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United States

Sun 20th Jan 2008

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rayzor6 commented on Shining Force II: Ancient Sealing:

Shining Force 2 is the BEST! I can't wait for this. For those that have/want/need to play SF 1, get the GBA version. It has all of SF 1, but they introduce some new characters with a's great!



rayzor6 commented on Eternal Champions:

The game was awesome back in the day. I was blown away with all the special moves. While it isn't as balanced as's a solid fighter.



rayzor6 commented on US VC Releases - 26th November - Vegas Stakes:

My friend used to play Vegas Stakes. At the beginning, it asks you what your number one dream is/what do you want to do. He put "f$@* everyone". When he beat that game it said: You WILL f#$! EVERYONE!" Good times with electronics...this was before the internet mind you.