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Wed 11th Jun 2008

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2d4eva commented on A Look Inside The Mega Man Boutique:

remember , this is just "this" store visit. I am sure they will have more than just that avialable, anyways an 8-bit bass would be awesome!

I hope you can change his hair , lik ethe book says, I want to give him a "mega-mustache"



2d4eva commented on Review: My Pokémon Ranch:

well, I am not a pokemon fan, but i like this idea. I would say it needs to be updated with some of these points made here.
1st off, it should be able to trade with other carts.
2nd, definately should be able to trade with wii friends. I would also like "my ranch" to be viewable from a friends Wii. I would love to get random visiters that could come see the Powerful beasts I have accumulated. from the comfort of their home.
3rd. some sort of battle, c'mon. ptthhhh



2d4eva commented on Nintendo: "Hard Drives Are For Geeks":

so wait, if we all download a ton of VC games, to the point that we HAVE to delete some . Nintendo will have to keep them available to download forever!!!! I say we all delete a game, and wait a few years or so. then sue Nintendo, for not giving us a permanent way to store our games we rightfully payed for. If they plan on keeping the Wii shop channel open indefinately, thats fine. but 20 years from now, I want to be able to play Lostwinds, Dammit. and if I deleted it, with the mindset that I could just "redownload it at a later time" they had better have it saved for me. I still break out duckhunt for my NES its 20 years old.