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This fighting game, released in 1992, began the story of the Sakazaki family and Robert Garcia, further developed in two later sequels. Yuri Sakazaki has been abducted by Mr. Big to punish her father, Takuma, and her brother, Ryo. To rescue her, Ryo and Robert must take on numerous enemies around South Town, eventually reaching the mysterious Mr. Karate.

The passion of the game's creators is evident in the unique game-play elements introduced. These include an energy gauge that is depleted every time a fighter uses a special maneuver, Desperation Attacks that are usable only when a fighter's health is low and camera zooming that adjusts on the fly as fighters move around the stage. All these features ensure that players use strategy and tactics, rather than simply mash buttons. Adding to the mix are little touches such as characters showing cuts when they are injured and voice-over samples during cut scenes. Can you perfect the art of fighting and save Yuri?

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Posted by Damien McFerran

Yuri Sakazaki has been abducted by Mr. Big to punish her father, Takuma, and her brother, Ryo.

What with this, Samurai Showdown, Fatal Fury and World Heroes, the Virtual Console is certainly going to have its fair share of one-on-one fighters!Art of Fighting was another attempt by SNK to usurp Capcom’s Street Fighter 2 from the position of...

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User Comments (28)



KeeperBvK said:

"A fighting game in the same universe as Fatal Fury."

Is it really in the same universe?



Drake said:

Yup, the events in the series mostly take place 10 years before Fatal Fury's stuff, and also same city. In later Art of Fighting and Fatal Fury games, a few characters from the other series appear too.



Maxx_the_Slash said:

Whoever made this video is clearly a scrub. it's evident in the battle against Todo. Repeared fireballs? Cheap.



Zweck36 said:

Not true. It takes some time, but after some practice you can fight the AI on any difficulty, without being a scrub. Once you reach that point, it is much easier to appreciate this game.



JNoodles said:

This game is somewhat difficult. Although, this game does have more than one special move per fighter right? I remember the SNES versions being really, really bad.



Jazzem said:

Hoho, I was hoping Dan would get mentioned in the article =D

Anyway, I'll pass on this I think. I like fighters, but this seems pretty average, and I get the impression it'd be better to wait for future iterations.



Kelvin said:

KeeperBvK, you might also be interested to know that the Final Fight and Street Fighter games take place in the same universe as each other too. I believe Zangief and Mike Haggar were once wrestling buddies.



samalus said:

I saw it the first time in my favorite arcade saloon (now closed). Amazing then, amazing now... neo-geo was the real thing these days...



Jan said:

Really good game!!! I am playing it for many years now and somehow it doesn't become boring. Its just too cool.



Villain said:

@Ryan: I believe you, I really do. But damn, that sound and those graphics look TIGHT. I've never played it, but judging by that video, it almost looks great. But like I said...



Malaka said:

When I think in a clasics bet´n up, Art of Fig. is one of the beast. a great game in his time and now a day. beter than street fig. II trubo.

...only a opinion

Lain......La red es amplia y basta... dejate absorber...ven con nosotros.....



sam said:

I spent just as much money on this arcade game as I did on SF2. The rating of 2 stars does not do it any justice. Damo I suggest that you were never a fan of the game to give it such a low score. When compared to SF2 turbo it may seem sluggish, but it doesnt make it any less of a classic, the original SF2 is slow but still genius none the less.



Damo said:

Sam - you simply cannot compare this to SF2 in my opinion. The gameplay is too sluggish and it basically feels like the developers were just showing how much sprite scaling the Neo Geo could handle. The gameplay does not flow anywhere near as smoothly as SF2; I would even venture to suggest that SNK was finding its feet with this game - exploring the genre in order to come up with a winning formula.

You may think otherwise and that's you choice, but I seem to recall review scores from the time of release being pretty low, too.



sam said:

Damo - Yes you are right, Art of Fighting cannot be compared to any the SF Series. SF rocks! Regarding the flow of the game, I believe that SNK purposely slowed down the action when a successful hit was landed to further emphasise the impact of the attack and to give the player time to appreciate their attack (especially when versing a mate). This is also true for the other 2 sequels of AOF.



yeeat said:

OK. I'm going to give this game 3 stars just because it's a good game. However, this game can not stand alone in fornt of king of fighters. If i'm not mistaken some of the charechters already used in KOF, isn't it? Anyway, a good fighting game so far but do i recommend it, yes and no. Yes, because i don't want to you to get mortal kombat 1 instead No, wait for the KOF 2000 or some other version of it



KeeperBvK said:

@ Kelvin: Sorry, didn't see your comment until just now. ^^
Actually I'm having a hard time believing that. I mean...did Capcom state that they were in the same universe? Or did SNK do it? Either way, it would be pretty strange and actually quite some copyright infringement, or wouldn't it?



Adamant said:

@KeeperBvK: What? Final Fight and Street Fighter are both Capcom franchises. And yes, it was stated by Capcom, and several characters have crossed over between the two.



KeeperBvK said:

Oops, sorry, you're right. I misread that. ^^"
I thought he meant Street Fighter and Fatal Fury.



TRON said:

This is a great game IMHO, and one of the best fighters from the time period. It's true that many of SNK's titles that followed this one bested it in many ways, but it is a very unique fighter in it's own right. Many people have said it doesn't compare to SF2, and I completely agree with that, but for the simple reason that they are vastly different. This fighter is more hardcore than SF2, and demands that you play at a bit of a slower pace, taking advantage of openings and using some strategy with the special bar. The games biggest fault is in the lack of a 1P vs CPU, given the fact that the enemy AI is already in place, it seems like a big oversight by the developers.

If I rated this game after an hour of play, I would agree with the 2/5, but having played this quite a lot, I would say it's a 5/5, giving SF2 the nudge for being more approachable and more balanced as a 2P game.



Adamant said:

While I think the 2/5 is a bit low, I wouldn't give it more than 3/5 myself. It's not a horrible game, but the controls are icky, the special bar system, while interesting in theory, is just a pain in reality, and the game as a whole has a very... bulky feel to it, for the lack of a better word (I have the same problem with Tekken, and can't stand the series for that reason. It's not quite as bad in AoF, but it's definitly there).

Oh, and Ryo is ugly.



Bass_X0 said:

no. 2/5 is right. and art of fighting 2 deserves its 3/5 rating. its better than the first game but still average.



Super_Flip said:

Am I the only one who likes this game?
I mean, We all know SF2 outdoes this game in all means possible, But AOF is still at the least, Enjoyable to me. And its much easier on SNK arcade classics because those are the Arcade MVS versions and have Free Play, Instead of the Home Port's AES wich only allow 4 Credits. My advice: Give it a Try.

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