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Nintendo Channel Gets An Update

Posted by Marcel van Duyn

If you live in North America or Japan you can now view some more information on the Nintendo Channel. If you've looked around the channel in the time it's been out you can probably guess what this is - The results of all the data people have entered so far concerning their Wii, VC and WiiWare games can now be viewed.

This means you can see if the games are generally considered to be for the hardcore or the casual player, how much time people generally spend on one session of the game, how much times they've started up the game, and if the game is considered best played alone or with friends.

For some strange reason, Japanese users can also see the total amount of downloads each Wii Shop title has, while North Americans can't. However, you can get a rough estimate of the sales by doing the maths with the "average time played per session" and "total sessions" numbers. The sales numbers are not worldwide, only the Japanese sales.

This feature is currently only available in North America and Japan. We predict Europe/Australia will receive it sometime later due to the fact they got the Nintendo Channel later as well.

Thankfully someone is already compiling the VC & WiiWare game sales in a nice ordered spreadsheet so we don't have to. Feel free to email them and add your own findings.

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Sharecrow said:

How much memory does it take? I haven't downloaded it yet....this sounds like a good feature but it may not be worth it.



Rexy said:

I don't think updates take too much memory at all - didn't feel that way for the bunch of Photo Channel updates at least.

Still, I hope it comes to PAL regions sooner (and I know it'll be late since we got the Nintendo channel late as well) and I think it'll make a good indication on how people play with their Wiis (god, that sounds naughty).



Starwolf_UK said:

One way for it to come sooner is for us to add data to it. They won't go ahead until there is data to report.

This means i'm letting the down side as I have not bothered to rate Kororinpa (I only just passed the 1 hour mark), Wii Sports (I've still got like 30 minutes to go ) and Excite Trcuk (about 20 more minutes). But I prefer to beat games before rating them.

Oh yeah some possible sales slanted by the fact this is only sales reported by Nintendo channel:

Edit: Look what N64 game has the lowest sales. Even Yoshis Story is beating it, come on!



Kawaiipikachu said:

I've be waiting for the update Plus more downloadable demo's .
The only games i haven't rated are the games that i haven't restarted since my Wii got replaced & unfortunately due to the particular fault the saved files could not be transfured .

At least with Twilight Princess i only got started (1 or 2 hours) before the thing died on me so it was really easy to restart back to where i left off .



Tim said:

The save file is about the same size as the channel itself. I think its around 123 blocks. It's possible the save file could grow when more data is stored in it; I'm not sure.

I downloaded it and then deleted it after I got bored 5 minutes later. You can easily get better info for games from sites like this one and others. I don't see any reason to waste space on stuff like this when I have a computer that is much more comfortable to surf with.

The stats data gives this channel something unique to separate it from all the game websites out there. Personally, I couldn't care about using the stats to determine if a game is for hardcore or casual players. Anybody with half a brain can figure out who a game is for without stats.



Objection said:

It does grow. Mine started at 122 and now save data is 126. I agree the hardcore stuff is pointless but the hrs played, etc. is kinda cool. It'll still be the first thing I delete when something good comes out.



Tides_of_Chaos said:

This isn't technically an update, at least it isn't when comparing it to the other channels, which actually changes stuff. The Nintendo Channel is updated everytime you go to it......the mail that NOA sent was just to tell us that we can go and check it out. (And for people who don't know, the DS demos change every week so there IS a reason to keep the Nintendo channel)



Chipmunk777 said:

I have never had enough spare room on my wii to download the nintendo channel. Maybe if we had some sort of storage solution..... OH WAIT I can easily move all of my wiiware/VC games to my SD card!! ...... >: (



Viral said:

Does anyone know what the system update for European Wii's was this morning? I downloaded it and it hasn't visibly shown me anything new...



Viral said:

Cancel that, it's for the Mii Channel and to remove pirated software from your Wii, ie, modded games and modded save files.



E-dawg said:

Interesting, we did get a Wii update today though, but it was nothing amazingly special.



