how that turned out. Melee with a crapload of useless junk thrown in - mind you at least MM9 isn't trying to be a jack of a trades and a master of none.



AlexSays said:

I think Mega Man now holds the record for the most articles in Wii Ware World's short history.



Bahamut_ZERO said:

Sweet, a shop! So now I have a way to help me beat this game if I end up sucking at it.

My platforming skillz aren't what they used to be



Cthuloops said:

@ Jeph
Yeah, it'd be pretty hard to screw it up because mostly there is no plot, the graphics are simple and such things as clipping and sprite limitations are ignored for the most part, and the music already sounds awesome. But if it were me as a developer, I'd start making some 16 and 32-bit games already.



blackknight77 said:

Wow I thought the hype for Smash Bros. Brawl was well deserved and I think the game lived up the hype. It's Melee with better graphics, sound and more awesomeness.

Capcom knows how to do Mega Man. This game may not blow people away , but for people who enjoy the NES Mega Man games the hype is justified.



Bensei said:

It's the same with melee. The new Smash bros. is great, but there will always be reasons to miss from an older one, and for some those reasons are big enought o stick to the old one.



Quimby said:

I really hope this game goes well...
I dont like MM at all, but if it sells then maybe some of capcoms better games will get the same treatment.
Kings Knight anybody?



Ian_Daemon said:

Do we know at what point in the game this shop appears? (i.e. is it available from the start, do we have to beat the game once to access it) It seems like it would make the game too easy if it were easily accessible.



Drizzt said:

Very nice! This game is on its way to being the best thing on Wiiware! My 1000 points are sitting idle waiting for this game .



Bass_X0 said:

"It seems like it would make the game too easy if it were easily accessible."

Not if screws were a rarity that took a while to get like in the other games.



That_Guy_from_Faxana said:

Hope they are rare... personally I think energy tanks have been way too accessible in every game since Mega Man II. But alright, for a harder experience, just skip them.



ICEknight said:

I think the caption for that "No Helmet" item (at the official site) says "Hair Styling Book", instead.



2d4eva said:

remember , this is just "this" store visit. I am sure they will have more than just that avialable, anyways an 8-bit bass would be awesome!

I hope you can change his hair , lik ethe book says, I want to give him a "mega-mustache"

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