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100 WiiWare Games Currently In Development

Posted by Darren Calvert

IGN recently did an interview with Tom Prata, the senior director of project development at Nintendo of America. We find out that 100 new WiiWare games are in the pipelines, what options are available to developers, size limits – and yes again the sticky thorn of storage is raised and avoided with the skill of a politician.

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IGN: We know a lot of developers have completed WiiWare games which haven't yet been released. Will new WiiWare titles be released every Monday? What is the limit you're putting on how many WiiWare games can be released every week?

Tom Prata: Our plan is to make new WiiWare games available on Mondays, as we do with Virtual Console titles. We have not set a limit to the number of games that will launch on any given Monday. Rather, we are working with developers and their production schedules to bring the products to consumers in a timely manner.

IGN: What is the most popular WiiWare download so far?

Tom Prata: We don't have sales information to share at this time, however we are pleased to see consumers enjoying the games made available by WiiWare developers.

IGN: We recently had to delete half the games and Channels on our systems to make room for two WiiWare titles. Lack of storage space has become a huge problem. What're your thoughts on this issue? Will Nintendo address it soon?

Tom Prata: Consumers have the option of either deleting the game and downloading it again for no additional Wii Points, or transferring the game from Wii to external SD memory card.

IGN: Can WiiWare developers use all of Wii's abilities? For instance, connection between Wii and DS, WFC, online, etc. - if they want? What about Miis?

Tom Prata: Developers have the ability to utilize the same Wii features for WiiWare games as they do for disc-based games, including Wi-Fi Connection, WiiConnect24 and variety of controllers and peripherals. What is important is providing developers the freedom to use the features that are most valuable to express the characteristics of their game. Regarding the use of Miis, Mii characters are included in games like TV Show King and Dr. Mario Rx .

IGN: WiiWare games need to weigh in under 43 megabytes, we've been told. Is this true? Are there any plans to increase the file size limit?

Tom Prata: Similar to the breadth of Virtual Console content, WiiWare games will also come in a variety of sizes and at different Wii Points. We want to encourage creators to focus development resources on areas that matter most to consumers: gameplay. Nintendo is not planning on requiring developers to fill large amounts of data and believe there is sufficient space to create compelling, new gameplay experiences.

IGN: Currently, there is no way to demo WiiWare games before you buy. Might this change?

Tom Prata: We do not intend to have a 'try-before-you-buy' model that requires developers to create demos. There are a variety of places to learn more about WiiWare games such as the Nintendo Channel where consumers can find game information for WiiWare together with retail Wii products, Virtual Console and DS games.

IGN: How many WiiWare games do you have the queue?

Tom Prata: Currently, there are about 100 games in development for WiiWare at various stages of completion.

IGN: For launch in America, Nintendo itself did not release any first-party WiiWare games. Why not?

Tom Prata: As we looked at the launch line up, we wanted to provide games that are widely appealing to all consumers -- something for everyone to enjoy. Equally diverse are the creators of these games representing companies of different sizes and cultures. These companies demonstrate the range of WiiWare developers from a large publisher like Square Enix, to established independent developers such as High Voltage and Frontier to small indie developers like XGen.

Nintendo, like other publishers, is working on some experimental projects we plan to make available in the future.

Recently we launched Dr. Mario Rx.

Source: IGN

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User Comments (47)



TomMc said:

100 Wii-ware games! Hopefully all of them are not a waste of wii points! Im hoping for a Wifi Chao Garden! (;



Terra said:

That's a lot of WiiWare Games. They seemed rather cold to me on some of the questions



Jace said:

I think Nintendo isn't being pushed hard enough on the storage issue. Yes, players know that they have the cruddy options of deleting and re-downloading games or moving info to an SD card. But Nintendo must know that the consumers are basically screaming at this point for a better, less clunky solution.

I've been a lifetime fan of the Nintendo Corporation and its games, but I'm starting to lose respect for them in this generation.



mrk said:

Some interesting points, but there's a lot of PR language in there; a lot of the answers really sound like they were copy and pasted from a company FAQ. And I love how Mr Prata deftly sidesteps the questions about storage space.

No, wait.. I didn't love it, it annoyed me immensely!



Terra said:

I'm just like Jace on the matter as i also have been a lifetime fan of Nintendo and its games and I am starting to lose respect for them in this generation. Hopefully, they will turn this around soon



Damaho said:

100 WiiWare Games in developement? Great o
But I have to admit the poster above have said it already: The storage issue is a big problem! I'll wait and see if Nintendo reacts or not. Hopefully they will, I have faith in them.