Drake said:

The update isn't really worth a story. The only "normal" thing it does is allow you to move Miis from the Mii Plaza to the Mii Parade, however, you'll lose their birthday and other important data, and any game save where you use that Mii as profile picture (Or something like that) will be deleted.

The "non-normal" changes with this update are that you can no longer use the Freeloader or any homebrew stuff.



Kawaiipikachu said:

Well i had tried to type that i haven't got the email yet about the update but had to reset my Wii .

The thing is i just noticed my Wii turned blue then im guessing my Wii trying to make i liar out of me .

Well i be checking it out once i posted this message as im am using the internet channel .

Yep my Wii did make a liar out of me And now i edit this comment from my Newly updated Wii .

btw i never got myself a freeloader as i predicted this would happen .



slangman said:

Sounds cool though i won't be using the updated Nintendo Channal as my Wii is only rarely online.

So you can't use the freeloader any more huh? Good job i sold it with my NTSC copy of Brawl then. Heh i always knew nintendo would wreck the twilight hack someday.



Jogurt_the_Yogurt said:

Drake, does this mean if you have used a Mii once in Wii Sports and then move him to the parade, the save data for the whole game will be deleted? Or just that his stats/presence in the game will be deleted, like when you delete the Mii? I can't see it removing the save for the whole game (at least in the case of that game),

And as far as I know, it only removes the Mii's birthday and "Mii creator" data, and the name of the person who made the Mii is hardly "other important data".

Oh well!



Will said:

Nah, stats or not, Nintendo channel is a waste of space. I dont own a DS (even though my mam does O_o) so thats me excluded from whats probly the best part of the channel. I am mildly curious about the figures though, so cheers for the table! saves me some space....



Tim said:

Nintendo could at least release useful Trojan horses like Microsoft does. One can't help but wonder all the little features Nintendo stripped out with the idea of dressing their Trojans with it and releasing it later. They're diabolical idiots.



Outrunner said:

Half the games I own and have played for way more than an hour (like NiGHTS), don't show up in the nintendo channel. Any idea why?



Rexy said:

Maybe it's because only first/second party Nintendo Wii games should be graded and not anything else on that platform? It seems to be going the same way for me too.



Starwolf_UK said:

Drake, does this mean if you have used a Mii once in Wii Sports and then move him to the parade, the save data for the whole game will be deleted? Or just that his stats/presence in the game will be deleted, like when you delete the Mii? I can't see it removing the save for the whole game (at least in the case of that game),
I would think deleting a mii has the same effect as cutting a mii (cut effectively deletes and moves something).

Oh well at least the Mii storage problem has been "solved". Okay, that joke sucked.



Rexy said:

Even if that's the case, only about 8 of my 100 Miis actually have save data applied to them (most of them being relatives coming over for bouts of Wii Sports). It shouldn't be too much of a hassle if most of them aren't being used for anything other than decor.



Viral said:

I don't keep Miis on my Wii any longer than necessary. My daughter is two and she has her own Mii and everytime she sees her Mii on Wii Fit or Tv Show King, she's always shouting Me!!! Other than that, this isn't too big of an update. The only thing I was wondering is how big exactly, is the SMB file and how big do you think the Alone In The Dark file may be?



blackknight77 said:

@ Outrunner
Sometimes it takes a while for a game to show up for your rating. I played Metal Slug anthology and House of the dead for over an hour, but they did not show up for a rating until almost a week later. Resident Evil UC has never showed up for a rating and I have put well over an hour into that game.



Jolted85 said:

I still have yet to download the Nintendo Channel, and I probably won't, but after seeing the new update, I actually have no need to get the update as well, as long as the Wii Shop Channel still works without doing an update I'm ok with not updating.



kitroplious said:


You don't need to go to the WSC to update the Nintendo Channel. If you opt-in messages from the Nintendo Channel, a message from there just came to your inbox for added functions.



morphballer said:

I just did a recommended games search on Nintendo Channel from females of all ages and according to the (four?) girl gamers who voted, Street Fighter II Turbo is suited for all everyone 3 to 1 and casual minded players also 3 to 1. Also, interestingly enough, it was the only fighting game on the list of search results. Curious....

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