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EU VC Releases - 2nd November - Sega Week

Posted by Marcel van Duyn

Less Sega games than normal in this month's Sega week - only two, instead of three. But one of them is fantastic, and there's two other games as well, so there's no reason to complain! Or is there?

The top pick is Treasure's awesome run 'n gun game for the Mega Drive, Alien Soldier. It's a bit like the also available Gunstar Heroes, but ever so slightly slower paced, with less cannon fodder and more boss fights. Treasure delivers the goods once again!

Unfortunately, the second Mega Drive game this week isn't so great. Sonic 3D is one of the worst Sonic games made (Even when matched up to some of the more lackluster 3D Sonic games recently), and many consider it the first game where Sonic games started losing their quality. Avoid unless you're a hardcore Sonic fan!

Things aren't so good for this week's Turbografx pick either. Samurai Ghost has a good concept - Unfortunately, the actual game is extremely bland and uninspired. The game also seems to go on for an eternity, making you constantly wonder when (Or rather, hope) it'll end. Avoid.

Taking the spot of a third Sega game this week is the Neo Geo's Art of Fighting. You guessed it: It's a fighter. Unfortunately, of all the early Neo Geo fighters, it's among the worst. It's got fairly simple gameplay, and, unlike the other fighters by SNK, moves rather slow, instead of being a fast-paced, fun game.

Alien Soldier is the single bright light this week. Get it and quickly forget about the rest!

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Jack said:

Thanks, I was waiting for your opinions on Sonic 3D, couldn't decide whether or not to get it. I'll save my points for something else.



jackaroo said:

Ugh! Not a great week. Sonic 3D Good. Alien Soldier Looks great and its a treasure game so it must be. Other than that. Kinda sucky.



Heitzu said:

I still have the Sonic 3D cartridge somewhere.

It was a pretty good game in itself from what I can remember, just don't expect a super fast sonic experience, it's far more to do with exploring areas for Flickies, from what I remember.



Bass_X0 said:

other than sonic and knuckles, there are no remaining sonic games left for them to do, right?



Aldo said:

Will buy Art of Fighting and Alien Soldier!
Looks like funny Games!
Is Art of Fighting better than Street Fighter 2 Turbo for Snes?
Which Game should I buy?



Ian said:

Alien Soldier!

Seriously, should should download Alien Soldier! Awesome-sause game!



7th_lutz said:

There is one more sonic game called Sonic Eraser. It is a japan only game.



BJ1 said:

Right, unless they release the "Knuckles in Sonic 2" and "Sonic 3 and Knuckles" games.

And Marcel Van Duyn didn't really need to call Sonic's 3D games "lackluster". That's an insult to the Sonic fanbase!



Hattes said:

"other than sonic and knuckles, there are no remaining sonic games left for them to do, right?"

Sonic CD and Knuckles Chaotix? For Mega CD and 32x, yeah, but still =P.



i8cookie said:

there hasn't been any proper decent games for ages. when are we going to get yoshi's island?



Drake said:

@ BJ: You can't deny that his recent games have been pretty bad though! Sonic the Hedgehog 2006 is an insult!

__Chaz Le Houx


Chaz Le Houx said:

umm, russ we've already got Yoshi's Island, as for more sonic games, Knuckles Chaotix would be genious, is the only game i don't have for my 32x and is far too expensive/rare. and what about Knuckles in sonic 1, didn't it do something rediclous with the sonic special stages?



BJ1 said:

Well, Drake. I have yet to play Sonic 06, but Secret Rings was somewhat not what I was expecting. Not looking forward to Mario and Sonic either, but I'll try it.



jackaroo said:

I actually enjoyed Sonic 06 and my friend did too and he isnt a huge sonic fan. When you dismiss the load times its actually quite fun.



William said:

If we sent for one on the day you brought it up, when are we getting those controller covers?



diablos79 said:

hmmm only alien soldier for me this week i think. as for the sonic games, theres still sonic cd to look forward to (hopefuly). i might be remembering it with my ever-trusty rose tinted glasses but i remember it fondly.



alvieao said:

The only great game in Sega week is Treasure's Alien Soldier. A bossfest is the main thing I can sum up in this run 'n gun game, compared to Gunstar Heroes and Sin & Punishment. Like I said, Sonic 3D was the beginning of Sonic's dark days with Sega...



Drake said:

@ William: I personally got them in 2 days ago. I'd assume you'll get them within a week.

__that videogame guy


that videogame guy said:

"theres still sonic cd to look forward to (hopefuly)."

considering the VC doesnt support the sega cd, we wont be seeing sonic cd...



tank2tank said:

Sonic's annoyed me ever since he got a freaking voice. You know, if I took over Sega the first thing I would do is make a complete Sonic reboot game, redesigning the characters to make 'em more like they were to start off with, and make it a side-scroller but with full 3D graphics. Isn't that what the hedgehog needs to be awesome again?



@ Tank2tank

Considering there's already the 'New' Super Mario Bros... That's not a bad Idea!

'New' Sonic The Hedgehog FTW!



Bass_X0 said:

Well, the VC didn't support the TG-CD until recently (they just didn't make a big song and dance about it unlike the NeoGeo). I think we'll see the Sega 32X and Sega CD in the next year.



Wolf said:

It seems there are way too many games out there that they want to release on th VC that just arn't classics. I'm sick of waiting 7 days just to be completely disappointed. I want more RPGs and more imports... (secret of mana 2 for instance) It seems like we'll never get the FF games either because they're releasing them for GBA so they'll charge $30 instead of $8.

I'm sure they'll do something amazing for the holidays... they better



BJ1 said:

Sonic is already awesome in my book. He's alot cooler than almost every mascot.



BJ1 said:

Well, not many people liked New Super Mario Bros. And the PSP already has Sonic Rivals which was in 2.5D



BJ1 said:

I heard this was made by Traveler's Tales, the people who helped produce Crash Bandicoot's multiplatform platformers.

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