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US VC Releases - 26th November - Vegas Stakes

Posted by Marcel van Duyn

After last week's "big" releases for the Wii's one year anniversary, calling this week "underwhelming" would be an understatement. While it's a total of three games, we can't really seriously recommend any of them to everybody. The only good game this week is Vegas Stakes, a gambling simulation for the SNES. It's all well and good for gambling fans, but everybody else (Which is very likely a lot of people) would be better off skipping it unless they're really interested in finding out how the casino world works.

Today's second game is the dated NES basketball game, Double Dribble. Nintendo themselves didn't make a "Basketball" game for the NES, so this game by Konami is the next "best" thing. While the game was praised in the day for it's graphics (With some relatively nice cutscenes and detailed pictures), it's aged really badly, much like China Warrior. Unless you were a hardcore fan back then, don't get curious and try it out!

The final game is Ecco Jr. for the Genesis. Ecco fans, don't celebrate just yet - While Ecco Jr. does indeed have the basics of any other Ecco game, that's just it - All it has are the basics. Enemies and difficulty are nonexistant, the gameplay is much more shallow, the graphics have taken a slight hit, the stages are small, and the game even has an educational feature, the worst nightmare of any franchise's fans. If you were expecting something great here as an Ecco fan, you're out of luck - Unless the Dreamcast hits VC in the future, you won't get any more Ecco games.

Two bad games and one that is good, but won't appeal to most people. Don't be too mad though - At least they're out of the way. Go play something else in the meantime, a ton has come out recently!

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Kevin said:

Eh. I liked Double Dribble years ago. I might get it sometime.



RGVEDA said:

Another Catch up Week for the US. Now it stands 17 (US only) to 8 (EU only). When will EU catch up with US? There are a few good games....




gottheanswer said:

This sucks!! I wonder when the Mega Man games coming?? I didn't download anything last week either. I normally download a few games a week, but I haven't seen anything good since Mario 3.



Drake said:

inochi: You could've seen it coming that it wasn't going to show up. Hudson announces all their games in advance on



Bass_X0 said:

I reckon it will be another catch up week for us this Thursday/Friday. I can definitely see Ecco Jr. coming this week to Europe - Sega never keeps us waiting long for their games.

I thought King of Fighters '94 would have had a definite showing this week for america, definitely next week then.



alvieao said:

An underwelming week it is for North America, but let's not complain about not having King of Fighters '94. North America does not always receive certain titles after Europe (i.e. Alien Soldier and Magician Lord). Sega could have released Vectorman already on NA territory...



jg233 said:

After all the good games that have come out in the past months, I can see why there may be ONE bad week. I usually complain, but today I feel good about the VC... mostly because I have too much else to do the next week; reports, posters, tests, and all right after a holiday!

Anyway, back on topic, I think that Mario RPG will be out the day before X-Mas. Anyone else think so?



BJ1 said:

Still no Ninja Turtles 2, Mega Man, or Super Mario RPG?! Rats!



MaxK said:

I might be one of the few people who played Double Dribble back then and enjoyed it. It's no NBA Jam, but it when you have a second player, the game is not too bad.

But yeah, not a great week.

And the Dreamcast? As much as I love that console, that's highly unlikely.



Zweck36 said:

Damnit I want the king of Fighters!!! I took a vacation day from work expecting this game today Damnit. I've been waiting my whole life to try this series!!!!



Don said:

Nintendo better release another Mario and Zelda game for the VC before the year is over! I hope we get an N64 game next week.



Adamant said:

I never really understood the hate for Double Dribble here - it's quite a decent basketball game, far beyond the early NES sports crap like Soccer and Volleyball.
Vegas Staks is a pretty good gambling game, it just happenes to be in a genre few people really care about.
And Ecco Jr.. uh, well, that one's awful.



Drake said:

There's only one Mario game left in the immediate future and that's Yoshi's Cookie. Every other remaining Mario game is either an N64 game or probably not coming anytime soon because:

Dr. Mario's coming to WiiWare.

Super Mario RPG was removed from the ESRB and Square's still reluctant to support VC with their heavy hitters.

Super Mario Kart's probably coming around the time Mario Kart Wii comes.

Donkey Kong 3 (not Country), I have no idea. Actually already expected it long ago.

Wrecking Crew '98 will probably be a Hanabi title someday.

Super Mario World 2's the last main Mario game so I assume they'll hoard it for a while.

Yoshi's Safari won't come till we get other Zapper/Super Scope games.

Tetris Attack will come, but probably with a title change. Japan gets Panel de Pon tomorrow, so it could easily happen.

The only other games left are the educational ones and, honestly, you don't want those, do you?



Tides_of_Chaos said:

Nothing good this week again? Oh well, I still have to download Sin & Punishment anyway. I'm so lazy.



WarioFan63 said:

I dont like seeing VC games being put down so much. It is my belief that theres at least one person for every VC game. Even Virtua Fighter 2 and DK Jr Math.



RGVEDA said:

@ Drake

Don´t forget for us Europeans Super Mario Bros 2 Japan Version. We need the game again because it was only limited



BJ1 said:

@ Drake

Don't forget Mario Paint. And by the way, Donkey Kong Country 3 is not a Mario game, DK has his own established franchise.



Drake said:

Mario Paint's the same reason as Yoshi's Safari.

And I said Donkey Kong 3, not Donkey Kong Country 3.



eltomo said:

I thou Double Dribble said Double Dragon for a mintue there... ah well...

Also! I was expecting Track n' Field during this time with the release of Mario and Sonic! But again... Ah well...



BJ1 said:

Oh, sorry. Is Donkey Kong 3 a Mario game, because I don't remember if Mario was in it.



BJ1 said:

If the next Mario game is for the N64, it will probably be Mario Party or Super Smash Bros.



Bass_X0 said:

i still think mouse games are much more suited to the virtual console than old zapper games. with the zapper, you're aiming at the TV itself, but with the Wii, you're aiming at wherever the sensor is than the tv itself.

with the mouse, you're just moving a cursor around the screen which should be easily workable on the wii without changing any of the game code itself.

least thats what i think. there's also mario & wario, a japanese mouse game but completely in english.



rayzor6 said:

My friend used to play Vegas Stakes. At the beginning, it asks you what your number one dream is/what do you want to do. He put "f$@* everyone". When he beat that game it said: You WILL f#$! EVERYONE!" Good times with electronics...this was before the internet mind you.

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