US VC Releases - 26th November - Vegas Stakes

After last week's "big" releases for the Wii's one year anniversary, calling this week "underwhelming" would be an understatement. While it's a total of three games, we can't really seriously recommend any of them to everybody. The only good game this week is Vegas Stakes, a gambling simulation for the SNES. It's all well and good for gambling fans, but everybody else (Which is very likely a lot of people) would be better off skipping it unless they're really interested in finding out how the casino world works.

Today's second game is the dated NES basketball game, Double Dribble. Nintendo themselves didn't make a "Basketball" game for the NES, so this game by Konami is the next "best" thing. While the game was praised in the day for it's graphics (With some relatively nice cutscenes and detailed pictures), it's aged really badly, much like China Warrior. Unless you were a hardcore fan back then, don't get curious and try it out!

The final game is Ecco Jr. for the Genesis. Ecco fans, don't celebrate just yet - While Ecco Jr. does indeed have the basics of any other Ecco game, that's just it - All it has are the basics. Enemies and difficulty are nonexistant, the gameplay is much more shallow, the graphics have taken a slight hit, the stages are small, and the game even has an educational feature, the worst nightmare of any franchise's fans. If you were expecting something great here as an Ecco fan, you're out of luck - Unless the Dreamcast hits VC in the future, you won't get any more Ecco games.

Two bad games and one that is good, but won't appeal to most people. Don't be too mad though - At least they're out of the way. Go play something else in the meantime, a ton has come out recently!