Rawk_Hawk said:

Nintendo is all about those SD cards. I had to move more games to download Family Table Tennis



Kawaiipikachu said:

What ign should have asked with the storage issues is “Will there be any solution to the storage problems in the works so we have the hassles of redownloading or transfuring from SD card ”

btw it wouldn't hurt the wii if i delete the OS from the 512mb memory :) lol



Quimby said:

Oh, so we can just delete the crappier files and redownload them at no extra cost to us??? or we can just shoot them across to our superfast SD cards and zip them back over when we want to play them???
Awesome, I really don't see the need to make use of those little usb slots at the back of my Wii for an easy mass storage soloution when I could be re-experiencing the joy of watching my mate Mario run endlessly across my screen, scaring the crap out of me at random when he hits those damn blocks.



AlexSays said:

@ Jace- i completely agree.
how many times is Nintendo going to ignore a question about the storage problem?

@ Quimby- ahaha, well said.



Fuun_Saiki said:

A hundred games! I certainly look forward to storing them on my Wii's expanded memory. Seriously, what could they possibly gain from ignoring the issue?

The only reason I really own a Wii is for the VC and WiiWare stuff - for me, they're it's biggest draw. However, I'm simply not prepared to be constantly redownloading everything over and over again. This needs sorting out, or I think Nintendo is set to lose out on a lot of business.



AlexSays said:

@ everyone-

you don't understand.
with all these WiiWare games, Nintendo wants you to buy another Wii :p



Draygone said:

To paraphrase:

IGN: "We're having issues with being forced to delete and re-download games. Are you gonna fix this?"
Tom Prata: "You could always delete and re-download games."



Tim said:

I read this interview a short while back. I would be so ashamed to be Tom or Nintendo after reading that pathetic interview. You can really tell Nintendo doesn't care about what anyone else thinks.

IGN brought up the storage problem and all Nintendo had to say about it was delete your games and redownload. When it comes to demos they "do not intend to have a 'try-before-you-buy' model". That is a stupid idea because I have bought games before that I would have never considered just because I enjoyed the demo. Even if a developer wanted to do it the demo would probably have to compete for a Monday slot with another game so that sucks.

This statement "we are working with developers and their production schedules" made me laugh after reading's past article about how Nintendo doesn't even tell developers about release dates.

"Currently, there are about 100 games in development for WiiWare at various stages of completion." Now Nintendo is pulling off a Sony PS3 move boasting about how many games they have coming but still I see nothing.

When IGN asked about the lack of first party launch titles they replied "As we looked at the launch line up, we wanted to provide games that are widely appealing to all consumers -- something for everyone to enjoy." That makes no sense as to why first party titles like Dr.Mario weren't released. Is it not appealing to all consumers?

Once again, this was a bad interview. With the way Nintendo is handling things I honestly believe that if the wii looses its casual market it will fail miserably in the end just like the cube and n64 did. Needless to say I'm glad I'm fortunate enough to have a x360 and not be stuck with only a wii. Unlike Nintendo, Microsoft seems to be all about getting the great games to us gamers, this generation.



lockelocke said:

What a sneak! He creeped his way around nearly every question you asked him!
What is so hard with addressing the obvious issues!? Its really disconcerting that they even FEEL THE NEED to avoid these questions.



AlexSays said:

@ Tim-

Nintendo won't lose the casual market, because casual gamers don't care about the storage problems, the lack of release dates, etc.
Nintendo will lose their hardcore fans, that have been there since the NES, such as myself.
but it seems like they don't care about us anymore.

@ DanAran-

i bet you're right



Corbs said:

As I've said before, I don't see Nintendo making storage on the Wii a priority now or anytime soon. I also get the feeling that they are tired of being asked the question judging from the recent responses in interviews.



Chipmunk777 said:

The reply to the storage issue was obnoxious. Maybe all of us hardcore VC/wiiware fans should boycott for a month or so! (..nah we couldn't do that :P )



Dokenzz said:


Hey, douche bag its harder than you think to run a multi-million dollar corporation. Its not that they aren't trying to deal with the problem with a more efficient solution, its that they don't want to give us a release date then throw it farther like they did with Brawl. Besides, E3 '08 is in July, they might give us answers then.



Corbs said:

Let's keep it nice. If you've got a point to make, make it. No need to resort to name-calling. :P



AlexSays said:

@ Dokenzz

nice triple post.
your confidence in Nintendo is astounding.
and may i ask, why did Nintendo only give us 48 channel spots?
i have 2 pages filled up already, and i'm only in the first 6 months of having a Wii.
so what happens after a couple years?



MultiPLAYA79 said:

No... unfortunately not all of us are nice. Let's hope Nintendo gives us an answer (about storage space) at E3 other than “Just use an SD card...”



Tim said:

"aren't Canadians supposed to be nice?" (x.SuperMario.x)

Yeah Dokenzz! You know you could have hurt my feelings? Lucky for you I have a sense of humor and was laughing my ass off when I read that because it came out of no where. LOL. I didn't see that coming.

