EU VC Releases - 11th January - StarTropics

Once again, Europe does not get 3 or more games this week. And once again, Nintendo seems to try and make up for it by making one of the games they do release a great one (The other is ok). Well, at least it wasn't just one game again! The great game this time is StarTropics, the first of only two games in Nintendo's (unfortunately) dead franchise of the same name. It's a lot like the original The Legend of Zelda, with some improvements, leading some to refer to it as "everything Zelda II should've been". It's still a mystery why Nintendo killed this franchise off. Let's hope for StarTropics 3 someday!

We're not quite sure if this is a late Sega Week or if Sega releases their games randomly now (Just like elsewhere), but this week there's also Alien Storm for the Mega Drive. It's a port of an arcade beat 'em up, and despite it being quite different from the likes of Final Fight and Streets of Rage, it really doesn't do that much great things. It's not a bad game, though.

Let's hope Nintendo starts doing 3-game weeks again from next week onwards - These are good games and all, but Europe is really falling behind in quantity. Check out the reviews:

StarTropics - NES - 500 Wii Points

Alien Storm - Mega Drive - 800 Wii Points