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US VC Releases - 12th November - Axelay (+ Worldwide Mii Contest Channel)

Posted by Marcel van Duyn

Only one exciting VC game for the US today, but it doesn't matter too much - Super Mario Galaxy is out in the US today!

This week's great game is Axelay. One of the SNES's finest shmups (And one of the most loved ones of all time!). It has very unique 3D-esque effects which give it a unique style almost no other game has copied. This one's worth checking out if you like the genre! Whether you like vertical or horizontal shmups more, it doesn't matter - This game's got both styles!

It had to come sometime - Volleyball for the NES is often forgotten when people talk about the Nintendo-made NES sports games, and for good reason - It's easily one of the worst, with even more shallow gameplay than the others (If you can imagine that!).

Today's final game isn't very good either. Blue's Journey has good graphics and a nice soundtrack, but the gameplay fails to deliver. There's so much great platformers on VC already, you'd be hard pressed to pick this over them!

One great game on VC, but do you really care that much? Super Mario Galaxy!

On a side note, you might've already seen your Wii flashing blue - Yes, the Check Mii Out Channel (Now called Mii Contest Channel outside the US) has launched worldwide. In it you can submit Miis and let other people around the world rate them. You can also participate in contests and the like. Of course, it's totally free! Get it in the Wii Ware (Wii Software in EU/AU) section of the Wii Shop.

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BJ1 said:

What does Galaxy have to do with this?! Yeah, it looks like it is going to be a great game and I'm going to pick it up later today, but that's still no excuse for this week's VC lineup to be disappointing. They could have released Mario RPG, Mega Man or TMNT 2 alongside those games.



Drake said:

You already got one of the best games ever made last week, you should be happy!

__Super VG Bros


Super VG Bros said:

hmm...well i wouldnt expect nintendo to spoil us again just like when metroid 3 came out...metroid week was my favorite week ever!

but they released smb3 last week, which was the number one game in the VC library



Bass_X0 said:

Axelay is worth buying for the awesome music alone even if you don't much like shooting games. Blue's Journey was an obvious addition and yeah, Volleyball had to come sometime. An extra NES game (say Megaman) would have been nice - Volleyball is pretty much a non-entity. Not long to go for Mario Galaxy. Just discovered my sensor bar is broken so now I have to make my own using lights.



Shiryu said:

I cannot believe people are complaining for receiving Axelay for 8 bucks! I do hope it also gets released this friday in Europe, but since Metal Marines isn't out yet...maybe we wont.



RoninDennis said:

YEAH! No I can stop making my weekly "Damn, where's my NES Volleyball? Come on, Nintendo, get your act together!" comment! Axelay is a pretty nifty shooter, no doubt!



Don said:

I will forgive this week's bad releases if they release Yoshi's Safari and Duck Hunt on VC next week to coincide with the release of Wii Zapper.



yeehaw said:

I love it how this piece of "Virtual Console News" is just flooded with stuff like 'Super Mario Galaxy AAAAAH OMG OMG OMG.. virtual console? yeah whatever.. GALAXY FTW OMG WTF!!!

BTW, thanks for rubbing in the fact that you can play Galaxy, while we're stuck with getting Galaxy on friday.

Well at least we Europeans have Megaman



Shortay said:

You guys in the US have got to stop complaining, Galaxy 4 days earlier than us is enough for you this week.



JODIsBack said:

From what I've heard, Australia got this game in replacement for Super C/Probotector II



Rockman_90 said:

u should be happy that you got both super metroid and metroid prime 3 two month before europe and that got both super mario 3 and super mario galaxy before europe and is now still complaining for no good games i mean isn`t super mario galaxy enough for now?!!!



Mr_Mat1 said:

Don't mean to be a *****, but I've been playing Mario Galaxy all morning... It's really fun, you guys should really get it when it comes out friday!



djshep said:

Axelay already and, as people have also said, Galaxy too - I wish people would stop complaining so much. If you don't like what's been released, you don't have to buy it.. how's about just playing the games you already have??

I guess it's impossible to please everybody all the time though...



Atlantis1982 said:

It's no use, we Yanks will always complain.

But, I will go with the rest of my fellow countrymen...nothing worth getting.



Adamant said:

Seriously, what's up with all the people saying "lame week" when they haven't even heard of all the games that are released before. No one who's played Axelay would ever call it lame - this is a must buy.



Kyle said:

Lame... as usual.
Glad I just got LEGO Star Wars for the Wii. And still haven't gotten bored with SIN AND PUNISHMENT YAY!
Jeez, how about all the real classic games Nintendo? Give us a break with all the fringe games. If this keeps up, I expect to see nonsense like Bubble Bath Babes before the real games start showing up...



alvieao said:

Seriously, gamers should give Axelay a try. Another quality 2D shooter from Konami and perhaps the last Konami game before some of the developers left to form Treasure.



E-dawg said:

To coincide with the release of Link's Crossbow Training, will Nintendo release Majora's Mask on the VC?



Bass_X0 said:

they've only just released Mario 3, Maxx. Its a special game so probably for a special event, maybe Christmas or New Year perhaps?

And that would be cool if they did, E-Dawg.



GS said:

is Double Dragon or Earthbound ever coming out? Nes Volleyball ugh.



CJ said:

jeezus people...get over it...we have a ton of great games that have been released all year...quit being so spoiled!!!



slangman said:

Late comment but i can't believe you americans complan about the 12th November week as Axelay is one of the best shooters on the SNES. And us europeans are still waiting to get our hands on this game.

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