All I have to say is some of us take Nintendo too seriously and invest too much faith in them. I'm sorry if I may have shattered your holy impression of the almighty Big N with my previous post. Who knows, if they don't address the problems at E3 '08 there is always '09 right?



dark_moogle said:

IGN: We recently had to delete half the games and Channels on our systems to make room for two WiiWare titles. Lack of storage space has become a huge problem. What're your thoughts on this issue? Will Nintendo address it soon?

Tom Prata: Consumers have the option of either deleting the game and downloading it again for no additional Wii Points, or transferring the game from Wii to external SD memory card.

Wow, completely went around the question with that one. If this were EA or Activision there is no way they would get away with this (see EA and Battlefield Bad Company)



SmaMan said:

Here's what the IGN interviewer should've said after Tom dodged the question:
IGN: You didn't answer my question, you just restated my question! My question was is there a solution to the storage problem?

And then Tom would probably state the same thing again and again because, deep down inside he's probably just a NOA customer service droid. Or at least that's the impression I got from this interview.



konkerdoodle said:

You guys seem to think this was a bad interview. In truth, this was an excellent interview, for Nintendo at least. It was a bit dull for us. They didn't want to answer our questions, so Mr. Prata answered them like a politician. Good job. When they want to talk, they'll talk. Something's gonna give soon. Have patience.



theDude said:

Reading this, I have to wonder one thing:

Did the Bush administration take lessons from NOA prior the the Senate Hearings? They seem to be masters of obfuscation and misdirection.



DDR_Paladin356 said:

As James Earl Jones said in "Field Of Dreams"

(To Nintendo): "Now you're really beginning to p*ss me off!"

I'm basically out of space on my HD, and now i have to do the whole move to sd card cycle that takes up much time. I love my Wii, but this is really not making me happy. There have been WiiWare games that I've wanted to DL, but dont have the space to spare. So, if i dont have the space, then how am I going to want to DL new games? Come on Nintendo, use some logic here. If we don't have the space to play games, we're not going to DL them. Furthermore, we dont want to go through having to delete them and re-download them.

End Rant



Quimby said:

"All I have to say is some of us take Nintendo too seriously and invest too much faith in them. I'm sorry if I may have shattered your holy impression of the almighty Big N with my previous post. Who knows, if they don't address the problems at E3 '08 there is always '09 right?"
@Tim - You hit the nail right on the head, we do expect Nintendo to answer all our prayers in a timely manner which may be a bit hard on Nintendo. It just becomes a bit frustrating when we are disappointed so often, especially when the things we want are so obvious and easy to fix.
I think if we were the head of Nintendo, each of us would have fixed these problems ages ago, but maybe there are other issues complicating things they we don't know about. Granted I cant think of any but.... you know :-)



J_K said:

You know what would be great? I think it could theoretically be possible too short of Nintendo being unholy jackasses and doing a firmware releae to block it. A 3rd party could make a usb drive and then so it can be accessed create a disc which you put into the system that will allow it to be accessed and then you can copy/paste to your hearts content out of the Wii menu in the saving area. That would be a decent solution and wouldn't require any stupid hacks, modding, or other lameness.



Quimby said:

Yeah that would be sweet JK, but do you honestly see Nintendo allowing that to happen? It would be blue light time for us... but the update would be disguised as an upgrade to something pissy like a new image for the Disc channel or something.
Although that would be hilariously ironic - having to waste HD space for a download to block the storage device.
I kinda hope someone is stupid enough to make it though because it would either be ignored by Nintendo (yay for us) or they would finally see that they could make some more money quite easily by releasing a cheap to manufacture yet overpriced, stylish little HD with a cute name and an "only for Wii" sticker on the box. (OK for us) :-)



Adamant said:

Guys... seriously. This isn't an interview with Nintendo, this is an interview with ONE man who doesn't know any more about most of these things than we do. He's employed by NoA, a sub-branch of Nintendo, and his responsibility is the US Wiiware program, nothing else. Stop heckling him over sidestepping questions - his only other option would be to say "I don't know, ask the guys in Japan", which would look even worse. IGN should, and probably did, know that he didn't have anything to do with these things.

It's no fun to get bombarded with questions you can't answer and trying to get out of it while looking as professional as possible. It's not his fault, don't blame him.

Yes, it was a bad interview, but that's because of IGN asking the wrong questions. You want answers about storage, go interview some top hats at Nintendo of Japan, they decide this stuff, not this guy. He answered everything to the best of his ability.



Dokenzz said:


Sorry mate, I'm just tense; all my friends think 360 is better, and well, belief is the only thing keeping me with Nintendo..

@ x.supermario.x

"aren't Canadians supposed to be nice?"

No you're thinking of fat people, which is where I fit in anyways, so i don't really have any reason for being a spazz

"your confidence in Nintendo is astounding."

Is that good?

"why did Nintendo only give us 48 channel spots?"

Yeah, but can you fit that many games in with the limited memory space?

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