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Sun 20th Jan 2008

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eflin commented on EU VC Releases - 11th January - StarTropics:

I don't see why EU people are complaining about the number of games released. You've gotten great games the past 2 weeks (Harvest Moon and Star Tropics). I also doubt you could play through either of those games completely in one week without some hefty marathoning.

I personally would love to have the NoE VC release schedule (so far). If you break it down by exclusives

America (Wii released Nov 19 2006)

NES Adventure Island (4 stars)
Axelay (5 stars)
Bravoman (2 stars)
Ecco Jr (1 star)
Elevator Action (3 stars)
Eternal Champions (4 stars)
NES Ghost n Goblins (3 stars)
Lode Runner (3 stars)
Metal Marines (4 stars)
Milons Secret Castle (2 stars)
NES Play Action Football (2 stars)
Ordyne (3 stars)
Romance of 3 Kingdoms (3 stars)
Star Soldier (2 stars)
Tecmo Bowl (3 stars)
The Legend of Kage (1 star)
Zanac (4 stars)

Total Games: 17
Total 5 stars: 1
Total 4 stars: 4
Total 3 stars: 6
Total 2 stars: 4
Total 1 stars: 2

Europe (Wii released Dec 7,2006)

Crackdown (4 stars)
ESWAT City under siege (4 stars)
Harvest Moon (5 stars)
Marios Super Picross (5 stars)
Mega Man (4 stars)
Mega Man 2 (5 stars)
Skate or Die (2 stars)
VectorMan (4 stars)

Total Games: 8
Total 5 stars: 3
Total 4 stars: 4
Total 3 stars: 0
Total 2 stars: 1
Total 1 stars: 0

So yes you have a few less games overall, but if you factor in the fact that the Wii came out 2 weeks earlier in America, it's not that big of a difference. If you then rule out the horrible games (1 and 2 stars) they're pretty much even. Further the EU exclusives include Megaman games, Harvest Moon, and Mario Picross. America has Axelay and honestly who cares since there’s a ton of good shootem ups on the EU VC right now.

I would just be happy with the great game coming out this week and go enjoyt it



eflin commented on US VC Releases - 3rd December - Eternal Champions:

You guys need to stop hating on the VC so much. There have been some bad games in the past few weeks, but there are still plenty of gems on it. I would be hard pressed to believe you have played all the quality games on it already. Nintendo is just spacing out the games and letting some lesser known titles be seen. Also it makes sense we get a couple of dud weeks after super mario galaxy came out. That and SMB3 should have you plenty busy still.